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PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
« on: Sep 11, 2016, 03:02 PM »
I'll use this thread for upcoming characters of mine from now on

First i'll show off some of my characters coming in the future:

Hadal the Deep Demon

a brawler through and through with electric powers and a sharkier form the more frenzied he gets. he can sense lifeforms around him by their bio electric signature and smell blood from a mile away.

taken from his home under the sea as a slave, his tenacity helped him make a name for himself in the pirate world until in adulthood he achieved status and infamy, and became captain of his own ship and crew

Hadal is a character of mine from an old pirate-themed Pathfinder game i used to play a few years back. @petarvee showed me some sweet looks to help un-plain his clothes for future sketches

D.E.U.S. the Robot Archmage

his robot body is super strong and comes equipped with a laser beam that he can amplify to various levels, and he is an expert mage, his super computer brain able to quantify and comprehend complex spells and wizardry that would day men years to perfect.

DEUS is an anomoly, a ghost in the shell case that somehow was able to conceive of and harness magic. he seeks to unify the world under his twisted cult

DEUS used to be an organic character with explody powers but somewhere along the lines i reworked the cult following/grandmaster idea and came up with a robot instead which I thought was neat

And the character that will be coming first is

Revu Marcs, aka "The Gray Owl"

(comes with music for intro )

a killer tactician with a utility belt full of gadgets and tools for all forms of combat, he packs it differently depending on who it is he's facing (he always avoids a battle if he doesn't know exactly who his target is and how to defeat them). his wings are like owl wings, he can fly in and out of anywhere without making a sound, and he's got owl superhearing, letting him fight even blind. His special blades (they will be matte black when i color) are made of a mysterious metal that absorbs and negates energies, including hiemium radiation, v-element, magic, etc. giving him a chance to fight on even ground with some superpowered targets

he wants to see the void government toppled as revenge for hiemium miners destroying his homeland and slaughtering his people

Revu is a bird-man DND character from ages ago, my longest used, and has gone through many arcs, heroic and villainous. Alotta history and this is a new iteration

and like a good boy I've got pages to go with this!

Coming Soon
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Re: PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
« Reply #1 on: Sep 11, 2016, 04:08 PM »
very Batman lol! I love you came right in with intro pages, looks great! i just woke up ill see if i have any critiques later. damn though dude you gonna DROWn in all the characters you make XD

Re: PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
« Reply #2 on: Sep 11, 2016, 05:11 PM »

God DAMMIT Pyras I had assumed if we were gonna fight it would be Hunter vs. Miller and I was all prepped with ideas for that and then you made a BIRD MAN
You'll kick my ass and I'm prepared for that but it'll be SO BEAUTIFUL

Re: PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
« Reply #3 on: Sep 19, 2016, 02:15 PM »

God DAMMIT Pyras I had assumed if we were gonna fight it would be Hunter vs. Miller and I was all prepped with ideas for that and then you made a BIRD MAN
You'll kick my ass and I'm prepared for that but it'll be SO BEAUTIFUL

we'll do both battles! double the fun!

Re: PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
« Reply #4 on: Feb 13, 2018, 06:21 PM »

Rocio Valencia the Battle Cleric

Rocio was born in a satanic cult and destined to become an Antichrist baby factory. The kindness of a captured holy man showed her another way from her abusive upbringing and in time she was able to expose her cult to the world. A police raid made her one of its only survivors. She traveled to the monastery of the holy man her cult had killed and studied in the ways of the light. She journeyed across the world studying many forms of holy magic and cleric combat. Eventually informed by monks that her destiny lied in the city of sin, Void City, she traveled to the region and enrolled in Vanity's school for magical children to continue her studies.

There she held the same year as Lilyfeather, the necromancer, and a beautiful rivalry was inevitably born

As a moral absolutist, Rocio believes that nothing justifies the use of evil practices such as necromancy (of course as a battle cleric, she has no problem with using violence against evil for the sake of good)

Well studied in holy magic from around the world, Rocio is a patron of "the light", the overall goodness of Heaven and holy gods. She's versed in wards and exorcisms against denizens of the dark. Most of her articles of clothing, scrolls, bibles and tools have some holy utilitarian use. Her divine hammer is carved from stone blessed by a saint, and its shaft willingly crafted from the bone of a celestial dragon. The holy weapon is lighter in the hands of good people, and hits harder the more evil its target is (against a good person, it hits no harder than a punch. Against the pure of heart, it bounces off). The celestial hound she found on her travels is essentially a dog, but impossibly even more good. It is infused with holy energy and can teleport in blinks of light.

The satanic mark on the back of her neck is unremovable, and it causes her pain every time she uses holy magic or swings her hammer.

Rocio can banish undead as fast as Lilyfeather can spawn them, their levels in power always being very even against one another. Even if one were to surpass the other, the other would eventually catch up. In a way they have become better warriors because of each other.
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Re: PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
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Character bio and details aside, purely from appearances sake, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out Rocio looks like Park, looks like Sanari, looks like Arena. Basically has the build, face and appearance of most if not all of your female characters. I would really love to see you explore unique and varying body types sizes and appearances and a new character is no better place.

Re: PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
« Reply #6 on: Mar 15, 2018, 10:44 AM »
I mean when I’m sketching lazily stuff gets samey but I do have guidelines that I try to stick to as far as skull shape, eyes, nose, body proportions, etc

I don’t deny though that the package does feel cut from the same archetypal cloth. I guess it’s just what I like working with


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