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Spoiler: show
The second the Medusa's glances off towards the hideously laughing Draco Scabra, Black Medick hands you the bag of spoils from the vault room, and Great Mullein begins to stir to consciousness. Though the bird masks are not that expressive, he looks at you with what you can only read as desperation.

"I carved out this little hollow between dimensions so I would not be disturbed, and both my prisoners and mementos would be secure," the Medusa explains. "But with each passing century I receive more and more visitors. It is me, or shouldn't some things remain sacred? I mean, isn't a girl entitled to a little privacy?" She retains her cool demeanor, but is mildly annoyed. "Now, what is it you wanted, again?"

Chorden, Archives

Spoiler: show
After quickly hiding away his newly acquired spoils Chorden gave a long pause, perhaps the longest he ever gave, to ponder the situation at hand. This woman before him, this Medusa, had not only wielded an unnatural power, but had the command of a multitude of abominations to eradicate him where he stood. To save his life, siding with the Medusa and abandoning these feathered miscreants had seemed to be the wisest option for him. Yet before he could exclaim this declaration of allegiance, in the glimpse of his eye Great Mullein's desperate gaze met his. In that single moment Chorden could resonate with Great Mullein's powerlessness, it was a feeling all too familiar to him so many times before. Though they had thrown him into this encounter in the first place they still knew their way around this twisting labyrinth better then him, perhaps in due time they could aid him with reuniting with his compatriots, or even one of the Lords themselves. Chorden turned his back towards the Medusa and as he took a mere five steps forward he held the letter still in his grasp before him and began to speak:

...W-What I want? Why if it had been of my own volition I would have wanted to remain in my own realm. I am.. or was, in the enslavement of a mad human sorcerer, along with my other brethren., Harold! Harold the... Terrible was his title! He claimed to serve a dark and powerful deity he believed was imprisoned in this realm. I believe it was..uh, a half spider, half snake, half...god? It's hard to recall, he was known to spout such insane gibberish, it was near impossible to understand...

OOC: Deception = 1d20 - 2 = (6) - 2 = 4

He was making it up as he went along, and knew she wouldn't buy it by his inconsistent pace of thought. However his attempt at conceiving a well crafted lie was not his main faocus but rather the note he was scribbling on the rolled up letter with ther piece of charcoal he had on hand. In his time working among the ranks of other thieves and rogues, such as Truman, he had acquired a thorough understanding of the Thieve's Cant language. If these three bird brains were truly of the same rank, they would surely understand his message. As Chorden continues on with his poorly crafted lie, he does his best to obscure the Medusa's view of the letter as he quickly jots down the message along it's length:

I'll cause a distraction, once I do I'll leave it in your judgement to decide the best escape route.
If you find yourself in the Curator's gaze once more, either threaten to destroy this letter or to light the archives aflame...

                 If you succeed and I still breathe, YOU OWE ME...

OOC: Sleight of Hand = 1d20 + 5 = (19) +5 = 24

After he finishes the message, he begins to walk towards the three bird brains,"... I got separated from him and the rest of my kin during our expedition in this labyrinth, and somehow ended up here. If he had succumbed to his demise by some trap or horrible beast then so be it, bastard deserved it. I encountered these three during my wanderings, and they were more than willing to take me in their stead, whether it be out of kindness or pity I can not tell. Afterwards we encountered the thing you refer to as the "Curator", and  immediately sought to pursue us. I ask you, whatever transgressions you may have with this trio, please allow them to amend whatever mess they wrought." He hands the letter over to Black Medick, making sure the message is in his full view

He turns back to fully face the Medusa. He knew she wouldn't buy any of his malarkey, and it was only a matter of time until her patience would run thin with his lies, if a distraction was needed then this was the moment to make it. Keeping his gaze just below her waist level, as to not meet hers, Chorden jumps into a full sprint towards her. Before she could counteract, he immediately stops drops to his knees just before her and presses his palms firmly on the floor. Giving the deepest bow he had ever given in years he exclaims for all to hear:

"I ask of you now... no I beg of you to allow me to stay! I wish not to return to my master if he still my live, and my kin are good as dead remaining here in service to him! I will gladly serve you for the rest of my days if you will allow me! I am old and weak, but I am still fast and perceptive. I could be your eyes and ears, I'd gather the most silent of whispers and the most secluded of secrets to share with you. Or I could simply remain here in the archives, I've seen the horrid mess it lies in. Why I could spend the rest of my years rearranging into a more perfect assortment if it would please you so! Anything to give my life purpose once more!..."

