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Croco thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'2"
 Created: October 23, 2018
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Croco is the son of a notorious gangster Zed "the Shredder" Murks. He was also the most feared enforcer for his father's gang, until things went sour between father and son. After maiming his father in a brawl, he went to Void to start a new life.

Croco is haunted by the guilt of past wrongdoings, as well as the death of several friends at the hand of his own family. He wants to live a more "quiet, relaxed" life free of senseless violence; but can't yet fully break away from the thrill of fighting or illicit dealing. He also has a strange mix of pride and self-loathing around his species and tough upbringing.

Personality-wise, Croco is generally soft-spoken, calm and collected. He is known to be brutally honest, but very deceptive when he wants to be. He loaths law-enforcement, but tries to at least appear to cooperate as much as he can. He has interest and skill in bartending and cooking (which was suppressed by years of training as a fighter). He also is known to be a "big, shy softy" around women.

He is secretly wealthy, with numerous hidden cash deposits; and has connections among various animal-men.
He practices the crocodilian "Dismemberment" style of martial arts, passed from his father. However, he tempers it with martial arts he learned from befriending rival gangsters, particularly the "subtle paw" from a famed tiger kickboxer. He is a brutal, but patient and highly-intelligent fighter.

Though he tends to brandish a steel bat when attacking, his true weapon of choice is his own teeth. He sometimes carries a knife, but rarely a gun (and he is only average at shooting). His eyes can appear to glow to people with a strong "warrior's sense". What they see is the Killer Eyes, which show murderous intent. He does not truly gain power this way, but is much more willing to endure pain and fatigue in this state.

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