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Dreazildria thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 4'8
 Created: Prior to recording
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-- Dreazildria--

Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Height: 4'8
Weight: 102 pounds
Birthplace: Unknown Lab

When Dreazildria was young, she was taken away from her small village due to wars that was happening around. Veronica Nightingale, Head of Weapons Development Department at M&J Arms development facilities of Void City, picked her up and decided to use her as a weapon experiment.

At the time when Dreazildria had be brought to the company, she was young and knew only a little of Anything. She already thought of Veronica as her friend because she took care of her. Everywhere Veronica went- Dreazildria would go with her.

Soon though, the time for the weapon experiment was ready. The object of this project was to make an actual human being an ultimate fighting machine. This machine was supposed to have no flaws and would only grow stronger in each battle.

The way for this to happen was to have Dreazildria collect the blood sample of the enemy she has killed mixed with her own- and that blood would increase her strength by 10%. The blade on her left arm was made for this purpose. When she attacks the enemy with her blade, it'd mix into blood flow coming from Zil's hand.

Veronica was nervous but also confidant as well. This project was known to have no problem Nothing would happen to her She’ll still be the same.

After the scientist has turned on the switch, the project has started. It seemed oh so perfect ... but within 30 seconds, the machine started to overload and the lab exploded. Everyone was safely rescued… Except for Dreazildria.

Dreazildria was trapped in the capsule where she was being experimented for about five years- until she finally awoken. She ... Lost all her memories of everything but Veronica. Due to the overload, the purpose of the blade changed. It was to collect blood samples of the ones she has fought to regain her memories. Each person has memory silvites in their blood- some has more than others. She must collect as much as she can to regain her memories.

Also, another effect of the overload was the stop of aging in the brain…

-- Other Information--

Name of guns: Killana (orange), Regina (green)
Strength: Speed, Stamina
Weakness: Strength

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