THE SUPPORT GROUP (for one-shots, web-comics, and doing more things!)

What is THE SUPPORT GROUP? It’s what you need. If you’re an artist or a writer who’s developing a webcomic right now and you’re just having trouble breaking through that wall to producing, then this is for you.

The Support Group strives to offer your fellow members in the group encouragement and critique. Each month, you’ll join in and show proof that you’re making some developments towards your passion project. We’re all aiming to be better artists and writers and to make our own mark on the world. However, for some of us, that push into the real-world can be really scary, especially when you see your large comic in terms of Akira-length epics.

That's what this is for. Month to month, you're welcome to join in and work towards a webcomic (or print, or whatever) goal with the rest of us. We'll be doing this like clockwork and this is a bit of an experiment. Hopefully, if we take some baby steps The Support Group can ease you into making a giant footprint in your workload.

So, explain it in detail...
Gladly! The Support Group will be signing up in the first week of the month. If you want in, sign up for it then, because come the 2nd week, we'll be creating the match. No cancellations on it, you're either turning something in or defaulting. You have 4 weeks to create 3 pages. 3 pages, finished of your baby.

This completely doable! Post those pages up when the time is up like a regular battle and share it with the world! Get critique from your fellow participants and voiders and feel good! You just started work on something!

3 pages minimum in a month sure sounds like a lot to me!
Even at the most relaxed schedule to a webcomic release date, you’re going to want to be posting a page a week. If you can do more, do more! If you can’t do 4 pages in a month then you’ve got a real issue somewhere in either the time or your process.

Can I share more than 3 pages if I do more than 3 pages?
Sure, that's all up to you. However, I'm only asking for 3 pages.

What if I don't have 3 pages? What if I have nothing?!
I guess sign back up when you're ready? You'll get a default like any other battle or a low score like any other battle.

What if real-life happens to me?
Then just let one of the mods know to remove you. I don't think any of us will dispute something serious and while this is to help you to work, the name is right in the title. This is The Support Group and we want to make sure you're doing things that make a positive step in your goal until you're ready to fly on your own once you've hit the rhythm.

Can I join in? What if I left? Can I come back?
Yes, yes, yes. You can join in whenever you want to join in. If you left and need to come back, we're more than happy to have you involved.

When do we start?
Since this first one is a LITTLE late in the start of it, we're going to have sign up continue on until Saturday. We'll begin on this Sunday (the 6th of March). If you're wanting to get involved, it's time to sign up.

This is your opportunity to work on something for yourself! I'm glad to see anyone sign up if they need help!

So sign up!

1. Charlie
2. Jetster
3. Mortooncian
4. Radji
5. Saburu
6. OberonGoat
7. ZigZagaroo
8. Mr. Kent
9. Choleric
10. Shen
11. Gregly
12. Sid_Bane
13. Crafty
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sign me upppp


Question: The comic can be anything right? Like it doesn't necessarily have to be the webcomic you're doing, and can just be prep stuff? Would that include fan comics or this has to be a strictly original kind of comicker thing?


Anything that can help counts. Long as its three pages, well, not three blank pages.

So long as it helps, and you make your personal work-- even if its sketches-- you're right on the money!!

Sssuper interested in this but got a question too. I've got a story I'm working on still in its baby stages and I'm still not certain of the look I want for the comic yet. Would "test pages" that aren't necessarily going to make the final cut of the comic count? I don't mean like little scribbled out thumbnail type ones, but fully finished ones to experiment with the style and mood of the comic/how the characters look, but may not end up actually being used if I decide I'd like to do it a different way.

I asked Eric and I think that's a great idea, because this way, everyone can give you input and give you feedback on the direction you're going before you settle on your webcomic/personal project!

After all, regardless, you were going to test out how the pages were gonna look and feel, right? So it's progress!

Sounds good! I'll sign up too then.


yo! I've posted about it in the chat, but if you weren't aware, Nickelodeon is accepting pitches for animated shorts until April 15th. this is my current project and I'm encouraging others to submit. you'll notice that they accept the standard boards/animatics, and also, COMIC PAGES! so basically I'm hoping to work on a pitch alongside someone else who is also pitching.

anyway, for me, I think I may go the traditional route and put together boards, possibly an animatic. what would be a good amount for the monthly challenge?

I might be up for this, I need something to help keep me in line with work

I don't know a thing about boards or animatics, but since you have a deadline for April 15th, I think you have quite a bit to do and this would be your whole project for the month.

The final day for this would be April 3rd? Maybe try to get 1/2 of your goal done? But otherwise, I think boards/animatics would be just fine in this case.

Cool this sounds like a relaxed spin on what I tried to get started years ago. While I wont be able to sign up this month (more freelance came my way) maybe down the road. Good luck guys!


Ok im in but im gonna do like Karma and post test/proof of concept pages first until my story is ready

Count me in

hit me up
If I dream of impossible, should I forget it?

Along the lines of pitches, I also know that on the 15th of May,  hiveworks is opening up submissions for webcomics!

So that could also be something people are interested in!

I lied about not joining this till next month, SIGN ME the fuck UP!

Sign me up? Maybe? Sure? Oh golly!

Im in it

Aw GEEZ, I forgot to sign up! I'd like to join, if time hasn't expired.

I gotta sign up or I wont get any of my 'oh man I should do that!' work done. XD I'M IN

just a suggestion but maybe we can do two 2-week rounds per month; one round for new material and comments and critiques, and the 2nd round for implementation for critiques from last round.

just a suggestion but maybe we can do two 2-week rounds per month; one round for new material and comments and critiques, and the 2nd round for implementation for critiques from last round.


I say for this round, we implement Rofl's way, and next time we try out Jong's. That way we can see what works best.

could you sign me up too if i'm in time?


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