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Yoshiko on the Streets

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"Oh hush now, I'll have you know I am a well respected merchant who dabbles in games of wonder."

Lucy flashes her totally-legitimate signet ring to a lord of a far off land to the watchman.

"And if you have a further issue, I'd eager the fine noblewoman here would have a final say in the matter, no? "

Re: VOID PLAYS D&D, Season 2 - IC Thread
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Cracked Cup, Main
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The trio of White Jacquets rouse at their table at the mysterious woman's mention of a thief. Lifting their heads up from their drinks, they turn to each other.

"Gentlemen, we're in luck," the thinnest and tallest member of the hooded trio says to his comrades. "And here we thought this would be a dull afternoon..."

They stand and follow the tiefling in her pursuit.

Cracked Cup, Main
Spoiler: show
Chorden exited the alleyway alongside Lai Shan. As she rushed back into the Cracked Cup, he began making his distance away from the tavern. At first in a slow stride, making sure he was still in eyesight once the tiefling began her pursuit. As soon as he heard the sudden shriek from the tavern he burst into a full on sprint. He shot a glance back over to the tavern's entrance, and just as he hoped, spotted a determined tiefling on his tracks. However, it appeared the three Jacquets had decided to accompany her on the chase. On one hand this couldn't have turned out more perfectly, having all three of the Jacquets out in the open would allow his cohorts the perfect chance to escape unseen. On the other hand that leaves him with all three of them trained on him and him alone.

Without a second thought, Chorden shifted his course straight into the ongoing street, delving into the evening crowd. With his age and size into consideration, he knew he couldn't outrun the four larger humanoids behind him. If he was going to get away, he needed to put as much obstruction as possible.

Athletics: 1d20 + 1  = (8 + 1) = 9
Acrobatics: 1d20 + 6  = (19) + 6 = 25

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Anna was giving chase, her legs pumped up and down, boots smashing up a cloud of dust behind her as she proved to be quite the sprinter. She moved fast, bowling over whoever not fast enough to hop aside. She had a villain to catch after all. "UNHAND THE TRINKETS TINY CRIMELIZARD" She bellowed again as she pushed people aside, elbowing her way trough the crowd. Unaware of the three following the chase. HEr sole foocus was on Chorden and his daring, dastardly theft. This is what she had trained for, she would be a hero. No, not a Hero, THE HERO.

Re: VOID PLAYS D&D, Season 2 - IC Thread
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