Mushroom Man | Characters

Mushroom Man | Characters

Mushroom Man by Scarn
 Gender: male
 Height: 6\'1
 Created: August 21st, 2006
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--- For the record - I am well aware that mushrooms do not photosynthesize. Mushroom Man is named as he\'s named strictly because his hat resembles a mushroom cap. Thank you. You may now proceed with the Bio.---

Dr. Terra Shroom a.k.a \" The Mushroom Man \" was once an advanced research herbalist for a highly experimental chemical agent that upon completion would fuse man\'s DNA with that of a basic plant. In essence the fluid would allow a man to become a walking solar panel gathering energy from sunlight. On the morning of the 28th of Febuary the formula was finished. Only Dr. Shroom and Dr.Niera were there when the last sequence was completed. Eager to test the creation they both took the elixer, but felt no effects, no change. Dr.Niera went back to look over the formula, annoyed that the elixer had no effect. After about 15 minutes he heard a blood-chilling scream by the chemical\'s main tank, Dr.Shroom, being the more aggresive of the two doctors, had broken the tank\'s glass in a fit of rage. His hand gashed open from the glass, took in massive amounts of the fluid, which mixed almost instantaneous with his own blood. Dr.Niera watched in horror as his colleage\'s pink skin retreated to the green of chlorophyl, and in his over-powered state Dr.Shroom continued his rampage and destruction of the lab. His mind was flooded by his last rageful emotion, and he couldn\'t stop himself until the sun had set, shutting down his vast and unlimited power. Waking from his long berserk, he saw only remains of what once was his laboratory, his friend Niera laying motionless, as well as many other of his colleages who had been summoned to help. Looking further he saw remains of police officers, citizens, soldiers and what looked to be a tank. Realising this was the work of his own mutated hands, he knew what he had to do. Escape. Run for the hills, the desert, anywhere where he could be forgotten. But first he needed some form of protection from the next day\'s light.

Traits :
Dr.Terra Shroom, mutated by the chemical formula now breathes mostly carbon-dioxide, which is why he chooses to hide out in populated areas ( Think how country air seems so much fresher, but opposite ).

- Mushroom Man still continues to work in chemical warfare, but now for his own defense, as well as for a cure.

-Mushroom Man, still scarred from his initial destructive experience will not try pick fights, and will not kill as long as he holds control. The accident has reversed him from being an aggresor to become timid and fearful. But push too hard and his roots may show again.

-Mushroom Man has many tools of defense of his own creation, including sleeping gas, spore projectiles, tear gas, explosives and his favourite - an immobilsing gel. All which are weaponised in small, throwable vials.

-His protective suit shields most of the sunlight, but not all, giving him an edge in agility, endurance, and strength ( as long as its day ). But if his suit were to ever be taken off in daytime he would return to the destructive beast reacting purely on instinct.

-Mushroom Man\'s Suit is made of an advanced kevlar-based fabric (prototyped for next generation soldiers) that allows for superior movement, while still maintaining a surprising level of protection.

-The suit he wears is only a prototype of the fabric - so the suit design was never complete, leaving him to imrpovise the rest, from what he could find on the run.

-He doesn\'t know any martial arts, but he has been known to win quite a few bar fights in his time.
-Mushroom Man does not have to eat.

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