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Invyn & Jasper thumbnail  Gender: Male & Agender
 Height: 5'8'' & 5'7''
 Created: October 2, 2016
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Old ref sheets listed here for posterity. Be wary of their accuracy!

Invyn is a 230-odd-year-old self-styled warlock who has mastered the art of the magic circle. He knows the exact right herbs to summon every demon in hell, can sketch any functional circle in the book in under thirty seconds tops, and has even used his understanding to develop some entirely new circles of his own.

And he's bored.

Having all this power at his fingertips, Invyn mainly wants to sit on his couch and watch the latest soaps, or maybe practice the bassoon. To further this objective, he created Jasper by imbuing life into some pumpkin he stole off a farm once (He was about to name him Jack, but realized half-way through saying the name how unoriginal that was). Jasper, a much more outgoing and dynamic fellow, was mainly meant to just do chores and errands for Invyn, with the occasional bank robbery to gather the funds to do more chores and errands (It's not like Invyn's going to work somewhere; magic circles aren't considered a marketable skill): a very inane purpose that frustrates the poor ambitious pumpkin. He cherishes the moments he gets to shoot someone in the face deeply.

Jasper, despite being made of magic, has no magical ability of his own, and mainly fights through fists, or guns. The only way to kill him is to extinguish the flame flickering within his head (potentially by just destroying his head entirely), and even then, Invyn is perfectly capable of bringing him back to life good-as-new with some strongly-inked resurrection circles.

Vs. Mildred: Jasper has now "domesticated" Mildred, to Invyn's chagrin.
Vs. Ruuto: All that stuff about Jasper being a pumpkin? That's a lie now. Jasper was shortly a pickle but now he is a computer.
Vs. Talon: Invyn is now in some form of contact with Talon. Depending on whose side you're going with, this is either an apprenticeship or a form of agony counsel. It's your pick. Or ours! It's probably ours.
Vs. Xia: Now, don't let this discourage you from battles at all, but Invyn and Jasper are kind of no longer in Void City? They may sort of be in Vienna. Look, some of the characters on this site are in SPACE, it's not farfetched.

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