OOC: Grovel, Cower, and Beg:
As an action, I can distract all foes within 10 feet of me that can see me so that my allies gain advantage on attack rolls against them

(Or in this case, I'd like to make it so the Oku have advantage on stealth if you'll allow it Kent. Otherwise disregard it and see it as an attempt at a distraction without any benefits.)

News & Events / Re: enterVOID Book Club!
« on: Oct 23, 2017, 08:11 AM »
Sign me up as well!

I actually have my own copy, it's been gathering dust on my shelf for awhile now. Glad I found a reason to actually get around to reading it!

Chorden, the Archives
Spoiler: show
She waits for you to come in. As she looms over you, her hood writhes lightly, the playful peek of serpents darting in and out of shadow. "What brings you to my home?" the Medusa asks you calmly.

At that moment, Chorden had been completely struck with fear. His whole body had seemed to freeze over, as if this Medusa had already place her curse on him. Just as he outwitted one abomination, here he was standing before the ruler of this strange domain. With a shaken grip, his torch had slipped from his grasp , impacting with the stone cold floor below, it's crackling growing ever softer until the flame itself had burned out. Regaining his focus, Chorden quickly turned his gaze away from the Medusa's, with Aaron'sexplanation of the woman fresh in his mind he wouldn't allow her the chance to petrify him. For that moment, for what felt like an eternity, it seemed he couldn't utter a single word. Perhaps he had feared that if he spoke wrongly, some form of consequence would surely occur. Given enough thought, with enough built up courage he slowly gave her his response...

".....W...W-Why m-my lady...G-Great and B-B-Beautiful Medusa, theres no point in s-speaking of such m-m-matters out here. I-It would be better t-to speak in the comfort of your chambers....s-so that me and my "acquaintances" may calm down from our ordeal. B-Better to ask us w-with our minds clear...."

Chorden took the letter he had threatened to burn and quickly rolled it up. Though wishing to quickly escape the presence of the Medusa, he simply held it in the crook of his arm instead of simply storing it back into his container. After which he swiftly attempted to pass the Medusa to enter her chamber.

Chorden, with the Bird-Brained Bandits, the Archives
Spoiler: show
Chorden swiped away the torch into his grasp. He raised it high above him, slowly trudging a few feet forward, as to maintain a close distance to the door. If this suspicion of his proved true it could give him a upper hand against the Curator if he were to survive this encounter. At the very least it could buy him and the others time to escape, maybe even save the smallest if he's he was saying, buy time to escape.

As the Curator crept ever closer, Chorden raised the letter held firmly in his right hand, while lowering the torch in his left. The torch was mere inches away from letter, and Chorden made sure the Curator was well aware of it. Yet as a precaution, he made sure obstruct the letter as best as he could, in case the knowledge he held had little value to the archives. As he tried his best to hide the fear behind his voice, he began to shout...

"Stay back! You guard these archives don't you? Well what good is a beast like you if it can't protect even one piece of valuable knowledge. What will Medusa do if she hears of this I wonder? Perhaps she'll melt you down, make you into armor for someone more competent. No, she'll just break you apart throw you away, she wouldn't want to use such useless material!..."

Chorden, with the Bird-Brained Bandits, the Archives
Spoiler: show
Chorden swiped away the torch into his grasp. He raised it high above him, slowly trudging a few feet forward, as to maintain a close distance to the door. If this suspicion of his proved true it could give him a upper hand against the Curator if he were to survive this encounter. At the very least it could buy him and the others time to escape, maybe even save the smallest if he's he was saying, buy time to escape.

As the Curator crept ever closer, Chorden raised the letter held firmly in his right hand, while lowering the torch in his left. The torch was mere inches away from letter, and Chorden made sure the Curator was well aware of it. Yet as a precaution, he made sure obstruct the letter as best as he could, in case the knowledge he held had little value to the archives. As he tried his best to hide the fear behind his voice, he began to shout...

