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Art Jams / Re: The Love-Child Jam
« Last post by Majikura on Today at 01:33 PM »
Another Setsuna

and an Emilia since I havent drawn her yet
Daily Drawing Challenges / Re: Muscle May
« Last post by otakutaylor on Today at 12:42 PM »
Day 27: Tensor Fasciae latae

Muscle 28: Teres Major  aka That's not the lats bro.

The teres major, partly situated under the lats, can both show up on it's own, or push the lats farther out. Occasionally giving the lats a "double bump" in the armpit area.

Art Jams / Re: The Love-Child Jam
« Last post by Majikura on Today at 08:17 AM »
The lovechild of two lovechilds,

Setsuna Nightingale Tezuka (Theo x Hina)
Aaron/Luis/Truman/Yoshiko and company, the Gardens:
Spoiler: show

"Unless you've got objections to this plan?"

I despise you so much, kitten He mouthed, making sure Yoshiko could read his lips.
"No problem here, Miss Lucy!" Faked a smile and exaggerated his excitement.

He really only just wanted to be next to Aaron. But apparently they were all busy pretending to all be in good terms with Yoshiko's persona.
Daily Drawing Challenges / Re: Muscle May
« Last post by otakutaylor on May 26, 2018, 06:08 PM »
Day 26: Serratus Anterior

Muscle 27: Tensor fasciae latae aka I had no idea there was a muscle there until gluteus maximus day.
This little guy attaches to a important tendon that runs from your hip and the top of your butt muscle down the outside of your thighs to your knee.
very rarely significantly seen, it is the farthest "out" muscle for your hips/butt area and important for side kicks and learning how the torso and legs connect.

Spoiler: show
The second the Medusa's glances off towards the hideously laughing Draco Scabra, Black Medick hands you the bag of spoils from the vault room, and Great Mullein begins to stir to consciousness. Though the bird masks are not that expressive, he looks at you with what you can only read as desperation.

"I carved out this little hollow between dimensions so I would not be disturbed, and both my prisoners and mementos would be secure," the Medusa explains. "But with each passing century I receive more and more visitors. It is me, or shouldn't some things remain sacred? I mean, isn't a girl entitled to a little privacy?" She retains her cool demeanor, but is mildly annoyed. "Now, what is it you wanted, again?"

Chorden, Archives

Spoiler: show
After quickly hiding away his newly acquired spoils Chorden gave a long pause, perhaps the longest he ever gave, to ponder the situation at hand. This woman before him, this Medusa, had not only wielded an unnatural power, but had the command of a multitude of abominations to eradicate him where he stood. To save his life, siding with the Medusa and abandoning these feathered miscreants had seemed to be the wisest option for him. Yet before he could exclaim this declaration of allegiance, in the glimpse of his eye Great Mullein's desperate gaze met his. In that single moment Chorden could resonate with Great Mullein's powerlessness, it was a feeling all too familiar to him so many times before. Though they had thrown him into this encounter in the first place they still knew their way around this twisting labyrinth better then him, perhaps in due time they could aid him with reuniting with his compatriots, or even one of the Lords themselves. Chorden turned his back towards the Medusa and as he took a mere five steps forward he held the letter still in his grasp before him and began to speak:

...W-What I want? Why if it had been of my own volition I would have wanted to remain in my own realm. I am.. or was, in the enslavement of a mad human sorcerer, along with my other brethren., Harold! Harold the... Terrible was his title! He claimed to serve a dark and powerful deity he believed was imprisoned in this realm. I believe it was..uh, a half spider, half snake, half...god? It's hard to recall, he was known to spout such insane gibberish, it was near impossible to understand...

