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It’s time for you lurkers to rise and shine! We’re talkin’ the ENTERVOID INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT!

What is it?

This event is for BRAND NEW ARTISTS! Have you been considering signing up, but your intro comic isn’t ready, or you’re still working on your character? Have you never heard of us before but you think we sound neat? Well, have we got a tournament for you! All NEW artists or artists with NO living characters on the site can sign up here to participate and get your character registered with NO INTRO STORY!
EnterVOID has been pitting artists against each other in sequential art matches for almost 20 years! We've been the longest running site to provide a place for artists to create comics and connect with other artists with the same passion for creating sequential art. EnterVoid usually has a set list of requirements to let an artist's character in: A fully colored design sheet, a biography, and a 2-4 page introduction story. For the Invitationals, you only need to provide us with some form of proof of your artistic skill (deviantart page, tumblr art blog, etc.)!

How do I join?

 -You can only participate if you've never had a character, you have characters with no battle record, or all of your characters are currently dead.
 -To enter, you need to post your character's name and a design sheet in this topic and also submit them through the site (You must have an account and be logged in to make a character). If this isn't met, you aren't getting in!

+IMPORTANT: if you do not receive a confirmation email when signing up for an account, please contact one of the mods through email (staff@enterVOID.com) or discord chat, so we can get it fixed ASAP
 - Entry through the site must have a colour design sheet, a bio, a 50x50 icon, and some proof or artistic skill. Sequential art (comics!) being preferred or most welcome. Links to your tumblr art blog or DA account are acceptable!
 - You must also put your design sheet in the intro page categories. The site uploader does not accept entries with no intro pages, so make sure to include those in the submission!
 - You have until June 2nd to enter. After that, sign ups are closed and the tournament will start June 3rd!

- Artists are given a one week deadline for each round to complete a comic. There are no set number of pages to submit, tho it is encouraged to make at least 3 pages.

 - The winner of the tournament will be declared EnterVoid Invitational Champion 2019, and all characters who get into the tournament become permanent characters. It is recommended that you read the FAQ, Help Guide, and check out the comics competition in action to get a feel for the site. You can also join our Discord group!

How do I register my character?
On the top of the website, theres a dropdown for "character". There, you'll see "create a character". Enter your character's information, and upload their deign sheet and 50x50 icon. For "intro comic", just upload the design sheet again, as you won't need one for this tournament. After that, just wait until June third! Staff will approve your character then!

How will this work?
After registering on the site and through this thread, on June third, you will be RANDOMLY pitted against another Invitationalist for comic combat! You will have a 7 day time counting down your deadline. You MUST upload your comic before the deadline or you will be disqualified! Once it's gone live, you will have a week off for "voting week", where every member of the community will read, critique, and vote on all of the comic in the tournament to determine the winner!
This will be a tiered system with multiple rounds- if you win your first fight, you aren't done! After voting week, you and the other winners of round 1 are squared off in another randomized round! This goes on until there is only one winner left- Invitationals Champion 2019! You will get this title attached to your character! If you lost, no worries- your character is still registered on the site, so now you can battle anybody you like!
There is NO CAP on how many people can sign up- and because of that, we do not know how many rounds this tournament will be. There is even a chance you might end up in a three way match with TWO opponents!

What can I draw?
Anything! Entervoid comics have no rating, no genre, no canon! The only rule to a battle is both your character and your opponent's character must appear. Beyond that, you could write a fight, a friendship, a romance, a slice of life, a space opera, a western, anything you like! The comics do not HAVE to be in color but they will be scored lower if they are not complete. HOWEVER, it is poor sportsmanship to upload no comic at all- a "default"- so if you could not finish, its best to at least upload your sketches. Your entry must be a comic, as in, sequential art- splash pages are fine as a cover but not as a complete entry, and we do not accept "excuse" pages of pure text explaining why the comic wasn't completed.

If you're interested in signing up, don't hesitate! All artists are welcomed to participate! Tournament starts June 3rd!


1. DaVinx with Vii
2. Cabtoonist with Craven
3. Dejitaruu with Buck Xander
4. Papermachei with Trip
5. BuggyPumpkin with Iain MacTavish
6. marymuscle with Mary
7. Heavenbat with Zhanic Hanalei
8. Mokachahan with Kyou Fuuga
9. sony-shock with Twobody Sextuplets
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Where's your curly mustache at!

I am DaVinx, and I wish to sign up for this tournament with my void-borne shapeshifter Vii!