"Stay back! You guard these archives don't you? Well what good is a beast like you if it can't protect even one piece of valuable knowledge. What will Medusa do if she hears of this I wonder? Perhaps she'll melt you down, make you into armor for someone more competent. No, she'll just break you apart throw you away, she wouldn't want to use such useless material!..."

Chorden, with the Bird-Brained Bandits, the Archive chase
Spoiler: show
Perception check:
@ZigZagaroo: 1d20+7 = (5)+7 = 12

Chorden looked upon these iron doors with such excited eyes, overjoyed by the thought of his escape from this nightmarish scenario. At the corner of his eye he couldn't help but also make out two tables across the room from where they were. One carrying an assortment of colorful flowers, the other merely covered by a large cloth to hide it's contents. However, given their current situation there was no time to take notice of such things, only to exit this place at once.

Giving a quick glance back Chorden saw how far the shortest of the Bird-Brained Bandits had fallen back, surely what would have happened to him had he not climbed onto the largest of the three. Behind him he saw all too clearly the Curator, in all it's morbid glory as it gained further speeds. At this rate the smallest would surely be caught and crushed in mere moments.

"Fine, if his death means the safety of us all then so be it. Afterall, the fault falls on the three, recklessly chasing into danger without any plan to avoid such an encounter as this. Well I certainly hope a few old dusty books was wort..."

And it was at that thought Chorden strung up an idea. Jumping down from the largest of the Bird-Brain Bandits he quickly opened his map container to pull out the old letter. After unrolling it, he turning to the leader in read and asked," Quick hand me your torch. If this works we could all leave here alive!.."

Chorden, Room 149
Spoiler: show
A mere five gold pieces eh? Nothing too grand for a reward but Chorden didn't bother to object, it wasn't as if he was there solely for monetary gain. Taking the five gold in hand, Chorden stashed it away in his pouch as the three bird-masked acquaintances stepped out from the hole.

Suddenly as the trio made their way out, a familiar sound assaulted Chorden's ear holes. What sounded to be constant thumping and scratching could have only been the Curator itself. As the noise grew ever closer, Chorden shot back to the three and said," The Curator, it's coming! Quickly, lead on to your hideout!..."

Chorden, Room 149
Spoiler: show
A fleeting moment of comfort washed over Chorden, as he found himself alone in the archives. What nerve these "bird brains" had of wrapping him in matters that were no concern of his. Of course he couldn't simply dissuade their order, what with a murder of three to outnumber him. Though it would be all too simple now to leave them to their devices, remaining could prove beneficial for him to. Since they surely knew their way around this domain better than he was, they could prove to be valued guides throughout this journey. At the very least they could incidentally lead him back to his companions, if fate would allow such a reunion.

However, for the time being, Chorden decided to spend this temporary solitude reading through the scrolls scattered across the floors before him. Though he was to act as lookout, his motivation for such a task was matched only by his fondness for his new found "associates" doing who knows what in that hole of theirs. The possibility of something catching him and those bird-brained burglars, especially that "Curator" he encountered earlier , made it all the more imperative to gather whatever vital knowledge these scrolls had to offer with such little time on his hands. Through some digging he discovered a scroll discussing yet again the topic of "scale shape." Though a bit discouraged to find such tedious dribble, he later managed to come across what seemed to be a strange old letter. Inspecting it further he saw this particular message was signed by a certain "Minister Draco Scabra", describing the failed attempt at a diplomatic mission between the Reptile Empire and the Triarchy. Skimming towards the end he noticed the name "Medusa", along with this Minister seeking audience with her. Supposing there could be something vital written about this ominous hostess, Chorden slips the letter straight into the map container, continuing to look through each scroll as fast as he could...

Investigate roll:
@ZigZagaroo: 1d20+1 = ( 8 )+1 = 9

Chorden, Room 152
Spoiler: show
Chorden stood paralyzed with fear, unable to comprehend the twisted form that crawled towards him. As the disturbing hands drew ever closer, terror quickly grabbed full hold of Chorden's mind, too much to allow any rational thought. Unable to think of the possible consequences of his actions, he quickly grabbed hold of his blowgun and shakingly loaded a single dart. With a swift gust of panicked breath, the dart bursts out of it's holding's, heading towards the creature...

