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News & Events / The 2010 All-Together Now! Tournament
« on: Oct 04, 2010, 01:00 AM »
The White Dwarf and Drednaut
Rtv! and Frequency6: BUZZCUT
Estrella D' Muerte and Kaisho Ponbiki



It has been a fantastic year for Void. A lot of fantastic comics were made and all kinds of new members entered. As we prepare to euthanize Baby New Year 2010, I present to you one last tournament to bookend this year in style! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you. . .


"Okay there Mr. Pitchman, what is it?”

The All-Together Now! Tournament, is a Tag-Team Tournament, but not with two artists, but just one using two of their characters! What's that? You only have an alive and dead character or just dead ones? That's okay, you knuckleball! You can use your dead characters for this tournament, too!

“Those are big fancy high school level words there, but what does it mean to me?”

That means these match-ups are all viable!

Galvo with galvo and La Pompis
Alive and Alive

Galvo with La Pompis and El Puto Supremo
Alive and Dead

Galvo with El Puto Supremo and Gabo SanLucas
Dead and Dead

. . . Or any other combination you want!

All of your characters are a-okay! So choose 'em and choose 'em well!

“Four characters in a week? It can't be done! You're a mad man!”

The drawing period for this tournament will be 2 weeks long to allow our artists enough time to be able to draw out all of the characters involved in this tournament! There's only 8 artist rosters, so that means this tournament will last from October 15th to December 12th with 3 rounds of fighting!

Once again, that's 3 rounds of fighting with 2 weeks each round!

“Man, my mee-maw beat the shit out of me last year when I tried drawing at the table during Thanksgiving.”

Don't worry about Thanksgiving, that'll be a voting week!

UPDATE: "What's all this talk about a second tournament?!"

Due to the gracious and good-hearted nature of our Grand Poobah, Toast, The 2010 All-Together Now! Tournament will be broken up into 2 tournaments! This means that we will now have 2 groups of 8 participants! That's 16 participants in total! They'll run at the same time and there will be 2 finals and 2 winners! Holy cow!

“Why, I can't slam my keyboard like a big dumb gorilla quick enough to join this! How much time do I have left?”

You all have until Thursday, October 14th to sign up, and the 1st Round will begin Friday, October 15th!


1. RoflQu with Dr. Fabulous and Sweet Itch REMOVED

2. Qyzex with Merk and Ashley Longhorn DEFEATED.

3. Wolcik with Mr.Awesome and W-Warriors DEFEATED.

4. William Duel with Soldat Veritas and Red Rabbit DEFEATED.

5. Mister Kent with Jane Blonde and Dipuc DEFEATED.

6. Drawdan with Drednaut and The White Dwarf

7. LeFred with Lucy and Mortimerr DEFEATED.

8. Haven! with Portabello! and Johnny Gord DEFEATED.

9. Psycho Sean with Ziggy and DoodleDan DEFEATED.

10. NeoIcarus with Danielle and Bat DEFEATED.

11. Endjoi with Miette and Flintlock DEFEATED.

12. QTRNevermore with Black Dog and Barnyard Butchers DEFEATED.

13. tdkgunghoul with Kars and Elle DEFEATED.

14. Rtv! with Rtv! and Frequency6: BUZZCUT

15. PyrasTerran with Arena and GIGARA DEFEATED.

16. MichealHarris with Ghost Revolver and General Misconduct DEFEATED/

17. A.X. with Xia and Stoffpuppe DEFEATED/

18. Chao-One with Hakeem Washington and Carlo Baskins DEFEATED.

19. Vain with Winter and Billy Club DEFEATED.

20. Amaloo with Penelope and Pillbug DEFEATED.

21. JAZ with Tekka and Wynn DEFEATED.

22. Jackster with Nutty the Squirrel and Dolly DEFEATED.

23. Doodlegirl with Pinn and Milly DEFEATED.

24. Ponbiki with Estrella D'Muerte and Ponbiki

25. Aribooboo with Marcelo Reyes and Duane Foster DEFEATED.

News & Events / 24 Hour Comics Day! 2013 EDITION
« on: Sep 22, 2010, 12:11 AM »
Wow, holy humdingers! 3 years later! 24 Hour Comic Day!

