..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..

..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..
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At the start of 2017 we hoped for a better year than last. At the end of the day what can be said is at least we pulled out some great comics! There were a ton of stellar pages and characters created in 2017, including a veritable mountain of collaborations and beyond battles, and this is the chance to recognize that! Who will claim the most coveted and vaunted titles of last year? You decide! Just nominate your three top picks (up to three) for each category and once we tally the choices, we'll gather the majority selections of each and put them up on polls for you to vote, propelling the most-voted candidates to the Winner's Circle to claim all the bragging rights. To help you guys along, the mods have tirelessly compiled some relevant info and data to help you vote.  Remember these categories are for comics and artists featured here in the year of 2017!

Voting for nominees begins on the 11th of January and will remain open for one week, at which point the nominees will be selected and presented for a final vote to determine the winners of each category, announced during the last week of January.

These two stages should give you plenty of time to think critically and/or reread classics of 2017!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE [Deadline: January 18]

You can only vote once, but if you wish to change your votes, contact Pyras before the deadline.


Reference Guide

Artist of the Year
Writer of the Year
Member of the Year (Example of an exemplary member of the community who is welcoming, helps others, is active and vocal, puts in extra effort for the sake of the community, etc.)
Most Improved Artist
Most Improved Writer
Best Newcomer
Best Monochromatic Comic
Best Full Color Comic
Best Beyond Battle Comic
Best One Shot Comic (Artist, Sparring, etc.)
Best Antagonist
Best New Character
Most Dearly Departed (Favorite Character who died this year)
Character of the Year
Event of the Year (can be a tournament or battle royale, or a specific storyline be it global [like the meteor, armageddon threat, flood, creamimi rampage] or a specific character's storyline, etc.)
Best Collaboration Comic (does not include holiday collab comics)
Best Battle (collectively best final products altogether from each artist in the battle, tightest score race, solid performance on both sides, etc.)

Active New Characters (had at least two battle & is alive ((exceptions to late-year entries)))
Talbot & Scroop
Fawn Nightingale
Hara & Huey
Liz and Tsu
Adwell Morris
Matilda White
Crikey Dile
Petey Peyote
Avery Mann
La Cucaracha
The Gray Owl

Beyond Battles and Artist Comics of 2017
A Chapter Lost in Memory /Miyajima Minor by Jiisuri
In which a satisfactory agreement is made /Lilyfeather and Mortimerr by LeFred and Shen
House of Fragments Full Version /Miller by pyrasterran
Go To Hell /Shizana and Marie by radji and Rhimwill
We Were Left Unsupervised /Xia, Merrik Sanderson and Smol by crackingskulls, pocketmouse and themanwhoplantedswag
REAL /Merrik Sanderson and Trixie by Pocketmouse
Motivation Part 1 /Hara and Huey by hellis
Fuck Church /Merrik Sanderson by Pocketmouse
Underground 1 /Zoey and the Gravediggers by Pita and Camel
A Superior Bargain /Ma by Cornbread
Fire vs Light 2: The Aftermath /Kazue by energy
Founded /Cassidy Madson by MrPr1993
entervoid Holiday comics: Summer Camp Adventure 2017 /everyone by everyone
Wacky Races 2 prologue: Will You Be My Ride? /Monomythica by Jiisuri
We Can Rebuild Him /Invyn and jasper by reecer6
Announcing Wacky Races 2 /Veronica Nightingale by majikura
Underground-Prologue /zoey by Pita
Vanishing /Miwesa by yarnwitch
Theres No Tomorrow /Samira Williams by Fukuro
The Morning After /wizzie Belles by hats
Wild Tails -NSFW /kao5 by Fox
Things get Real /Invyn and jasper by reecer6
Fire vs. Light! Divine Powers Collide! /Kazue by energy
Improvements /Grey by Zee
Dye Party /Lilyfeather and Tsumi by Shen and Otakutaylor
The Plot Thickens, part 2 /Stanley Martin by Prometheusd
A Decade Changes Nothing /Crawford by thorhugs
Hunter's Stew: Owl Side REDUB by pyrasterran
Purpose /Matilda White by hellis
Settlin' Down /Karrin Klash by petarvee
http://Flavor Explosion /Shizana and Ma by Rhimwill and cornbread
http://Spider babysitting /Shizana by Rhimwill
And The Machines Shall Not Divide Us /Kurt and Poltredot by radji
The Plot Thickens /Stanley Martin by Prometheusd
Canned /Mr Murder, Ma, Click lyric by ROFLQU, cornbread, technicolor-yawn
A Stony-Faced Foe: Kazue and Delighla by energy and pocketmouse
BRAINFREEZE! /Wizzie Belles and Mammon by Hats and Magistelle
Aftermath I /The Fool and Gossamer Swan by fukuro and jaykat
Propane Nightmares /Xia and Kurt by crackingskulls and radji
Nefarious Exploits Performed At A Remarkable Discount /Cue and Baku the Explosionist by Majikura and ABI
Dirge for Valentine's /Lilyfeather by Shen
Session 1: Rule Zero /Mol by scarywaves
Protege /Lilyfeather and karrin Klash by petarvee and Shen
Entervoid Holiday comic: Valentine's Masquerade on the H.S.C Beowulf /everyone by everyone
Times They Are a Changin' /Lotus by QTRNevermore
Adventures In The Multiverse (Lets get To Work!) /Shizana by Rhimwill
Empty Horizon /Grey and Ma by Cornbread and zee
Nowhere to Go /Sovereign Greece and Xia by Shen and crackingskulls
By The Hour /The Fool by fukuro
Our Defender And Mother /Nyasuu by julz
Entervoid Holiday Comic: Winter party 2016 /everyone by everyone
Home-Style Un-Candid Soup /ma by cornbread
Washed Up /Shizana and Grey by Rhimwill and zee

