VTHEATHER - Livereading comics in a podcast! - The Grand Unveiling

Like VCAST but not at all and also simultaneously better (but really not at all these two things do entirely different things we're all friends here)
VTHEATER is a unofficial pirate podcast hosted by yours truly where a ragtag gang of voiders read out your comics, live, until it's recorded and posted here, using their very own personal voices! Perhaps it will slightly approximate your image of your comic! Most likely, it won't! But even then, surely you can still appreciate the effort.

Can I join?
Yeah! Just ask me for the link, doors are totally open. Podcasts are recorded with whoever happens to be available.


Ep 001: Pilot (here!)
Ep 002: Klepptown

Where's episode 1?
Episode 1 is right here!

Featured comics are: Happy Happy Halloween: A Wispy Winterbrook Party
And that's it. It's a pilot.
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i like this idea


:D We got one person on board.

(at least until the point where I try to speak French...poorly)

for this content.

Sign me up!

icon by zee!


I want in!

:D We got one person on board.

(at least until the point where I try to speak French...poorly)

hahahaha nah don't worry. I'll still stick around

Probably should wait until Duel posts the video but

Audio Only
Youtube Video with Comic Pages

We (that is, myself, pita, yarn, and tech) did a Camel-centric cast this time! Featured comics are:

Camel's side of Klepp vs. Grita
Both sides of Dale vs. The Gravediggers
Camel's side of ATN Round 1: Bartender and Gray vs. The Gravediggers and Dale
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