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EnterVOID is a place for creative people who love making comics.

Our goal is to create an environment that encourages artistic growth through competition and a supportive community.

We welcome all genres of writing, all artistic styles and all skills levels.

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Rumble Roulette
Jo-Anne vs. Luis

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Intro Story

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(December 10th, 2019 at 11:59PM PST)

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Intro Story
Lucky Lucy

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(December 10th, 2019 at 11:59PM PST)

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Don't Call it a Comeback - The Return of Kubo

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(December 6th, 2019 at 11:59PM PST)

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Void News November 2019
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Dear Friends.  Do you know what time it is?  The Holiday Season you say? 

NO!  IT’S TIME TO BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND BECAUSE VOID IS GOING ALL OUT!  There’s so much going on and more but don’t let me stop you, dear readers.  In this edition of the news we’re gonna pull out all the stops and show off Void’s shiny new toys!

Throw Down in Toon Town!  The Final Round is here and it’s been a wild journey of toon hijinks and turmoil to make it here. 
That dazzling reptilian contender faces off against lamb wunderkind, Riley Gator vs Merry Softshoes!

Both artists have given it their utmost so please bear witness to their blood, tears and ink as it all spills in this epic final clash to decide the fate of toonkind in Void.

As some of you may already know, that feisty fiend Kozispoon took the Heavyweight title during the revamped Heavyweight Royale and became the undisputed champion of Void and slayer of jabronies everywhere.  Under the new rules before her time expires, she has laid down the challenge to try to hold on to her reign of terror.  And her call was answered by eager challengers willing to enter the gauntlet of the Heavyweight Royale!  Can any of these guys unseat the terror that is Kozispoon’s Remy Naufrage?!  Will villainy continue to rule in this Hellish landscape of panels and deadlines?

Well you get ringside seats to find out if anyone has the mettle to crush this monster and unseat the Champ!

Heaven or Hell!

Say Hello to our new Battlepass system!  Battlepass is a brand spanking new feature designed to make it easier to introduce new characters  to Void and give members more ways to participate.  If you have a character already, you’ve got a Battlepass!  If you don’t, then this is finally your chance!

While there are all kinds of rules it’s easy to understand and use.  Since this space is limited, have a gander here at the Battlepass Help Section and learn all about our cool new system.  You can already see the new characters beginning to trickle in!
Here’s a taste of a few new faces!


And to help kick things off, we’re introducing one of our Rumble Roulettes to get things started off right!  If you’re unfamiliar with Rumble Roulettes, it pairs fighters off randomly for one round battles.  Check out the Discord for more info and sign ups!

So with the Battlepass system in place and with the influx of new characters, this has caused the staff to realize that we have become lax on one of the most important aspects of character creation on the site: The Character Design Sheet.  For a long time now we have at minimum required a full body, full colored design sheet.  We have not normally asked for Design Sheets to be as detailed or have as many poses as a professional sheet might require but the importance of the sheet to us is that it makes the site and the challenges here fair and standard.  So from this point on we will also be asking that a second back pose be added to the sheets from now on.  To reiterate, Character Design sheets must be:

-Fully Colored
-Full bodied (all limbs accounted for)
-Must Contain a Front and Back Pose (preferably neutral and static)
-May contain any extra details that will help understand your character's visuals

These details will not only help you keep track of your own design but will also aid your opponent in their depiction of your character.  This change will take effect from now on.  Those have already passed Approvals under the old standards have lucked out and we will not be asking any changes of them.  Though it would only help you to make such changes.  Please consult the Help Section for further rules on Character Submission and Battlepass and if you have any questions, staff are available on Discord.

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