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Black Swan thumbnail Title: Void's Sexiest 2018, Armageddon 2017 Winner
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: April 5, 2011
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Name: Pascaline Marie Laurent
DOB: April 5
Age: 28-29
Language: English and French

Former prima-ballerina, dance teacher, super-heroine, and one of the six defenders that helped put an end to DEUS' reign of terror during 2017 Armageddon. Through all her ups and downs, Gossamer Swan strived first and foremost to help protect her home city however she could.

Until, during the Retribution campaign, she encountered Remy Naufrage who held her prisoner and psychologically tortured her for nearly a month. Though she was eventually rescued, Swan is left deeply haunted by the experience, occasionally suffering from horrific nightmares/flashbacks, and has also developed a fear of the dark, preferring to sleep/relax only when there's sufficient lighting. From her ordeal, however, she realized that she needed to reconnect/reconcile with old acquaintances, and sought to make amendments for any/all strained past relationships.

With the election of Joe Vilelinko as Mayor, a new, dark change for Void City was fast approaching. Likewise, Swan took up a new, dark identity to reflect the changes in her. Renouncing the name of Gossamer Swan along with her old life, she now goes by the moniker Black Swan. Fully devoted to her vigilante ways, Swan strives to improve not only her method of battling but also in being more honest with herself and open to those she holds dear. She keeps her friends/allies closer than ever before, vowing to show no mercy to any who would harm so much as a hair on their heads, even if it means having to kill to keep people safe.

Scar: The result (and constant reminder) of her captivity were several Magic Manacles placed on her by the voodoo practitioner. They are malleable, moving constantly like wind, and usually show whenever Swan is feeling super emotional/stressed. In an attempt to conceal her whereabouts from her captor, she's also changed her name to Laurie Martin.

Power/s: Aeromancer. Abilities include flight and a fighting style she created by combining her ballet skills with taekwondo. She also harbours a powerful form known as Sylph State, one she rarely uses as it can drain her to the point where she could end up powerless and flightless for a few days. During which she must recharge if she is to continue using her wind abilities. Only in dire situations does Swan dare draw extra energy from this form to help boost her powers. Her sole means of defense if drained is her taekwondo training.

Despite all this, Sylph State is very convenient, allowing Swan to effortlessly whip up more powerful gusts, razor winds as well as increase speed in flight and movement. When completely enraged, she may whip up stormy weather in her surroundings. This form is made purely of air, anything physical like bullets and knives phase through without scarring or injuring her. The only thing that can harm Sylph State form is magic.

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