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Toast | Characters

Toast by Kevin Birtcher
 Gender: M
 Height: 5' 11"
 Created: February 10th, 2010
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Toast is the metaphysical janitor for VOID City, cleaning up and correcting issues that arise and are beyond the scope of even its extraordinary citizens. His memories only go back a few years, knowing only how to do his job, not why he does it or where his abilities came from. There appears to be little he can't do, but the true extent of his abilities has never been tested.

Like a modern legend, much of society is unaware of his existence, or regard him as a myth. Only a small fraction of the population believe him to be real. Even those that encounter him first-hand quickly forgot him or cannot recall details of the meeting.

Toast lives and works out of a skyscraper, the tallest in VOID City. His main office and living space are on the top floor, though what is on the numerous other floors remains a mystery. He is usually engrossed in work and rarely interacts with people. In social situations he tends to act aloof, disinterested, or absent-minded.

Author's note:
The character will be drawn by different artists though collaborative matches and comic types, as reflected in the profile images and intro pages. Artist's will not be tied to any specific representation and will be encouraged to draw their own unique version of the character, generally sticking to the following guidelines:
* Appearance of a man in his mid-20s
* Average height and looks, slightly underweight
* Blonde Unkempt hair, blue eyes
* Business casual attire

Design Sheet art by Mark Penman and Marley Zarcone
Intro art by Dan Dieckman and Heather Breckel

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