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// get on my finger, carl! \\

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guess who is juuuuust drunk enough to admit this happened
first ever webcomic, written when i was 16, started when i was 19 (production started like, ten years ago- if only I'd found Void then!)
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So much yes!

But Shen ur getting the most yes hohohoho

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I never did put a link to my comic :/

Yonaoshi is being hosted right here on entervoid (Its the blue flowers icon on the comics page). Painstakingly written and drawn by myself.

and Conceptual Heist is a one panel strip deal over on tumblr. Written by my buddy Jay D'Ici and also drawn by me.

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Oh! I have Babe Warp on tumblr!!
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My writer and I started working together again last spring on a (luckily) failed pitch which is why I sorta ghosted on you guys, and then we spent the summer developing this guy: http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/worldbreakers/list?title_no=9336, which updates every week! It's probably my favorite thing I've worked on, and it seems to be coming along pretty well!

Hopefully once I figure out time-management a little better I can get back into some Challenges here! I miss my ladies!

EDIT: Sidenote-- is anyone else on LINE Webtoon? It's a really great site for any indie webcomic artist, imo
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Dead/dying thread revival to say that, i finally got off my ass and got my comic going again a couple weeks ago.

Minions, assemble!

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Haven't been around here in a very long time
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 I'm not surprised about the format, considering what you were doing last time you were around haha
"I knew when I sighned up for Void years ago, Someday I'm going to prison for this site"  - Mister Kent, words to live by

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Y o o o o

Long time no seeeeee

I am currently running a webcomic with my pal Monty Nero. it is called Monty and Zuzu's WTF?! and we explain things. Also on TUMBLR.

Any feedback welcome! We're looking at doing a kickstarter thing as well sometime. <3

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Digging this thread back up to get some Hot New Comics in here, since half this thread is comics what died.

Unluckies starring my Void character Lilyfeather on a bounty hunting ship fighting werewolf pirates

Hey Kitty -written by voider Fox and drawn by me, an android superhero conflicted by her own self awareness


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