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News & Events / Re: SHORT & SWEET!
« on: Oct 11, 2018, 01:20 AM »

*presses sign up button*

On second thought, count me out. Might have other preoccupations.

VOID University / Re: Mentor and Trainee Roulette [REVIVAL]
« on: Jul 27, 2018, 06:01 AM »
Know what? I'm free to be a mentor.

1-How much work you would expect to be doing: (Realistically, how much of your time can you offer them?)
I am on almost all the time except when I am sleeping. That said, I am on a southeast asian timezone, so you might have to seek me at the late of night.

2-How much work you would expect from your Trainee(s): (Will you be forcing them to work x amount of hours a day, or will you allow them to dictate the workflow?)
The schedule depends on what kind of person you are. I'll be asking you how you intend to work on it, and I'll throw you deadlines for certain milestones based on it.

3-What you would like to see from your Trainee(s) when they apply: (to help you decide who to take on. Think about: their skill level? how long have they been on Void? Do they have a character? Have they battled before?)
The most important thing I want to see is the absolute willingness to better yourself and get this thing done to the end. I want to see this bear fruit. I'd also prefer that the person under me actually made sure they do indeed have time and energy to do this. If you currently have a day-job crunch period, or family matters to attend to, you really shouldn't be doing this right now.

4- Your preferred method of communication with your Trainee(s): (Are PMS or discord the best way to contact you? If they're going to need a microphone or webcam to work with you, let them know!)
Discord. I'm on the Entervoid server. 

5- Do you have an area you consider your speciality?: (EG self-promotion, inking, writing, colouring, composition, time management

Comic panel and dialogue pacing. I'm also an alright person to bounce story off of. Other than that, I can offer advice over pretty much anything and point out any major fixes to make.

News & Events / Re: Rumble Roulette Sign Ups!
« on: Apr 01, 2018, 09:10 PM »
Miyajima Minori. In.


Might color it later. Maybe.

Tezuka family's going. Mama Minori is getting dragged in to spend family quality time.

News & Events / Re: Clash of the Chitin
« on: Nov 03, 2017, 03:54 AM »

Underground, there is a Ring. Bug-like beings of all sorts put their shells on the line for the chance at wealth, as others watch from the sidelines, placing bets.

Odontoda Shako is one of those that fight, simply to make ends meet doing the thing she does best.

She hopes that maybe she can get enough to retire comfortably.

Yoshiko/Luis, with Oku, Morgen, Stone BF, Rooms 58+

Spoiler: show

"Oh my~ It seems we have..."

"Lucy" squinted at Truman and the bugbear. She made eye contact with Truman and glanced at the bugbear a few times. It was a kind of signal, one that pretty much meant "keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't screw this up."

"...guests! Ah, a coincidence meeting you here~ These are fellow clients of mine. I'm helping them acquire new goods and... specimens from this here maze~ This Bugbear is an aspiring wizard you see. Looking for new fauna and species of beasts."

She stepped closer to the newly arrived pair and whispered from behind her sleeve.

"Bout time y'joined up. What's th' snitch?"



Luis/Yoshiko, and the gang, Room 58:

Spoiler: show


Lucy tugged her Stone Boyfriend's arm and tapped her toecap on the floor.

"I suppose it's worth a shot then. Madam Von Klaw, where from here was your way into this maze? If we're venturing towards Orchidman territory, you'd best stay put here with my cleric whilst I have a chat with our lovestruck lich."

She turned to Luis.

"Unless you've got objections to this plan?"

Luis/Yoshiko, and the gang, Room 58:

Spoiler: show

"Ufufu~ I did say the solution is to fix the root of the problem didn't I, Lady Von Klaw?"

Lucy turned back to Aelfadred.

"So, how can we meet this Necromancer and Goddess? I'd say its time to negotiate with them~ Maybe offer them a matchmaking service. One honeymoon out of this dungeon perhaps~"

Luis/Yoshiko, with Stone BF, Morgen, and Kidney

Spoiler: show

"Lucky Lucy. Just a wandering merchant of all wares looking for new goods~"

She bowed.