" Vii is a shapeshifting being born from the deepest part of the cosmic Void. This feat alone is pretty impressive, alas this creature's life was... well pretty damn boring. Being all alone in the cosmic Void with only invisible particles as your friends can get redundant and frustrating after awhile. Eventually, Vii decided that enough was enough and went wandering across the universe/multiverse/whateverse in search of an actual purpose, or just to get rid of this UNBEARABLE boredom once and for all. Going from star to star, planet to planet, altering its appearence to adapt itself to any environment, no matter how extreme they are, Vii travels and seek out other living creatures to interact and mess with, with its shifting powers and meta humour. "

I am looking forward to a great first experience into the Void.

Sincerely yours,
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Hi, guys i'm cab and I like to submit my deadboy.

The Ghost hunter known as Craven, (some times referred to as the “Ghost Face Killer” ) is a dead boy who hunts and kills other fellow dead people (zombies, ghosts, ghouls, etc).

He remains mostly mute and only communicates through thought balloons and the skull of his “so-called” Uncle Dario (Dario himself was a monster hunter in his living life and now in the afterlife acts like his trainer and mouthpiece / Think Phil from Disney’s Hercules). Craven doesn’t remember much about his life before he was dead, except that he was very lonely and was always searching for friends and a place to belong, a Happy place.

Due to his dead nature he’s quite durable, able to withstand high amounts of damage ; he is armed with his trusty demon slaying Knife, but much like most dead beings his eyes are his weak points as the eyes are the windows to the soul (he already has one eye damaged) so if you destroy his “good eye”, he will be banished to the netherworld forever unable to return to our world.

Is he a hero ?, a savior ? or just a lonely ghost with a death wish, this we will find out soon I hope.

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dont forget to also submit your character on the site, Cab! also, as someone with both a necromancer and a vampire, FIGHT ME

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"Buck Xander knows exactly how and why he ended up here in Void City; luckily, that doesn’t concern you just yet. Having the skills to survive in such a wreck start with Buck’s ability to solve problems and develop strategy in rather dire times. Aside from being extremely intellectually efficient, he is an exceedingly skilled sniper; he’s made reputation as a hit-man of sorts within Void City thus far. Buck, in order to keep himself out of hot water, can be rather hyper-fastidious and careful accepting clients, accepting only those who benefit him in some way, shape, or form that is valuable. Personality wise he can come off as stoic, snobby, and cocky, but of course, it’s only because when the job is done, it’s done right – no bullshit.

Buck is not only limited to sniper rifles, even though long-range weapons are most definitely his strong suit. He is also very adept in hand-to-hand combat, melee weapons, and the majority of firearms including pistols, sub-machine guns, carbines, etc."

I'm so excited to finally participate in Void! Lets have fun!!! :))

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Howdy folks, I'm here to enter Invitationals along with my guy, Trip!

Trip is a drawing new to VOID city. He's partnered up with Paper, the guy that drew him. The two of them heard about the VOID city invitationals and made their way. So how does this pair of fighters work? Well, since Trip is a drawing, he's the one who does all the fighting. But Paper is able to make up to 3 drawings per battle that can be anything to help Trip win, anywhere from a sword to a staircase to a dinosaur. The challenge here being that it requires great communication, because if there's a misunderstanding and a drawing ends up being useless to the situation, then that's one slot gone for the rest of the match. The quality of the drawing also determines the power and outright usefulness of the drawing. If it's something that Paper struggles with drawing, then it's not going to be as good of an item, but if it's something he excells at, then it'll be pretty handy in combat. The two are a lighthearted pair, often cracking jokes and talking casually between one another, even during some more tense moments of a match. But their communication skills aren't always perfect, which can lead to arguments mid-battle which may leave Trip open for an attack. If there's one major weakness in these battles, it's Paper's own pride, as well as his shining sense of optimism, which can annoy Trip when it comes down to who is the one doing the actual fighting. But Trip himself is an optimist and generally looks on the brighter side of things. And though both enjoy fighting, they're also down to just hang out with people, and like making new friends, or helping others out when someone is struggling. Since they're both new to the city, neither one really has any yet. The friendship angle is also important, as it leads to a yet unawakened power within Trip & Paper. Whenever the two form a bond with another drawing, they (with permission from the artist they've bonded with) can draw energy from this bond, and awaken a new form within Trip, which he will then have access to powers similar to that of the drawing he bonded with. This power is called "Homage", and he can collect homages via helping people with their own personal journeys, through friendly rivals in battle, or even just from talking and hanging out with a particular drawing a lot. Paper appears to Trip via a flat screen like what's shown on the character sheet, as the two aren't from the same plane of existence. They can talk to one another and are almost always found together, but Paper's screen can be swept away or shut off if need be, or if Paper isn't around which can happen. (usually when Paper is sleeping) The ultimate goal of the pair is to grow as drawing and as artist, and become the strongest fighting duo that VOID city has ever seen.

