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News Update: Clash of the Chitin Finals, Upcoming SDT!
Add a comment: News Update: Clash of the Chitin Finals, Upcoming SDT!

Greetings Voiders!
We're in our final round of CLASH OF THE CHITIN!

This wonderful image was created by Nothing! Make sure to cheer on the buggos as they fight for their lives!

Sign-ups are currently open for our Winter Collab, so put on your tackiest sweater and come join us in the ski lodge! Remember that you only have to do one page minimum, and you can collaborate with friends or just submit one on your own. Check the thread for details, and maybe for a surprise collab partner! Don't be afraid to converse for some fun storyline potential!

For our next upcoming tournament~ Void's Speed Death Tournament is back! Make a character and try to keep them alive as long as possible! The tournament starts in January, so get those gears turnin' and put forth your best fighter!

Another plug for the book PULPO and how you can become part of a published comic anthology! Not only is it fun with friends, but it'd look great on a resume!

Aaaaaand~ let's talk about commenting! I know it can be a little intimidating to have the weight of giving good advice on your shoulders, but did you know that even a simple comment like "I loved this!" or "I enjoyed reading this!" can be just as valuable? Of course we all aim to improve, but it's also important that we are capable of entertaining our readers, so don't be afraid to leave even the smallest comment. You may bring a smile to someone's face!

SECRET SANTA PEOPLE! Hey, you know who you are! Make sure you get your awesome gifts in to Shen by New Years Eve so she can distribute them later! And don't forget to keep it secret. That's the whole point!

Thank you everyone for tuning in~ Hope to see some new comics from you soon!


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We exist to provide an environment for artists to learn and improve their sequential art skills competitively. Our community is designed to give critical feedback and encouragement to our many members the world over, at all skill levels.

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