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Yoshiko Room 28-???

Spoiler: show

"Well, now that tis' all settled, I'ma go check'n 'nother room back there."

Yoshiko clung onto the Statue Boyfriend's arm, pulling him towards the door labelled "Storage".

"Alright lessee whass'n ere. Oh, by the by.."

She engaged her boyfriend.

"Y'wouldn' 'appen t'know where y'vines lead would'ya? Tryn' t'figure out 'ow t'git you outta 'ere."

Perception roll for the room if neccessary:
@Jiisuri:  1d20 +4  = (9)+4 = 13

Yoshiko will slowly check out the room and, if safe, rest in there.

Yoshiko placed a hand on the statue's shoulder, in a gesture akin to "it's ok, don't beat that one up."

"Not sure if it understands speech. I'm going to go check the back and see if I can bring my friend outside. Also, watch the pig. It was nasty."

She spoke up to address Sovereign

"Also go 'head and check it, just don't die or somethin'. And DON'T BREAK THE TREASURE!"

Yoshiko Room 28
Spoiler: show

Yoshiko first took her... boyfriend and met up with the rest of the group.

"So ab..."
She cleared her throat, seeing that she was speaking to Aaron too.
"So about my friend you nearly killed by burning things... TWICE... He's... kind of my new boyfriend. Helped me against those other statues that you AGITATED. Also we danced."

She pointed at the owl.

"That one can attest to helping me. Now with that said, do NOT burn anymore vines here."

She took out a dagger, readying herself to quickly carve off the Id Pig's horns before anyone else would.

Yoshiko room 28

Spoiler: show

Yoshiko watched with elation as her statue boyfriend took down the other statue. This shifted to concern as she saw him also fall to his knees, losing vines.

She made her way over the pig and saw... fire on vines. Walking over to the group, she took out a water pouch and sprinkled it over the fire before STOMPING on Aaron's remaining foot.


Yoshiko Room 28
Spoiler: show

Sighing, the cat decided she should probably at least make this ugly task a quick one.

With a quick flick, she let loose another sling bullet towards the bad statue's knees, strafing out and back into her safe spot behind her boyfriend.

@Jiisuri:  1d20+6  = (12)+6 = 18
@Jiisuri:  1d4 +1d6+4 sneakattack = (3)+(1)+4 = 8

Yoshiko room 28

Spoiler: show

The shattering of another statue was very clearly audible. Along with the outburst of a very angry half-elf.

Yoshiko could only sigh. There was no non-violent solution possible now. Not with this group of raging buffoons.

1d20 +6 slingbooletatbadstatue = (3)+6 = 9

In a very halfassed manner, Yoshiko whipped out a loaded sling and flung a rock at the bad statue's knees.

The bullet just bounced off the rock in similarly halfassed manner.

Sighing and clearly not motivated,  Yoshiko slid back behind her boyfriend's protection.
"Y'got this, lad."

"Ell' if I know! Calm them down? Apologise? Give them water? I mean how would you like it if you cut off someone's arteries!?"

Yoshiko squinted, recalling Aaron not possessing any cutting weapons. Her accent slipped back.

".. wait,you didn' try burnin'm dincha?"

Yoshiko shouting in Room 28
Spoiler: show


Yoshiko stopped and cleared her throat, realising Aaron was there. He had trouble deciphering her accent and slang.

"Aaron, lad? What did you mean by... freeing their bindings? Because it looks to me these things live and die by those vines!"

Yoshiko, Room 28-31
Spoiler: show

Seeing the vile pig rambling about desire bite it, Yoshiko let out a sigh of relief. Now she had to make sure the mad dog and what she presumed was an enraged Aaron were alright on the other side. And not making the situation worse. She very much doubted the latter.

Seeing her "boyfriend" and the other statue pummel each other to no avail, she decided to take a gamble. One of favor. And appeal.

She placed a hand in front of the attacking statue in a halting gesture before going to her "boyfriend's" side and giving him... a hug. Making a pouty face, she gently lead her boyfriend over to the room her comrades were at, keeping watch and readying herself to hide behind the good statue at the sign of danger.