"And I am here with my fine newly acquired golem companion and a Cleric under my employ. Lady Von Klaw just hired us to escort her back from whence she came, but to do so would require we... fix this Orchid man issue. Now then."

Lucy placed her paws on her cheeks in a coy fashion.

"Do tell us of this tale of love~ I do very much enjoy these~"

Lucky Lucy, along with Luis, Stone Boyfriend, Lady Morgen Von Klaw, and Kidney Vetch, Room 55:
Spoiler: show

"I'd advise against my entry point. You've dealt hands with the Syndicate from the sounds of it so I'll give you a freebie; there would be White Jacquets there. Out of one hell and into another, I'd say."

"Lucy" clapped her paws together.

"So we shall go whence you came in. But not immediately. If we are to make it though safely, it'd be best to deal with the root of the problem wouldn't it? I say we rendezvous with your leader, Miss Kidney."

Luis, along with Lucky Lucy, Stone Boyfriend, Lady Morgen Von Klaw, and Kidney Vetch; Room 55
Spoiler: show

This. Wretched. Mutt. It's about time, "Lucy" thought, to teach this imbecile a thing or two about cooperation and what happens if you do not do so when negotiating a deal where all parties benefit and instead sell off your own partner. FOR A COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE TRANSACTION.

But first she must fix the main issue. With a tried and tested method she found when someone made a mistake regarding her real name.

"First of all, cover your nose... snout when you sneeze! Is this how you treat your patients, sneezing on them!? What if they get disease! This how clerics treat patients these days!?"

She turned to Lady Morgan.

"Pardon my cleric's outburst. He makes the strangest of sneezes when he is angered and he's been through much. Got punched in the shoulder as you can see. As compensation for the sneeze, I'll reduce the protection fees that my cleric is unaware is very much a steal already to... 75G each for me and my golem partner. The cleric shall work for free. Oh and the name is "Lucy"."

@Jiisuri:  1d20+3 deception = (10)+3 = 13

Luis, along with Luck Lucy, Stone Boyfriend, Lady Morgen Von Klaw, and Kidney Vetch; Room 55:

Spoiler: show

"Very well! We shall provide protection services all the way to your point of entry~ In exchange..."

Lucy tapped her chin with a single finger.

"How about say... a token sum of money... about 75 gold for each of us... and everything you know about this Zamia Torn and its location."

Yoshiko room 55
Spoiler: show

Lucy looked at her Boyfriend and then back at Morgen. Obscuring the bottom half of her face with a sleeve she tried putting together pieces of what the colorfully armored lady had said.

Pointing to the vines. Flowers. Orchid men. Burning?

Dammit fuzbear.

"I once offer you my condolences, Lady Von Klaw. And, as agreed, I offer the services of this Cleric here to ease the pain of your wound~"

Lucy called  Luis over and pointed him towards Morgan, whispering "Do your thing, don't screw up."

"So what will you do now, Lady Von Klaw? Do you wish to leave this Maze? Or do you require our expertise to mend your Orchid problem? I'm pleased to inform you that we have, in fact, emerged from a room consisting of Orchid Men and survived completely intact. Obliterated much of them too~"

Lucy signalled with a hand behind her back for the Boyfriend to maaaaybe move to the side away from view a little.

Yoshiko, Room 55
Spoiler: show

"Lucky Lucy" shot a glare at the painted knight before putting on a sly grin.

"Now now~ Let us not put false intent into other people's mouths~ It's bad for business if the accused was in fact an innocent customer. Plus..."

She leaned forward slightly.

"You'd unintentionally give away valuable info towards the wrong people. What if I told you that I do not, in fact, know what this "Syndicate Contract" you are referring to was? You'd have in fact leaked out this info to a new potential rival."

She stood back upright.

"But~ That is just a possibility. As I've said, all private information stays in these walls. Instead, let us behave as tradeswomen and negotiate some deals. Like, for instance, medical aid for you in exchange for more information on this "Contract". My condolences to your men, by the way."

She bowed.

"I'm sure they fought bravely. Although I'd like to know more of what you mean by the Orchids. Perhaps we could help you deal with that issue too."

