Lyme's redesign hell

Lyme's redesign hell
« on: Apr 08, 2018, 06:50 PM »
Im not sure if theres any unspoken rules for the "level of finished" that should be reached before making a post here, but after posting my latest wip in the discord i was encouraged to come post here -sooo here we goo.

Around 2-3 months ago I began designing this character for another site, one similar in content to entervoid. Between struggling with the design process, struggleing to learn how to write comics for the first time, losing my file that contained a 6 page comic wip, other major projects, and the poor quality of that other site's community -i lost interest in the project. Here are the major iterations of the character from the time period:
Spoiler: show
Theres a lot still that im not showing, changes to major concepts and the like. From memory ive drawn nearly full ref sheets for a version that had a handgun + knife, some type of break-barrel rifle, some type of sword, some type of sword/gun combo, i could go on. Not to mention all the design work i did for all of those different kits in their own rite. I suppose what i am trying to say is that i'm fickle, to say the least. Perhaps more fickle than the average person? These changes wern't brought around by a want for something "more cool" but rather as attempts to find a character i can write more interesting action scenes around. None the less the project was abandoned, well, until i came across entervoid from from a tv-trops page on webcomic hosting sites yesterday, anyway.

Heres what i've got so far:

Ive progressed as an artist a bit since the previous drawings, so i'm doing (yet another) redesign of the character. One featuring more complex prosthetic arms (hes a human with alot of cyber augmentations) and wavey fabricy bits. Ive since settled on the gun-polearm-thing as well (yea its also a gun) Narrative wise im working from the ground up here still, as his narrative was deeply entwined in the lore of the other site i mentioned earlier, more to come on that!

lasty, some very very very early thumbnailing for the demo (which is guess is technically nsfw?):
Spoiler: show

While i'm well aware its so very early on here, id still love to hear any crit you've got. Cheers.
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Re: Lyme's redesign hell
« Reply #1 on: Apr 09, 2018, 02:39 AM »
I know I've already said this on the Discord server, but you've got some bombass content and a fantastic style here! Count me already interested in what you'll bring to the table with this possible character.
Since there's a lot you're currently holding back on sharing, as you've said, it's personally difficult to formulate what to put critique into. At least, I hope to see some color in the updated reference seeing as how even your pieces provided in the timeline lack any coloring aside from gray-scale.

Nevertheless, welcome to Void homie! Hope ya' have fun here!! :Dc (Also, definitely putting ya' on my hit list once you get in >:D)

Re: Lyme's redesign hell
« Reply #2 on: Apr 11, 2018, 07:24 PM »
First of all, thanks to Astrodile (and other various wonderfully supportive people from the discord) for the support! I guess ill hit that update now. I didnt have much time to draw on the 10th but i made some progress on my intro comic today. Ive gotten the whole thing thumb nailed and drafted. For most people thats the easy part, but ive always struggled with sticking to an idea, and because of that im very happy i was able to draft out the whole thing out in just a few sessions (with minimal redoing), my workflow seems to have come a long way since my first few attempts. looks like its gunna end up being a good six pages when its all said and done (not counting the cover page). Heres some previews from that are in no particular order, theres more to show but ill save the rest for when its more cleaned up and presentable.
Spoiler: show

Nevermind the text, very much a placeholder. Also, apologies for not waiting until i had something more finished to put an update up, i feel weirdly obligated to keep up with this topic now that it exists. Tomorrow (or maybe tonight after a long break) ill either start working on lineing/coloring the template page or the first page of the comic. i promise i can actually draw and not just rough sketch forever Cheers.
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Re: Lyme's redesign hell
« Reply #3 on: Apr 11, 2018, 10:43 PM »
I have only one critique.

Stop apologizing for yourself.

These pages are fucking dope, man, I don't care if he's not available yet,  hitlisted! Hitlisted!!
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Re: Lyme's redesign hell
« Reply #4 on: Apr 11, 2018, 10:47 PM »
 Oh,  and I know it was brought up on discord, but just because the intro can only be 4 pages, don't think you can't incorporate the rest of the story in an immediate followup beyond battle. So don't toss any ideas, just try to condense the essentials into a 2-4 page intro, and once he's in, drop the rest on us. It's definitely a challenge, but anything you can do in 6 pages can be done in 4, if you really have to.
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Re: Lyme's redesign hell
« Reply #5 on: Apr 16, 2018, 08:30 PM »
After a busy weekend and some days of technical difficulty im back on the ball with this project. I've done alot of work in these last few days, so heres some previews.
Spoiler: show

As for the comic, thankfully i can cut 3 pages out of it and it still flows surprisingly well with minor tweaking. I think im going to shoot to have the first page of the intro lined and cleaned up before i return the ref sheet to switch up the workflow. Cheers.
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Re: Lyme's redesign hell
« Reply #6 on: Apr 16, 2018, 10:30 PM »
Oooooh yes this is looking good! You made a great choice with the bright orange lights played off with desaturated greens.

Cannot wait to get to know your character!


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