I'm so ready for this, I can't wait to see who all joins and see that sweet, sweet tourney bracket! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

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Hello! I'm entering the Invitational with my character Iain!

Iain MacTavish was born in Scotland and has been alive for a decent amount of time thanks to his elvish heritage, but has settled down in Void-city to open a small shop where he sells magic books and trinkets and lives with his cat Mittens. He tries to keep mostly to himself, as he can often outlive friends that he makes, but he doesn't turn anyone in need away, which can be both a blessing and a curse. He is incredibly skilled in his use of magic, as well as knowledgeable on the subject, and his primary uses of magic manifests through the use of plants and vines. He can do other basic spells, such as basic conjuration spells and transmutation spells, but otherwise sticks to nature based spells.

He can be incredibly snarky and sassy (often using Scottish idioms and slang), but knows when to get down to business and get things done. As he has been alive for so long he has gained a fair amount of PTSD and anxiety, and often smokes to cope. Overall though he is a good-natured individual who wants nothing more than to run his shop.

I'm excited to give this a shot and I can't wait to see everyone's work!

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Mary is 25 year old with Elastic powers and also Super streght.
She got her powers for being tested in a secret laboratory when she was young.
She is pretty dumb and always love to fight with every oponent even more with the ones that are stronger than her.
Her weakness are that she is extremly malleable she can get squish by anyone and anything, but her strong points she can strech really long and can lift a ton of weight.

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Zhanic is a highly energetic Orc who has wandered to Void City in search of one of his long lost siblings. He has reason to believe said sibling is here in Void City, but only time will tell if it's true or not.

Abandoned as an infant for being the runt of his siblings, Zhanic was found and adopted by a dwarf man and his husband. The two raised him, instilling a strong sense of curiosity and fascination in the world. Over time, his two dads taught him the abilities he needed to start manifesting his own form of magic; a magical bow which he could summon at will.

At his core, Zhanic is enthusiasm incarnate. He never approaches things halfway--at least, not at first. He's also highly distractable, and often loses interest in a task halfway through. Beyond that, though, he's extremely friendly and loves having and making friends. Though he has a heart of gold, he can be convinced to do some shady things, purely because he has a terrible sense of what counts as a 'good' idea.

His oversized tusks prove to be a bit of a problem; because of them, he has a slight speech impediment. This manifests in the form of him pronouncing 's' sounds as 'sh'--so, for example, "sounds' would be "shoundsh".

I don't have high hopes, but hopefully this trial by fire should be good for me!
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Born and raised for 19 years in a secluded mountain village, Fuuga Kyou (or westernized Kyou Fuuga) found and entered Void City completely by chance! Kyou was enamored with the idea of exploring the world unknown outside his clan of wind-user's territory and one day took off, ready to see what needed to be saw.  However, what was earlier considered a journey to find himself soon became a journey to find his way; Kyou's complete and utter lack of directional ability has rendered him undoubtedly and undeniably lost. For now he can enjoy all these modern advancements he and his people missed out on until he can reorient himself--or someone finds and brings him home. Whatever works.

While inside his village Kyou was considered a very good fighter for his age, it's uncertain how well he can handle himself with battlers that hail from much further than down the road. The only range attacks Kyou has is his windcutter, where he slices the air with his sword and creates a sharp gust of magic that travels only up to 15 feet away, so distance fighting is not where he shines. However with his swallow shaped haori, he can achieve flight with speeds up to 30-40 miles per hour and close the distance. His quick instincts, mastery of the wind, and unbeatable determination are a force to be reckoned with!

Kyou may be fast like the wind, but only physically. His wits are a little on the duller side, and he comes off strongly as a, uh... uhm. He's an idiot. Kyou's an idiot. He gets easily distracted and impressed, and being surrounded bytechnological marvels isn't helpful in the slightest. He does love to fight, but sometimes, might stop halfway to look at the cool box with people moving in it. Good luck, Kyou!

