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Shay thumbnail  Gender: female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: June 16, 2016
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Some call her Headless Horseman, others Black Rider. Quite frankly Shay doesn't mind or care for either title. She knows that her true name is much older. Dulahan- a harbinger of death, and guide for the passed to find their place in the underworld.

Still all fancy names and job titles that muddy the waters of her everyday life as a derby player and skater. Shay keeps a simple daytime life, and low profile amongst her friends and acquaintances. She tends not to talk to much about her night job- since it has ended plenty relationships in the past, not to mention her employer being a real buzzkill.

She hates spicy food and tends to listen to way too much Baby Metal. Like WAY too much. Not many other details about her are known. She never takes off her helmet. At least not during the day. Her longboard, which she has named Baby never leaves her side. And aside from playing Derby she is currently ranked in the top 10 of Professional Female Skaters, never having a single slip or fumble in her competitions.

At night though, she takes off her helmet, and rides along the streets on her longboard, toting her head in her hands. Fiery red hair and green eyes that give piercing gazes. She works as an Undertaker. Receiving names of those destined for the afterlife, and tasked with killing them. As most Dulahan's she's not an extremist or sadist when it comes to delivering peoples dooms, but she does take pride in her work, and is incredibly skilled at what she does. She sometimes finds work mundane- it's always the same, people begging for mercy and more time. But she's not god, and she's no genie. She can't grant wishes and turn back time. When the bell tolls, she's always on time to collect.

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