Two years ago and then one year ago, our brave forefathers (me and a bunch of other loonies) took a historic step forward in comics everywhere. We suffered through hand cramps, back aches, and general sleepiness, to give our loved ones freedom. A freedom to wake up and do nothing but comics. As we near the anniversary of the event, it turned out that the damn thing is annual and we weren't that special to begin with.

Then we did it again and lo, it was as brutal as before.

But, we were still crazy, because we would all do it again.

For you see, once again, this upcoming Saturday, October 5th is

24 Hour Comic Day!

For those of you unfamiliar with it, 24 Hour Comic Day is where an artist has to make 24 comic pages in 24 hours. Or, if you're doing an infinite canvas comic, 100 panels.

So, what does this mean to you? Well, it means on Saturday, October 5th, Void is going to participate in our very own 24 Hour Comics Brawl! You'll have your 24 Hour Deadline and you'll be paired off with other artists in Battle Royale-styled Artist Battles.

"Okay there Mr. Pitchman, spin it again!"

The creator (that's you) may gather research materials and drawing tools beforehand, but cannot plan the comic's plot ahead of time or put anything on paper (such as designs and character sketches) until the 24 hours to begin. This is all original plots and thought up on the spot. Any breaks (for food, sleep, or any other purpose) are counted as part of the 24 hours. You've got your 24 hours and you're gonna stick to it! No more, no less!

And don't you work ahead of time neither, only lady-men cheat on 24 Hour Comics Day!

"I never get picked for Volleyball. It hurts my self-esteem and makes me feel bad!”

Anyone can participate! No harm to anyone who wishes to participate! You will not have a hit taken to your score or rank, this is all in good fun! If you get to the 24th hour and you're not at 24 pages, that's alright, upload it anyways! We want to see your noble failure! I'll repeat that again, THIS IS NO-STRESS FUN. YOU WILL NOT LOSE SCORE OR GAIN SCORE THROUGH THIS EVENT. IF YOU DEFAULT OR DO NOT MAKE 24 PAGES, IT IS OKAY. IT IS JUST TO CELEBRATE AND PARTICIPATE IN 24 HOUR COMICS DAY!

“Ahh, but there's a win/loss attached to it! Explain that!”

If your perfect record matters that much to you, then don't sign up with us. Make your entry a beyond battle. You can state your intent on here however and still enjoy participating in the revelry!

"Say, why are you announcing this a month in advance?"

Last year had a lot of people telling me how they had wanted to participate but were unable to. This year, I'd like everyone who's interested in doing 24 Hour Comics Day have a chance to do it. Whether this means you decide to do it a weekend or two before the event or you actually take time off of work to participate.

You can do it later too, if you'd like.

"I thought you just said no working ahead of time, I don't wanna be no lady-man!"

I meant working on the comic ahead of time over the course of multiple days. If your schedule doesn't match up with Void's and you decided to start earlier while adhering to the rules of 24 Hour Comics Day, that's totally fine! I encourage you to do that if it works better for you.

"Can you impart any sage advice for 24 Hour Comics Day, Rofl?"

Do NOT waste time scanning. You can scan and upload the battle the next day and will be just fine. Otherwise, you're just wasting your own time setting it up. So, October 6th, upload then. Or get some sleep first, whatever your priorities are after spending 24 hours awake.

Don't stay awake waiting for the day to start, you're going to be dog-dead-tired in the middle of the day. Make sure you sleep earlier and set your alarm for about 11:50 or so.

If your pulse stops, maybe go to a hospital, don't kill yourself over some comics, that's stupid. Go for as long as you feel comfortable. Almost everyone here last time didn't reach 24 pages, but as long as you enjoy yourself, that's what's important.

I wouldn't recommend trying to do both traditional and digital! Pick one or the other and stick with it.

