Athos | Characters

Athos | Characters

Athos by QtRNevermore
 Gender: male
 Height: 7\'8
 Created: August 10th, 2006
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====epic story=====
Once upon a time...a long long time ago...there was a king.
This king had a beautiful city called Kevo.
Everyone in the city was happy because of this king.
The king however was unhappy. He could walk to the highest mountain that overlooked the land and still he felt beneath something. Beneath the gods, they soon replied. This made the king insecure with his rule. How could he make his city happy, if it was the GODS that ruled above him. They controlled the seasons, the harvest, disease, longevity... this made Athos very angry.

One day the king decided to climb that mountain and defy the gods. He told them \"give me a task, any task at all, and if I succeed give me the power to be the God of my city, so I may stand beside you, instead of beneath you\".

The gods agreed. The king was told to travel the lands of the north, south, east and west, the ocean as the borders.
\"But this would take me too many years\" the king replied.
\"Go then, we give you fleetness of a hundred men... you have 9 nights\"
With that he traveled north...

Simple this task was now. Until the king fell prisoner to another kingdom, from the west. Athos begged for release. \"help me gods, for I must be free\"
\"Go then, we give you strength of a hundred men... you have 6 nights remaining\"

Only a few days remaining and he was left now dying of thirst in the deserts of the south.
\"Help me gods, for I must drink.\"
\"Go then, we give the power to draw water from the have 3 nights remaining\"

Athos felt like a god now, almost. And he only had one night remaining... if only
he didn\'t fall for the fairest princess of the lands of the east.

The king in his lust forgot his city that night and return the next day.

But his city was no more. A city of Ash, a grave. Like Pompeii everyone was burned alive, blacked and hollow, in the shadow of the mountain now turned into a volcano.

Athos grew furious, running up to the peak at the crater\'s edge. He cried to the gods \"Why have you done this? I have done what you asked! Must you make me a god of the dead?!\"

But the gods did not reply...
He tried to cry, but his eyes had burned away from the searing ashes.

So took another step into the mouth of lava.

There he remained...

Today void city sits in the old city\'s place. Athos sleeps beneath... until now.


Lava heart controlled by rage.
His skin/shell is of earth. It varies on condition. When he\'s ready for battle he\'s more stone like, in rain hes more like mud, normally hes just dried hardened earth.

Obviously a flood of water is going to draw him away.

Earth can break off him, but reform slowly, when his heart pumps.

He can speak. but he can\'t see... his vision is that of feeling. He\'s extremely connected to ground vibrations. He doesn\'t like going above ground level, (if he were to go inside a building, he wouldn\'t leave the first floor). Hes statue height. Well he looks like a statue as well.

AS far as strength, think earth golem. He also has the power to draw a hammer out of the earth to cause.. more damage.

He\'s very emotional and still very grief stricken about the past.


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