Dexterity roll:
@ZigZagaroo 1d20+3 = (4)+3 = 7

In such a state of fear, Chorden could hardly keep his aim steady, as his uncontrollably shook with his blowgun in hand. The dart had completely flew past it's intended target, supposedly striking somewhere on the carved mural.

Chorden, Room 151
Spoiler: show
The scrolls Chorden acquired he found had very little value to him and his quest. He had not the time nor the interest to read about such menial topics. However, as he skimmed through the first scroll once more he noticed traces of writing hidden within the margins. Examining the hidden text he speculated that this scroll must had some affiliation to the arcane. Even though such a transcript had very little use to him, surely Aaron would put it to good use. Once Chorden rejoins the others, he'll be sure to remember to let him inspect it.

As Chorden trudged along through the archives, he stopped for a moment to witness the workings of the weaving machines before him. The imagery of burning books constantly flashed before him as the tapestry shifted from existence to non-existence. Such an image brought him back to the memories of the library, to Lady Reed, which in turn gave way to such disconcerting thoughts. He knew that if his quest didn't end in death, then failure would be the most likely outcome. Though as he watched the tapestry continuously reform and dissolve, treading along  the Archives he couldn't help but ask himself,"Once we leave...will there even be a home to return to?..."

Finally he made his way to a darkened doorway, decorated with large black curtains, marked with a warning,"BRING NO LIGHT INSIDE". Suffice it to say Chorden was put at unease by such an entrance into the unknown, yet he couldn't allow such a disturbance to dissuade him now. His dark vision would guide him through the room just fine, what he needed to be wary of was whatever traps or creatures that could be lying in wait. As he began his journey into the dreadful darkness, one other important question lingered in the back of his mind...

"...Why is there a letter on "Dwarf Analysis" in the Reptile Archives?"

Perception roll:
1d20+7 = (6)+7 = 13

Chorden, Room 149
Spoiler: show
Torgos Zooth fills the room with his light, and in a second you are in the Reptile Archives. You find yourself in a room surrounded by piles of parchment--a maddening number of unsorted scrolls.

"Here, my tiny friend! The Archives!" Torgos announces. "Err, I believe this is Linneax Gruel's chamber--she really is the most agreeable of the librarian mummies. Where can she have gone?" He paces the room and steps lightly over some random scrolls. "My Mistress will certainly want to know about this!"
It took a moment for Chorden's eyes to readjust from the sudden brightening light. Opening them he was almost astounded to find himself in a room filled with scrolls laying all across the floors. Such a vast collection of knowledge would surely be worth admiration to most, yet Chorden couldn't help but find himself unimpressed by it's condition.

"Tsk.. You'd think a mass of knowledge such as this would be better organized." Chorden uttered in disdain, perhaps irritated that somewhere in these archives, the history of his kin is being left in such a state of disarray."Reed manages to keep her library more organized than this, and she's merely one Elf."

However, Chorden was curious to see the contents held within these vast scrolls. He reached down for a scroll, opening it to skim through it's contents to understand what it held. He continued to skim through as many scrolls as he could before focusing his attention back on Torgos Zooth...

Investigation roll for the contents of the scrolls:
1d20+1 = (12)+1 = 13

"To the North you will find memorials to the Nyctocaust, a dread period in the Reptile Empire's history. Perhaps you'll find some clues there that will lead you toward dragons, or the King himself..."
"Perfect",Chorden said to himself, now having a clear idea on where to search. However, he couldn't help but try to recall his memory of the Reptile Empire. Perhaps he heard tales of the empire, with the company of his clan years ago.

History roll on the Reptile Empire:
1d20-1 = (3)-1 = 2

Nevertheless there was no time to reflect on the past, for his task had been laid before him. Yet before he could march into the Nyctocaust, he stopped in his tracks as Torgos spoke out to him...

The moon-man looks around quietly before continuing. "If you, er, go exploring about the Archives, would you be so kind...that is to say..."

