Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Not officially a Void character, but I had intended to return to this website and submit the Male Extra character, but opted for rebooting Frank and Emmelia instead. In light of being a future prospect and all around pansexual, here's Astrid!

Cool, have you done any more of her?
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Re: LGBT+ Jam
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The Universe would hook up with anyone. Anything. Anytime, anywhere.

Lets go.   o3o

// get on my finger, carl! \\

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Man, I was thinking about it and I was like ''yeah, I have one or two...'' ''... or three... four...'' basically all of them except Anish and Malec. Whole rainbow up in here.

L: Ria & janine

G: Buster he's a rainbow all on his own

B (pans): Lucy and Himself

T: PFKAP I mean it's right there in as much of a name as Quizex gave her :/

+: Can't Dance and Mortimerr are aces. The maggot doesn't even have reproductive organs and barely any concept of sexuality or romance
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Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Ahhhh oh my gosh! Mega post!! Look at all these cool characters :Dc

Who knew the universe was such a player haha

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Who knew the universe was such a player haha

HAHaha, maybe, but like,

I dunno how smooth he'd be, just like, "HEYYy your shoulders are hecka hot, wanna bang like it's the creation of your wimpy planet all over again? ;D"

Just cause he'd do anything, doesnt mean anyone would do him.
Although he seems partial to Le Julien clown and the sexy bartender.
// get on my finger, carl! \\

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Eyyyy it's Pride month so B) take m' sweet sweet babes, Ash (Transwoman & a lesbian), and Niles (Trans & pan)

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Here's a cute Pic of Harlow since he's Pansexual. He is also poly-amorous

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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He's Pansexual, even though he prefers those good mlm relationships!

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Zana is bisexual, though in her case that means she's attracted to both humanoids and bugs

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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i feel like theres an obvious solution to Zana's dilemma...

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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I hope that isnt too big.
Cadenza identifies as asexual. Probably heteroromantic as well but dont quote me on that.

Re: LGBT+ Jam
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Steph Shmagic and Beo


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