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As Retribution rages on and Mayor Gumshoe refuses to let the press know whether or not he's seeking re-election, the machines politique march onward, and the people must once again decide on their ambiguously canon leader to run the chaotic metropolis of New Void City! It's time for another

The way this works is simple:

Two or more characters will face off in a comic battle royale, each drawing a campaign/election related comic. The previous mayoral character is automatically signed up if they wish to seek re-election.
The winner becomes the new Mayor of Void City

*(this is not an official title like those for tournament champions, but rather a fun way to shake up the collective "canon" we artists use for Void City)

Jane Blonde faced off against Buster Jones to earn her seat, and you can read that comic [here]
After Blonde's resigning, a political battle was waged between Buster Jones, Koosh-Koosh, Conway and Gumshoe, leaving Gumshoe coming out on top as Mayor. You can read that comic [here]

The comics do not have to follow any set narrative path. You don't have to literally write your character winning the campaign in your comic, acceptance speech and all (and it might be more fun to not do this and add to the air of mystery of who will be mayor), it could be a specific story that happens during the campaign season. You can read previous battles to get an idea.

Now like any election for office, candidates must meet a list of requirements to be selected, and no more than six characters will be selected for the battle royale. Please be courteous if you are not chosen for this election.

Candidate Qualifications*
1) Candidate must be a full grown adult
2) Candidate must be a registered citizen of Void City (not a just a resident, or fresh off the boat/spaceship/interdimensional portal)
3) Candidate must have paid their debt to society for any past crimes (payment of fines, jail time, community service, etc.) ((don't worry you don't have to have had this happen in comic form or anything but identifying it in your comic would be nice. Essentially your character can't be a wanted criminal anymore in the comic))
4) Administrative experience is NOT a requirement (but will be taken in as a plus for qualification)
*You can still technically sign up for Election with a character that doesn't meet these qualifications if you're creative or clever enough, check out Jaques' run as 'Buster Jones' in the previous Election battle

Signups will end once enough candidates have been selected (at least two, ideally four, no more than six), or end on the 27th with Gumshoe running unopposed and automatically winning as Mayor for another 2 years.

Once the candidates have been selected, a reasonable date, drawing time and deadline will be negotiated with the artists participating in the battle, in order to accommodate for the best chance for all artists to give it their best. Starting time will ideally be as early as possible.

Good luck, future Mayor!

Primaries List
Tsumi Watanabe
Buster Jones
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Re: ]ELECTION 2018
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Tsumi Watenabe is throwing her headband in the ring. She's lived all over void, literally top to bottom, met people from all walks of life and hopes to give void city a new sense of community by helping the city help itself.

Re: ]ELECTION 2018
« Reply #2 on: Dec 04, 2018, 09:23 PM »
If allowed to, I'd like to throw Conway back in the ring. He's a changed man after his two year stint in the big house, really! (and I'll hopefully have his comic where he gets out of prison up soon as I'm in the middle of inking that)

Re: ]ELECTION 2018
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Koosh-Koosh is gonna try again now that he's got a better handle on things, and slightly more political experience.

Re: ]ELECTION 2018
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Harlow is fresh face in void and the political landscape. Having already proved to be a productive member of society repurposing an dead abandoned factory to make his own inventions as well as providing prosthetics of a new caliber he seeks to do more for Void.

Re: ]ELECTION 2018
« Reply #5 on: Dec 05, 2018, 04:07 AM »
well I have to sign Buster in, dont I ;)
plus I needs to comics again.
Throw me into the pit please.
"I knew when I sighned up for Void years ago, Someday I'm going to prison for this site"  - Mister Kent, words to live by

Re: ]ELECTION 2018
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Like a dog–lion–ape–squirrel(?) beast to the slaughter...

Let's elect a Good Boy this year! Add Bill to the list!

Re: ]ELECTION 2018
« Reply #7 on: Dec 06, 2018, 09:05 AM »
“Vote Joseph Vilelinko for Mayor, and keep Void City smiling!


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