He lowers his tone. "I have reason to believe that my sons are being held somewhere in the Archives," he admits nervously. "Er, the Medusa has her reasons, I'm sure. I think it's to keep me loyal, but she has no fear of that! No, no. I'd...just really like to know where they are, and that they're all right. And if you could bring them to me safely, I will award you my most prized possessions!" The large-faced man's tiny eyes well up with tears, but he composes himself.
Such emotional ties were the last thing Chorden wanted to deal with in this strange domain. With his small size how could he protect anyone from any starving beast that could come along? Any attempt he could make to save a life would mean certain death for him. Yet even so, he couldn't force himself to reject his request. Not only had he brought him to the archives to begin with, but now he makes the promise of a reward to come. Though regardless of such a promise, Chorden knew he owed him for taking him this far.

He began walking towards the Nyctocaust, stopping midway to turn back to Torgos,"You expect far too much from a creature of my stature, it would have been wiser to seek out one of the others to help your sons....But...I-I'll see what I can do..."

Perception roll for the Nyctocaust
1d20+7 = (18)+7 = 25


Chorden, Room 2
Spoiler: show
'Dragons? Oh my. You may need to consult the Reptile Archive to the farthest corner Northwest of us. The King holds all knowledge of dragons here."

He begins to wax sentimental. "There were many dragons on my homeworld," he laments. "Alas, a forgotten moon from a forgotten age!"
Chorden felt somewhat relieved by Toros' reply, hearing no hostility in his words. Whatever his intentions were, it seemed he didn't intend on taking his life (for the time being at least). However, the mention of "The King" had caught Chorden off guard.

"The King? I thought this "Medusa", the Ashen woman mentioned, was the one who ruled over this prison?" Chorden thought to himself. "Could he share the power alongside her? Or is it simply a title of importance?"

"I believe there was an uninvited dragon-woman around here, but she's no noble beast, just a dirty spy. If you see her again, report her to me at once!"
Dragon-woman? He couldn't mean that Lady Capilli creature he saw before could he? What an insult then, to refer her as one of his kin. Though she did carry her curved horns and wings as proudly as a dragon would, her cloven hooves and nearly human face betrayed the image of one. Even he, a lowly Kobold could say with utmost certainty that such a comparison would insult even the mighty Dragonborn. Friend or Foe, Chorden without a doubt knew she was not of his kin.

"Do you need an escort to the Archive, small friend Chorden?'
Chorden felt a bit of fear well up in his underbelly at the offer, yet he couldn't refuse. Besides, making this trip could give him a better idea of the layout of this domain. It could even allow him to rejoin with the others if the chance arose. With a slight nod to his captor, Chorden agreed to the escort.

"Yes, by all means lead the way..."

Chorden, with Torgos Zooth, Room 2
Spoiler: show
"Greetings, small friend. Welcome to my Mistress's Maze. Do you have business here? A deposit of a new prisoner, perhaps? All new visitors must be processed properly or leave the premises at once!"
A jolt of fear had shot up through Chorden's spine at the greetings of the unknown dweller behind him. With a dagger in hand Chorden quickly turned to face his enemy with a cold stare, yet whatever ferocity he mustered was quickly replaced with a sense of dumbfoundedness at the sight of the large headed moon man.

"What sort of creature is this? A deity fallen down from the stars above? A trickster spirit?... Is he made of cheese?" Chorden internally questioned to himself.

However these questions had escaped his thoughts as he noticed a great light had began emitting from the odd being. Such illumination must have carried a great power Chorden thought, for as it shined upon him his feet had suddenly been planted into the floor he stood upon. Unable to move an inch, he found himself at the mercy of this creature as he carried on with his message...

"I am Torgos Zooth, the Medusa's majordomo. And you would be...?"
"Majordomo", a word Chorden had sworn he knew. Thinking back long enough he recalled coming across it while looking through a page of one of Aaron's books, a "chief steward" he believed it was? All he knew was that this "Torgos Zooth" held a high position in this supposed prison, and it was enough.