Oh my god, I am a chock full of nervousness. There is no word in the world to describe this anxiety. I've never done this sort of competitive thing, and it's full of hype but also FEAR! Anyways, thank you for your consideration!

play fire emblem echoes

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(Full image- https://i.imgur.com/8h8wEHP.jpg)

Twobodies are creatures which, as the name says, have two bodies... At the same time. And by that we mean they have one inside the other! A feral, canine one, and a human one... With a few of their body parts exchanged between both, that is. This can look better or worse visually. Some twobodies have a dog tail in their humanoid body and nothing added to their dog body, while others have a dog nose in their human face and a human nose in their dog face. A real gene lottery right there.
The twobody species is filled with unsavory details: Since they have one body inside the other, the way to switch between them is literally turning their insides out throught their mouth. It's eerie to see, but at least it's not painful.
On top of that, twobodies are naturally anti-social and with violent tendencies, which does not make it more pleasant to meet one... Reason why many of them go for a full feral life in nature.

Morgan, Nano, Emerald, Kujo, Jaky and Maggy were born as twobody littermates in the wild but before they can remember, were taken into an orphanage after their mother was accidentally killed by a hunter.

They got to be known as problematic kids, making their adoption quite the hard deal. It would take a fateful encounter with a temporary foster parent for them to find their new home. They were meant to stay with him only until the danger of a natural disaster passed, but the kids ended finding their new father in a evil mechanic named Nicholas Hanced, who eventually decided to adopt them. Thanks to this man and his wife, the problematic kids get to live comfortably and away from the society they dislike, being encouraged to develop their worst traits for their advantage.

In their new life, each one has different hobbies and goals, but like when they were younger, they always tend to join forces and work together as a team.

Morgan (He prefers to be called Azazel, with varying levels of success) is the self-proclaimed leader of the group, and takes the duty of looking for the other five. A failed daemonologist, he is always claiming he's about to summon a demon to get his ways, but the only result he's got is putting on a edgy and overdramatic act.
Be careful, however, since the only thing in the way of him using the dirtiest of tricks to make you believe him is his own pride, and once that is gone...

He has a specially fluffy chest in his human form, while he features a bald patch over his chest in his dog form.

Nano (Short for Nanobyte) is a narcoleptic calm individual with a gift for hacking and everything software related, one hobby that manages to keep him awake for just a little more than anything else. With that, he is often found being carried by one of his siblings after he just felt asleep. While he is the calmest and quite amiable, he finds no limits in ethics if he needs to achieve something. Good thing he is usually happy with just being awake and surrounded by his family.

Nano has feral paws in human form and human hands in his dog form.

Emerald is a prideful and responsible mathematic. She loves numbers and calculation, which she expresses by taking care (sometimes aggresively so) of the economical resources of the group. She loves to earn, although is never satisfied with the amount she has, and she easily gets anxious when the amount she has is not an even number. She owns 6 calculators, one for each one of the sextuplets. Emerald is not one to engage in fights, but she really, really dislikes contact with people outside her family.

She has a dog tail in her human form, and no tail in her dog form, but she manages to stylize her fur to make it less aparent.

Jaky is silent and full of hatred, always talking with as few words as possible. He sees no reason in interacting with anybody beyond his family, and if it wasn't because he feels the need to protect them from the world he hates so much, he would burn everything to the ground only so he can enjoy the peace and solitude that comes after. He is fascinated and specializes in explosives and fire.

He has huge jaws in his human form, and human mouth in his dog form

Kujo is a cheerful and carefree boy with a big problem: His stomach. There's very few things besides meat he can eat without feeling sick and weak. In this starvation state, Kujo loses big part of his intelligence and strenght, to his big dismay. Only when well fed Kujo shows a great sense of observation. He is a little sensitive about his weight, so he regularly trains to get strong and capable to fighting anybody who mocks him.
Kujo's diet consists mostly of a special type of fruit known as blankberry. A very filling fruit with minimal nutrients and absolutely not flavor, which he was teached to grow by his new father. With all, he prefers his mother over him and can often be seen seeking her attention.

He has a dog nose (which he prefers not to have pointed out) in his human form and a human nose in his dog form

Maggy is a extremelly confident girl with a fascination for military stuff. She always has high expectatives of everything and everybody. Ironically, despite being very very short, she is one to always look at people over the shoulder. Her charisma tends to get her through trouble, but will have no problems in finding ways of stepping over people if necessary.

She has dog ears in her human form, and human ears in her dog form.

How good of an idea is to have sextuplets as my entry? I don't know... I'm sorry the size is not too large to comfort! I know 6 characters it's quite the group, so I tried my best to keep it as short but as clear as possible! Should I upload the character(s) now or wait...?
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