Borris Jackknife | Characters

Borris Jackknife | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10''
 Created: November 15th, 2005
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Borris Jackknife: Navigator/Scout of the Blue Spade Pirates.

Bio: (you can skip this if you'd like, just scroll down until you get to the dotted line for his fighting style, personality, etc.)

Borris came from a relatively small island village somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The villagers there tolerated laws set by the tyrant that ruled over them. They lived under his rulings, but never questioned the surpression of their rights, in fact, they lived as though they didnt notice their surpression. Many truly did not know. Borris, however, knew perfectly well that this tyrant unjustly ruled their village.

Being an incredibly smart child, Borris figured out for himself that the government did not work. Through much effort he was able to assemble a large group of rebels to rally peacefully infront of the tyrant's palace. He knew that attacking would only result in fruitless violence and so figured that a large enough rally would bring the entire city's attention to the problem.

The tyrant panicked at these events and opened fire at the defenseless citizens. In rage, Borris infiltrated the palace (small as he was, he was able to sneak by) and assaulted the tyrant. He was apprehended by the guards and locked away in a dungeon many stories below ground.

Meanwhile, the tyrant was having a difficult time coming up with an excuse to settle the citizens. Rumors flew about the people, many of them of the true events that had occurred. The tyrant decided to take action. He tied young Borris to a post in the town square and publically accused him of starting a violent uprising against a peaceloving ruler. He publically sentanced him to life in the dungeon (with the approval of the entire town). Just as he was to be taken away, 4 tiny needles, flying at 100 mph cut through the ropes that binded Borris. He ran for his life. He ran through a small forest in hopes of losing the guards, but the forest ended and all that was left was the ocean shore, and a very large ship. The ship bore the flag of the Blue Spade Pirates.

The captain of the ship stood before Borris, laughing. It was his marksman who had fired the needles to free Borris. He had heard of the true events that had occured and thought they were impressive as well as amusing. Knowing that Borris had no where to go he invited him to join the crew. Borris happily accepted and joined the Blue Spade Pirates.

12 years have passed since Borris joined the Blue Spades, he's now 22 years old. Borris awakens one day to find the ship has docked in a ghastly looking place called Void City. Being the crew's scout, it's his responsiblility to observe this new destination before the rest of the crew does. He makes his way into the inner darker streets...

Borris is very intellegent, but he's not above fighting for the fun of it. He's very knowledgeable of different types of terrain, weather and fighter types. Equipped with such knowledge, Borris fights very resourcefully, using any weaknesses in the opponent or any advantages his surroundings grant him.

Borris's main combat weapons are his retractable Axe and Machette. They are mainly used to cut wild foilage in overgrown islands, but they work well against enemies as too. They appear as brown steel hilts before the orange button on them is pressed. When this happens the axe or machette pops out of the hilt in the weapon's first step.

Axe Hilt--
step 1---Hand Axe (boomerang ability, returns when thrown)
step 2---Long Axe

Machette Hilt---
step 1---Cutting Knife
step 2 ---Machette

Borris's eyepatch is actually a secret spyglass (the eye thats behind the eyepatch works perfectly
well). He can adjust the lens to activate different fuinctions, the color of the skull and crossbones changes depending on the function that is active:

Blue ----> Magnification

Finally, the cufflinks on Borris's wrists hold secret wire nets. The wire nets do not detach when fired, and are mainly used for catching fish, prey and ofcourse enemies.

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