It would have been smart to bluff his way out of this powerful hold, a lone measly Kobold looking for a polished trinket would have perhaps made a good enough excuse for his situation. Yet something compelled him to dissuade such thoughts, the very power that held him prisoner must had been forcing him to speak only honesty to the being before him. Refusing to lock eyes with Torgos, Chorden began to speak in disgruntled stutter...

"My...My n-name is...Chorden. I've...entered this d-domain w..w-with a company of others, searching for whatever treasure and fortune this place holds. Or at least what s-seek, I only w-wished to come because I b-b-believed that i-if the l-legends were true..." Chorden hesitated for a moment as a look of fear appeared on his face. Not for the one who had control of him, but for what clawed deep in the back of his mind. As he continued, Chorden broke into a fit of shivering..." If the legends were t-true, that they would...or at l-least o-o-one of them would r-remain to g-guard such a f-fortune. I must... I must find my Lords..." He remained silent for a moment, as if to gather as much courage as he could to finish his sentence.

As he looked up to Torgos Zooth square in the eye he exclaimed..."I must find the Dragons!...Please tell me, are they here?!"

As soon as Truman walked out of ear's reach Chorden directed a silent hiss towards him. A moment later, with no sight of a single laid trap Chorden decided to rejoin the others to confront the Ashen woman, when suddenly an ambiguous sound struck his ears. He swiftly turned back to the door, moving ever slowly he lays an ear upon what felt like cold steel. As he listens he hears footsteps, of which that seemed to grow louder by the second.

Chorden turned to face the others to warn them of the impending forces when suddenly the torches across the room had relinquished. Fortunately with his naturally passed on darkvision he could clearly witness the scene before him. From what he'd seen the Ashen woman had seemed to make a run for the painting's frame, perhaps in the hopes of escape. A wave of relief waves over him as he spots Lai Shan apprehending the escapee. Though hardly finding any reason to trust her she clearly knows this strange domain better than any of them.

Snapping back to the situation at hand he warns to the others,"I heard footsteps drawing near, everyone be prepared, hide yourself in a corner, whatever you must!" He shoots a look back at the door, with his comrades warned he focuses his efforts on concealing himself. Without a moment to lose Chorden moves back to the door before and leans closely to the left side of the door. With his small stature and the added darkness he could only hope these unknown creatures wouldn't notice him nor his comrades once they entered...

OOC: Chorden's stealth roll
1d20+5 = (11+5) = 16

With equal heights Chorden whispers his message to Truman...

" The orphans from Hell Hill have been telling their stories again. Apparently they tell of a local lord who had been found dead in his own bedroom, and apparently he took quite an interest in art collecting. The Queen's Coroner simply wrote the whole thing off as suicide, a bit funny don't you think? I mean, having everything handed to you on a silver platter you'd think there wouldn't be much to be depressed about now would there?"

He continues..." Over at the Shanky Shank pub, if you have the patience to listen to drunken rants, you'll hear talk of the Queensmen under pressure at the moment. It seems they were assigned to collect a certain piece of property, from a certain lord, which was stolen by a certain someone. Care to guess who that someone was...? Look, sooner or later they'll catch onto our trail, and with the higher ups breathing down their necks they won't be slowing down any time soon."

"In that regard I've spoken with our Halfing, Edna Cleareyes. Apparently her Lizardman lover, along with his companions had been taken in for questioning. She hadn't seen nor heard from them since, all she knows they were taken in over some "shady art dealings." Whether it these dealings relate to us or not I'll leave that to. Now heres what I'm thinking, who's to say that during this so called questioning that this fellow maybe let a name slip out? What if it slipped out that he was currently seeing a certain Halfing? A certain Halfing who just happens to be associated with us?"

"Do you see what I'm saying? If they find her who knows how much they'll get out of her, and don't forget they having her mate as a bargaining chip (if he's even still alive). Who can say they aren't harvesting her for secrets at this very moment. By the time we get back, if we even have a base to get back to, we may have to consider tying up some "loose ends"....

At that moment Chorden had gone silent, simply staring upon Truman as he waited for a response...

Before Chorden responded to Truman's request he gives a quick look around the room, giving a quick glance at everyone, especially the "Ashen" woman.