24 hour comic day 2017 by Charlie
Stroll In The Woods 1- Welcome to Hell by radji
Stroll In The Woods 2- Welcome to Hell by radji

Most Prolific Artists (6+ battles in the year) ((holiday collab comic participation counts as one comic per holiday))
Radji   (24)
fukur0 (17)
Reecer6 (16)
MrPr1993 (13)
Shen   (13)
Majikura (12)
Corn Of The Breads (12)
Energy (12)
Barrel (12)
zee (12)
Rhimwill (11)
petarvee (10)
yarnwitch   (10)
Nothin (10)
Hellis (10)
PyrasTerran (10)
Golden (9)
otakutaylor (9)
Camel (9)
ScaryWaves (9)
The Man Who Planted Swag (9)
JayKat (8 )
Pocketmouse (8 )
Pita (8 )
Magistelle (8 )
Fred v2.0.1 (8 )
mortooncian (8 )
Gregly (7)
MyHatsEatPeople (7)
Cracking Skulls (7)
Astro Sean (6)
Mister Kent (6)
Sabulive (6)
Julz (6)
Ten Dead Kings (6)
Kozispoon   (6)
Video320   (6)

New Artists in 2017 (+2 comics in the year)
Alouisse ver

Characters killed in 2017
Samira Williams
The Outlawer
The Gravediggers
Zita the ragdoll
Carnival Master
Population Control
VeeVee Scoops

Events of 2017
Election Royale 2016
Original Character Tournament
Tag Team Tournament 2017
Armageddon 2017
Wacky Races 2
Under New Management 2017
Clash of the Chitin

Notice any information above is incorrect? Just let us and we'll correct it! Have questions about a category? Go ahead and ask us!

Want to advocate for an artist, character or comic for an award? You can freely post your reasons for why you think a certain award should go to whom. BUT REMEMBER only nominations tallied in the form link shown at the top will be used to determine the final nominees
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Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..
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though given the count so far it feels like everyone who would have voted already has voted so far i might even be able to close polls early without losing anyone

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Announcing your Best of Void 2017 WINNERS

[Runnerups: Golden and DesiChan]

[Runnerup: yarnwitch]

[Runnerup: Cro-Iba]

[Runnerup: Magistelle]

[Runnerup: Rhimwill]

[Runnerup: DesiChan]

[Runnerup: Avery Mann]

[Runnerup: Remy Naufrage]

[Runnerup: Polulation Control]

[Runnerup: Shizana]

[Runnerups: Four Horsemen vs Clyde (Horsemen's side) and Merrik Sanderson in Fuck Church]

[Runnerups: Grey vs. Miwesa (Grey's Side) and Trixie & Merrik Sanderson in REAL]

[Runnerup: Nothin vs Fukur0 (Fukur0's side)

[Runnerup: Shizana in Adventures in the Multiverse]

[Runnerup: Armageddon 2017 (Defenders' Side)]

[Runnerup: Armageddon 2017]

[Runnerups: Clash of the Chitin Round 2 (Talbot & Scroop vs Population Control) and Tag Team Tournament 2017 Round 1 (Mimi the Mime & Petey Peyote vs Wizzie Belles & Mammon)]


Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..
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Oh gosh oh geez thank you guys for the votes im so touched!! Congrats to all the winners and heres to another great year!!
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Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..
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Thanks for the love everyone, I know I only show up like once a year these days to put something here but I'm glad its enjoyed. Means a lot to me right now people still dig what I do as I don't make a lot right now. Thank you :>

Congrats to all the other winners!

Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..
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Waaaah thank u so much to everyone who voted ;;;;;;, this was super uplifting and unexpected especially considering the incredible artists and comics in the mix this year.

Congrats to everyone featured above, it's all well-deserved and it's been so nice to reflect back on the good comics and characters of 2017 <3

I'll... keep... doing my best to give you good stories in 2018 OTL <3

Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..
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Thank you so much to everyone, it really means a lot to me that the comics I've done have had an impact. It's very encouraging and I really, truly appreciate it!!

Also congratulations to all who won and were nominated! I loved seeing everything you all did last year, and I can't wait to see more!


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