OOC: Deception = 1d20 - 2 = (6) - 2 = 4

He was making it up as he went along, and knew she wouldn't buy it by his inconsistent pace of thought. However his attempt at conceiving a well crafted lie was not his main faocus but rather the note he was scribbling on the rolled up letter with ther piece of charcoal he had on hand. In his time working among the ranks of other thieves and rogues, such as Truman, he had acquired a thorough understanding of the Thieve's Cant language. If these three bird brains were truly of the same rank, they would surely understand his message. As Chorden continues on with his poorly crafted lie, he does his best to obscure the Medusa's view of the letter as he quickly jots down the message along it's length:

I'll cause a distraction, once I do I'll leave it in your judgement to decide the best escape route.
If you find yourself in the Curator's gaze once more, either threaten to destroy this letter or to light the archives aflame...

                 If you succeed and I still breathe, YOU OWE ME...

OOC: Sleight of Hand = 1d20 + 5 = (19) +5 = 24

After he finishes the message, he begins to walk towards the three bird brains,"... I got separated from him and the rest of my kin during our expedition in this labyrinth, and somehow ended up here. If he had succumbed to his demise by some trap or horrible beast then so be it, bastard deserved it. I encountered these three during my wanderings, and they were more than willing to take me in their stead, whether it be out of kindness or pity I can not tell. Afterwards we encountered the thing you refer to as the "Curator", and  immediately sought to pursue us. I ask you, whatever transgressions you may have with this trio, please allow them to amend whatever mess they wrought." He hands the letter over to Black Medick, making sure the message is in his full view

He turns back to fully face the Medusa. He knew she wouldn't buy any of his malarkey, and it was only a matter of time until her patience would run thin with his lies, if a distraction was needed then this was the moment to make it. Keeping his gaze just below her waist level, as to not meet hers, Chorden jumps into a full sprint towards her. Before she could counteract, he immediately stops drops to his knees just before her and presses his palms firmly on the floor. Giving the deepest bow he had ever given in years he exclaims for all to hear:

"I ask of you now... no I beg of you to allow me to stay! I wish not to return to my master if he still my live, and my kin are good as dead remaining here in service to him! I will gladly serve you for the rest of my days if you will allow me! I am old and weak, but I am still fast and perceptive. I could be your eyes and ears, I'd gather the most silent of whispers and the most secluded of secrets to share with you. Or I could simply remain here in the archives, I've seen the horrid mess it lies in. Why I could spend the rest of my years rearranging into a more perfect assortment if it would please you so! Anything to give my life purpose once more!..."

OOC: Grovel, Cower, and Beg:
As an action, I can distract all foes within 10 feet of me that can see me so that my allies gain advantage on attack rolls against them

(Or in this case, I'd like to make it so the Oku have advantage on stealth if you'll allow it Kent. Otherwise disregard it and see it as an attempt at a distraction without any benefits.)
Daily Drawing Challenges / Re: Muscle May
« Last post by otakutaylor on May 25, 2018, 10:50 PM »
Day 25: Brachialis

Muscle 26: Serratus Anterior aka the top of the zippers
While they technically start on the back, they're only visible on the body towards the front in the small part between the lats and the obliques where they zip together.

Art Jams / Re: The Love-Child Jam
« Last post by Astrodile on May 25, 2018, 08:46 PM »
Here are the babies I did!! ;3c

Spoiler: show




AAAND the extra doodles that came with them

Spoiler: show

Art Jams / Redesign Jam
« Last post by Desichan on May 25, 2018, 04:18 PM »
We all see things differently, and have our own unique design sense, so why not play a game?

Lower down a Void character to a simple and vague-ish description, with only hints of who they are as a person, and the next person to post, designs a character based on this info. (Even if you guess who the character is, just use your imagination!)

This jam is a fun game to see how a character might be designed if someone else made them! I'll start us off with the first little description!

"A cute and scrawny angelic type character. He wears a pretty and ornate suit of armor, and also possesses an axe that meets this style as well. He has large round glasses. He has slight curls to his hair, and has a bit of a sad appearance to him."

And with that, you can comment below, reserving your spot, and editing your drawing into your spot upon completion. Put in your description for the next character, in the reserve spot please.
Art Jams / Re: Sonic The Hedgehog Art Jam
« Last post by Eny-Lame on May 25, 2018, 09:12 AM »
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