Sergio Pancrazio | Characters

Sergio Pancrazio | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'4
 Created: September 20th, 2006
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Name: Sergio C. Pancrazio
Height: 5'4
Weight: 95 lbs
Eyes: near-sighted
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 24, but looks much younger.
Orientation: Money-sexual.
Occupation: Tailor, stalker

Sergio works at a tiny shop called "Lampton Tailor". He has been working under his master, Lampton, to sharpen his skill as a designer/tailor. Though this shop is not known to many, it is popular among several rich fans of Lampton's design as both he and Sergio is celebrated money-greedy bastards who can please the pickiest fashion freaks.

Like his master, Sergio is passionate about fashion. He takes his job seriously and obsess about every little detail in his work. However, just as much as he loves fashion he also loves beautiful, beautiful people.

Their gender doesn't matter as long as they are beautiful, and right when a beauty captures his eyes, he obsesses over them to the point of haunting their lives with his creepiness. For days, even months, he would stalk those poor little swans, anally studying about them and their lives until he couldn't control himself any longer. When he believes that he had enough of studying and gazing, he would dare himself to chase after and capture them for himself where he would try to posses them as his personal dolls or model for his latest clothing designs.

Though Sergio does tend to feel horribly deep attraction to many, this does not mean that he is bisexual. Awkwardly Christian at heart, he sneers at the thought of feeling sexual attraction to his own gender and would rather high five a boiling pot of lava then to get even near homoness (Though this doesn't mean he isn't open minded. It's totally okay if someone else is homo and going to hell, as long as he's not). Every attraction he owns for anyone, though he may have perverted fantasies and desires, they are never "love".

Yes, I still have more to write. Shut up..

Sergio is a sick, shallow bastard. Not only is he creepy, but he loves making people feel uncomfortable around him, since that is his way of feeling dominant over a person. He likes to be calculating, scheming deliciously perverted things for his victims and those who he just plainly hates. He also is quite a snob, moody, and easily irritated over few stupid little details and doesn't seem to take some things as seriously as he needs to. He is also sarcastic and loves to make cynical mockery.

Although he enjoys some adults-only leisure, occasionally going out to the gentleman's club (or cat house), he only does the part of giving pleasure. He never, eeeeeever dares to take any article of his clothing off, since he has a great fear of getting naked in front of others and being touched (though it's TOTALLY okay if he gets to touch them<3).

Surprisingly, he has a very low self-esteem as he finds himself the ugliest little doodah ever to exist. Though he does not show it, this is part of the reason why he is fascinated with physically attractive people, as it may be his personal way of gaining beauty for his shameful self.

Though he is not physically strong, kung-fu is in his blood since he's Asian and all. The only thing he can be proud of himself is how agile he is, being able to run and hop around as quickly while making "lucky moves".

Also he's a ninja.

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