Looking back at Truman he gives a nod in response."Of course...," he exclaims as he descends down from Aaron and makes his way over to the door. With the two together they begin to carefully examine the door before them....

OOC: Chorden's perception check (with advantage from Truman)
-1d20+7 = (5+7) = 12
*1d20+7 = (7+7) = 14

During the inspection Chorden looks back around the room once again, hoping everyone won't be listening in...

"Truman help me out. I might be looking at a panel but these tired old eyes of mine have betrayed me before. Why don't you come down here give a closer look?" Chorden says as he gestures Truman to bend down to his level...

Chorden hadn't expected things to turn out this way, sure a portal of some sort was expected but a chained human coming forth was unforeseen to say the least. Questions began pouring into his mind but with the sudden urgency of his associates entering the painting he knew there was no time for such things, only to quickly gather whatever supplies he could. Swiftly he turned to face the rest of the room to spot anything of value. At his size he could hardly see anything but suddenly he was elevated a few feet, perhaps someone among the team was aiding him in his search for.... wait a minute.

Before he knew it he was suddenly being lift above by Aaron. One of the few members of his team, if not the only one, he trusted and yet here he was obstructing his vital search. Struggled as he could it was no use against the mighty grip of a burly creature such as the bug bear. Chorden, with full objection, had been tucked securely in the crook of his arm, as if holding a small box or chest.

"AARRRGGHH... Put me down you daft bastard!...", howled Chorden, yet his words only seemed to pass like wind as Aaron seemed to pay him no as the two entered the painting along with the others...

Entering the room Chorten began to pick up whatever scents he could find, seeing he could no much else at the moment. Aside from a ghastly odor of what smelled like noxious fumes of shame, guilt and hatred all in one, he had picked up a scent of other creatures that had been in the room previously. Perhaps these were the "bondees" the woman had spoke of, no telling how long it will take them to make their return. The "Ashen" woman herself had possessed no abnormal scent, nothing a normal human wouldn't carry. Yet her presence her still was discomfort regardless, she was still a prisoner of the maze after all.

Suddenly Aaron had released his hold upon the kobold, allowing him free wander. However Chorden instead made the decision to climb his way up onto Aaron, positioning himself neatly upon his shoulder. Though he was still annoyed about Aaron's handle upon him he still found a suitable view of the room in it's entirety.

"hmmph... You try salvaging your time while running around this mad driven city... Too much noise to bear I tell you..." He exclaimed as he made his way through the open doorway, breaking away from the Elf woman's gaze.

Chorden wasn't any more fonder towards the Elf women then to his other associates yet with her calm composure and slight hint of kindness he certainly tolerated her more than the others, dare he even say respected her to an extent. Surely some respect was owed to her, especially how she lets a measly creature like himself wander around in her domain.

Before be began his climb up the latter Chorden turned back to meet eyes with the Elf woman.

"..But Tha..Thank you regardless." He said as he gave a small bow before climbing his way up towards the rafter room.

Finding his way he comes to face with his associates as they prepare for journey at hand....

The history section had remained empty for the time being, what with the events that were about to transpire among these grounds. However before the silence could truly settle in an apparent creature under the rugs had begun to ruffle it's way out through them. With enough effort Chorden had reared his ugly head out from under the rugs, coming out from the secret hidden underneath. Without a single soul in sight and with information to be delievered, he made his way over to the rafter room.

Standing in front of the bookshelf that hid away the rafter room doorway Chorden had wasted no time pushing away the shelf to ent... pushing away the... PUSHING AWAY!!!... It was at this moment that Chorden was reminded of the lack of strength he possessed to perform such a feat. Out of a fit of frustration the Kobold began to repeatedly bang on the walls in a desperate attempt to gain his team's attention, oblivious to the standards a library so dearly holds.