Yoshiko Room 55
Spoiler: show

Yoshiko put her hands up shoulder-high.

"Now now, let us not engage in violence~ I'm but a passing merchant looking for new wares~ I go by the name Lucky Lucy~"

She turned the attention over to the Statue Boyfriend.
"This would be my newly employed golem assistant and-"

She then shifted the attention towards Luis.
"This... canine companion... is Luis, a cleric under my employ for the time being~"

After formally introducing the group, she addressed the colorfully armored woman once more.

"So. Who might you be and what is your purpose here? Don't worry, any private information will stay within the confines of this... colorful room. Speaking of, I do admire that armor of yours~"

Yoshiko, Room 56
Spoiler: show

Her ears perked up.

"Know whaaaat 'old th'thought."

Yoshiko handed her Boyfriend the large cloth.
"Go turn 'round an spread y'arms with it will'ya, love? Make sure y'spread it real wide. An' you, don't y'dare peek, mutt."

Using her Boyfriend's makeshift curtain, she quickly changed into her fine dress and dolled herself up.
@Jiisuri:  1d20 + 3 LUCKY LUCY MODE ON = (12)+3 = 15

She emerged from the curtain and took back the cloth.

"*ahem* The vines lead forth to the North, where is, perchance, other intruders. Stay or join me, the choice is yours~"

Yoshiko room 34/56
Spoiler: show

Yoshiko eyed the sarcophagus.

"...don't touch that just let. S'prolly bad news if not done proper."

She then went over to the North wall and placed an ear onto it, attempting to listen in on the other side.

@Jiisuri:  1d20+4 listening North wall = (16)+4 = 20

"Y'wanna light th' candles or check whose cacklin, fuzzyface?"

Yoshiko Room 28-34
Spoiler: show

"... y'point?"
Yoshiko made a quick count of her flasks of oil.

"I'm sure th' dead 'ere will listen if m'dearest lad 'ere can. If th'git violent w'could book it. Maybe set fire t'em. Sides, th'vines lead 'ere. Can't get m'dear away from 'ere w'thout findin' th'roots."

She paused.

"Oh, speaking of."

She signalled for her boyfriend to wait a moment before quickly making a stop at that place she could have sworn had have gardening tools to get a pot of soil. She returned with said pot of soil.

"Aight, w'good now."

Yoshiko room 28-34
Spoiler: show

"Oi, mutt. Y'comin' or wot?"

Yoshiko signalled for her boyfriend to enter first before helping her in.

Yoshiko Room 28+

Spoiler: show

Yoshiko tiptoed and tapped on her Boyfriend's shoulder and pointed to the loose bricks.

"Mind 'elpin' me remove these, love?"

Yoshiko will assist Boyfriend in removal of the bricks if he decides he wants to do that.

Yoshiko Room 28
Spoiler: show

Yoshiko winced as she patched up her wound. She grumbled.
"Damn scatterbrained bear leavin' whilst I was speakin'..."

Expending 2 out of 3 hit dice
@Jiisuri:  1d8 hitdice1 = (2) = 2
@Jiisuri:  1d8 hitdice2 = (5) = 5
current hp: 5+2+5=12

She stood back up after the pain from had subsided a little more.

"Oi, twinklemutt, do me a favor an 'elp m'sniff up th'source o' th' vines woul'dya?"

She began to trace the vines coming from her boyfriend towards their source Northwards.

Perception check of vines
@Jiisuri:  1d20+4  = (12)+4 = 16

Yoshiko Room 28
Spoiler: show

"Hmnnn... guess there's no 'elping it."
Yoshiko observed trail of vines from the Boyfriend.

"In that case I'd like you t'elp me find his roots and pull em out. Transfer em t'say... a pot o' dirt. Should be some with th'gardening tools there."

Yoshiko Room 31-28

Spoiler: show

Yoshiko left the room quickly, rejoining her Boyfriend.
"Settles it then, th'vines be what keep y'going. By which case..."

Yoshiko headed back to the two fuzzy boys.

"Any of you know if the vines can survive on its own when cut out? And if not, maybe... trace the source of the vines on my pal here?"

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