Yoshiko will be leading her boyfriend over to the others as if she was a girlfriend. She will also be using the Dodge action if possible while at it with boyfriend by her side for extra protection.

Yoshiko room 29
Spoiler: show

From behind her romantic guard, Yoshiko threw another flask of oil at the pig with clearly bad intentions.

Using inspiration
@Jiisuri:  repeat(1d20+4,2)  = (18)+4 = 22, (9)+4 = 13

She scurried back behind her bodyguard, and heard yelling from the other room. It was the dog with many anger related issues. She recalled that there was a commotion over there before the other statues went nuts.


She decides to check the door with her paw.

@Jiisuri:  1d20+2+2 perceptiondoorcheck = (19)+2+2 = 23

Finding nothing odd with the door, she opened it slightly. Hopefully there is a guy in charge of this garden to reason with.

Yoshiko, Rooms 28-30
Spoiler: show

Yoshiko was about to taunt at the pig further, but it's sudden display of power to break free from its own bonds proved unexpected. She let out a cry of pain as the horn cut her arm and immediately took evasive actions.

Out of instinct, she ended up behind her Boyfriend Statue, who had... protected her?

This was certainly a first. From something(one?) like that too.

Yoshiko found herself dazed for a while before she remembered she was in in quite a bit of danger. She clutched her arm and pointed at the Id Pig.

"Help me, please! Es' tryin't kill me!"
With that, she kept herself light on her feet and focused her attention on the other statue.

Yoshiko takes Disengage as a bonus Cunning Action, and goes behind Boyfriend to avoid pig attack. She will then take Dodge action with her attention to other statues.

Yoshiko, room 29-30, audible from room 28
Spoiler: show

Something about what the pig said pissed Yoshiko off. It sounded enticing at first, riches and comfort. Anyone would like that. Anyone sane.

However, any conman would promise that. And this one was probably cheating with magic.

The punch in the gut from nearby simply helped her snap to her senses.

"Riches? Luxury? Interesting. Yess... but..."

She whipped out a flask of oil and dunked it onto the pig.

"Y'need t'learn bout negotiatin', y'big tub o'lard!"

Her hands moved quickly, retrieving and slapping a flask of alchemist's fire at the pig.

"Nah talk, y'horned swine! Y'make deals o' my terms, no tricks! Else i'not free y'from th' fire'ell an 'av bacon f'supper!"

In infernal
"Or would you prefer to talk in this tongue, you arrogant stinkhole!

Yoshiko, Room 29/30
Spoiler: show

resist vs sitting on bench: 1d20+2  = (10)+2 = 12

Yoshiko looked at the bench and her courtier's offer to sit. It seemed harmless. Comfortable really. Like nothing could go wrong. However, something about this felt a little awkward for her. Especially with the grunting thing at the next room. Especially. Did it just speak?

Needless to say, she thought it best to delay it for a bit, instead offering it to sit first, as she began to yell at the huge lump, knowing the statues wouldn't understand her.


Yoshiko Room 28

Spoiler: show

1d20 +8 acrobatics = (16)+8 = 24

Yoshiko slipped down and out of the statue's embrace. Clicking her tongue whilst dwaddling her finger in a playful manner, she took the statue's hands and gently led it towards the hallway to the south.

Once she knows what that muffled noise is, she could make her choice of how to go about this. At worse, she had oil flasks and alchemists fire. Plenty if it.

Yoshiko room 28 where things are looking weird from outside if you can see it from room 3

Spoiler: show

Yoshiko noticed the hinge door slowly close. The worse kinds of traps usually involve a door closing, separating allies and leaving the trapped to slowly perish from starvation and thirst even if they survived the trap itself. Even if this were not a trap, this would not do, closing up a familiar exit route like that.

She lead the dance towards a pose that let her extend her arm out, one where she took out and threw a crowbar towards the door.

Throwing crowbar roll: 1d20 +4  = (13)+4 = 17

The crowbar made its mark, jamming the door from fully closing. Even if the gap wasn't big, it would at least provide a point of leverage to open it from the inside or the outside.