Chorden knew, with full confidence, that he could walk the Catacombs of Void blindfolded. Mapping every single inch of this underground labyrinth has helped him memorize every path, corner, crack and crevasse that entailed these tunnels, even without the use of his own laid out map (though it never hurts to hold onto it). After all, these catacombs served well to cover the movements of his associates across the city. However as vast as these tunnels are they still don't cover the entirety of the city's underground. Sometimes a mission will call for a long walk and a shrouded cloak to get the job done.
However tonight was different. With the successful capture of the False Chanterelle the Queensmen would most surely be in an uproar. Under the threat of discovery, Chorden had been tasked to wander around the city through the catacombs to scout out the Queensmen. If their behavior had become too sporadic or had their patrols caught wind of the hidden room within the library, an evacuation would surely take precedence. Of course such a job was perfect to someone of Chorden's small stature, enough so as to go unspotted from even the most keen eye (not that he was particularly proud of his size). Of course a feasting on a few wandering rats would certainly not obstruct this task of his.

OOC: Chorden's investigation check

Yet as he set off for his return uncertainty began to dwell upon Chorden's mind. If the rumors were indeed true, that the accursed painting was indeed a gateway to the dreaded maze, then would be no telling to what horrors awaited him and his team on the other side. For Chorden imagined what horrendous monsters they'd encounter, to what deaths or tortures they had in mind. He contemplated simply turning around and walking away, never to return to meet such a fate. Besides, what did the others care for the life of a measly Kobold? What did he care for a group of aberrants such as them?...Then again, why should the fear of the unknown drive him away now? When has a situation occurred that didn't force him to face the unknown? Why should he let these creatures deter him when many beasts before them attempted to do the same?

When the time comes to enter the maze he'll be ready. Not a single nook or cranny will go without being marked. Any gold, gems, or diamonds would be pillaged under his grasp. Perhaps even as far to seek audience with one of "them"... But such thoughts were meant for later. Once he returned to the library, with the information given, parchment laid out, and supplies gathered, the expedition into the unknown would give way soon enough.

�   How did the Queen�s White Jacquets get onto your team�s trail?
- Chorden is constantly asking himself the same question. With every job the team takes he takes it upon himself to map out every route to each designated location as discreetly as possible. Whether through a dark alley, sewer tunnel, rooftop, or other-worldly planar portal (given the right circumstances) would do just fine, as long as the path hid them away from the Queen's ever present gaze. However one past scenario comes to his mind that could very well be the reason behind it. In the aftermath of a finished job the team thought it best to celebrate this small victory with a visit to the nearest backwater tavern. Chorden wasn't one for celebrations such as these, a job done was all he cared for, but then again what worth does the opinion of a Kobold hold? Perhaps through their drunken banter, a bystander could have grown wary of them, so much so as to alert the nearby Jacquets. If not under the suspicion of a criminal sect, surely with the fear of letting band of aberrants run loose. A theory of which Chorden preferred over the possibility of a certain"informant" of theirs throwing them to the wolves for a quick profit...
�   What horrifying scene did you once discover while on a very important job?
- Chorden's seen much in his line of work. A Baron's collection of slaves with to do with as he pleases. Too many skeletons found in the closets of the everyday man. Aristocrats taking interest in the darkest of magics, paying tribute to the most vile of daemons. Yet to an extent, it all seems trivial once you've witnessed such things countless times. Yet even he fears what exactly lies in the maze he and his team seeks, and what monstrosities may emerge from it.

You could choose the alchemist class and go with the Apothecary archetype, which heavily revolves around healing. Just be warned whatever spell based healing potions you craft will only be effective on yourself and will lose potency if attempted to be used on another party member. I'll send you the Alchemist class file over on Discord.
(Just hit me up with your Discord username when you can).

Oh I'm interested alright, you can sign me up for sure. I'll get some character concepts posted in a bit and decide which to work with.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: VOID D&D/Tabletop Group!
« on: Jun 20, 2017, 01:08 PM »
I've run a buncha forum games. All we'll need is a thread for out-of-character discussion/recruitment etc, a thread for in-character play, and we can roll dice with an online dice roller --I've used Orokos lots.

All right then I'll leave you to it then. Definitely jot me down on the list and I'll see if I can tag a friend or two along, so take all the time you need setting things up.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: VOID D&D/Tabletop Group!
« on: Jun 19, 2017, 03:46 PM »
@Mister Kent   Sure I'd be up for that. In fact "Maze of the Blue Medusa" has me very interested in it's premise so I'd love to give it a run. Though I'd like to wait on your input on how we'd go about this game in the forum.

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