Yoshiko began to sniff the air and raise her ears, keeping herself alert to the mysteries of this room. She really hoped there was no smell of rotting.

Perception check: 1d20 +4  = (18)+4 = 22

Yoshiko Room 28
Spoiler: show

A dance. These figures seem to have noble customs to them. Provided this is not a trap, of course. The fact that they could not understand speech and the fact that they aren't petrified corpses but actual carved figures controlled by vines rules out the possibility of becoming one of those as a trap, at least.

Yoshiko thought she heard someone call out and fall, but was very much engaged at this... unique situation she found herself in. She shrugged. Surely the rest would be fine. She did warn them of the shadows after all.

She took the hand of the figure with ladylike poise. Give the "gentleman" this dance while observing the room. At worse, she'd make a break and regroup. At best, she may make a new friend.

Yoshiko Room 28

Spoiler: show

Yoshiko screamed from within her mind. She has talked with all sorts of creatures in her life, but this was the first time vine controlled statue was proposing to her. One that could not understand speech. There was only one way to communicate with them.

Gestures and Pantomime.

Taking a deep breath, she gently pushed up proposing one's hand to get it to face her in poise more suited for conversation. Then she pointed at him/it, to herself, and then vaguely eastward before making a "man walking" hand sign before an inquisitive shrug.

"Before that. You. Me. Able to leave?" - was her intent.

Spoiler: show
Yoshiko was taken back by this display. Is she getting proposed to? By vines controlling statues?

But hold on, she was jumping to conclusions. She recalled some mention abou petrification the Big Guy was on about. First she had to establish something, in a sophisticated manner.

"*AHEM* Pardon me, good sir, but first may I ask if you understand the common tongue and if so, are you proposing to me? You need only nod or shake the head to each inquiry."

Yoshiko took a step back and flicked a bronze coin towards a vine, watching to see what happens before deciding her next move.

"Y'even know where e'is love? Th' Demon King o' yers?"

Yoshiko prepared a few candles and tied them to the sides of her boots, lighting them and  stepping down from the stone, prepping herself to leap back up if the shadow still engulfed her light foosteps. If this worked, she planned to  head to the door to the west and take a peek.

Yoshiko retrieved her items.

"By th'way, shadows on th'floor ere b'dangerous lads! S'like pits! 'Ny o'y'mage-y types git some path'o'light spell?"

"S'sa deal, Blue Lady! Also don't creep up liddat, love! Nearly lost m'legs ere!"

Yoshiko took out a candle, some string and piton. Lighting the candle, she dangled it downward, with intent to see the effect of light on the shadow traps.

Yoshiko's tail flared as she high tailed it into the west room, slipping in between the pillars and away from Lady Capilli's view.

"Capilli!? I'vner'eard o' it! Nay'seen th'likes o' an ugly things' you! Y'some ugly cat? Snake? What'cha on 'bout, destroyin' stuff?"

Yoshiko readied a flask of oil in her free hand, keeping an eye on the shadows for whoever approached.

Yoshiko eyed the flickering light from the westward room.

"Th' foosteps b'comin' North. I'll check th'west door, see'sf a good spot t'ide... or f'there's goodies~"

She headed off towards the west door, keeping light on her toes, with intent to sneak close and check the door.

OOC: Yoshiko will be checking the door with her eyes, nose and ears to see if it looks like a dangerous door and get an idea of what is in it too. As quietly as possible.
perception: 1d20+4  = (6)+4 = 10
stealth: 1d20+6  = (1)+6 = 7

Yoshiko initiative roll
1d20+4  = (12)+4 = 16

Yoshiko dashed ahead of and obstructed Ashen's path, her Tabaxi eyes glowing in the dark.

"Sides, w'still 'av a deal t'make. A shot a'vengeance, w' payment an' guidance 'round th' place in return. Yay? Nay?"

Yoshiko drew a dagger from within her sleeve, just in case something lurked in the darkness.

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