I can say that we all had a good time with it last year and some fun short comics were made, even if the majority were finished. So, honestly, join on in. It's a lot of fun and won't cost you anything but a day of your time.



1. Charlie
2. Tofubeast
4. Wutata
5. Saburu
6. Slagglle
7. - - -


Charlie vs. Nothin vs. K E N T ^o^ vs. NRG vs. W U T A T A vs. Pocketmouse vs. Kinu vs. Magistelle vs. Thresher

MyHatsEatPeople vs. Atomicfish vs. Popokoli vs. Crafty vs. TKDZen vs. Inquisitor Galloglasses vs. Runic vs. Animeshen


GOD DAMN IT ROFLQU vs. Charlie vs. oh shada vs. Mister Kent vs. JAZ vs. Orion

Slade vs. Nachte vs. endjoi vs. sixtem vs. nibbles

Mister Kent


RoflQu vs. Orange vs. Pi vs. Le Fred vs. DJ Neko vs. Ransomlikescake vs. Slagglle

Jong Bom vs. Fowlie vs. Fetus Man vs. Fushigi vs. PsychoSean vs. Mister Kent



VOID Characters and Comics / The Void Tournament Encyclopedia
« on: Sep 05, 2010, 10:54 PM »
Jackster had made this thread way back in 2007 but never updated. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a complete listing of every single tournament Void has ever done so it can all be kept track of, especially since some of these go back and aren't listed under the tournament they're a part of. A lot of the new people here never have even heard of SHREDD, Basil, or Amazing Lobster-Boy. These are some of Void's best, so it's all worth a look.

I'll be listing drawing times and the date the drawing period began to the end of the voting period. These are accurate as I can make it. The earlier years of Void didn't keep the tightest schedule, so if some of them look goofy, I can't give an explanation. I wasn't there for a lot of these, so if they're off, feel free to correct it with some kind of supporting evidence. I can only give my estimates on a lot of these. Sorry.

If you see anything that's off, let me know so I can correct it.

ALSO! If you want to quickly jump to any tournament, try out Ctrl+F! You don't need to type out the entire tournament name either! You can use these little quick tags I added. You can search by year (ex. [03], [12]) or by tournament type (ex.[sdt] , [arma]). Some of them have extra little modifiers in them if you wanna search by that as well. (ex. [srt] , [brownstone]) Hopefully that'll alleviate any searching issues you may or may not have had!

So, let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. . .

The 2003 Heavyweight Tournament

1st Round Fights
2 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on November 17th, 2002? / Ended on December 8th, 2002

SLIM FANG vs shove
Haiden vs Sho
canadian caramel vs. Gauge
toolio vs. Estrella D' Muerte
Pharoh vs. CRAZYBEE
Eri vs. Gristle
keon vs. The Strike
VEX vs. Gideon
Cervid vs. Coto
Kyosho vs. Zazipollio
Vyktory vs. Mista Jonz
TANELON vs. james
Awestruck vs. Red-6
WEDDEH vs. Kong Kai hao
Jessie vs. erin
Angelique Aoi vs. dumas
Epsilon vs. Charlie
SlasherX vs. Joe Diesel
Sydney vs. cash

2nd Round Fights
2 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on December 17th, 2002? / Ended on January 7th, 2003

Estrella D' Muerte vs. canadian caramel
Gristle vs. CRAZYBEE
The Strike vs. Gideon
Coto vs. Zazipollio
james vs. Mista Jonz
Kong Kai hao vs. Awestruck
Jessie vs. dumas
Epsilon vs. SlasherX

3rd Round Fights
2 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on January 12th, 2003? / Ended on February 2nd, 2003

Epsilon vs. Sydney
SLIM FANG vs. Estrella D' Muerte
CRAZYBEE vs. Gideon
Coto vs. Mista Jonz
Jessie vs. Awestruck

4th Round Fights
2 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on February 4th, 2003? / Ended on February 25th, 2003

Sydney vs. Estrella D' Muerte
Mista Jonz vs. Awestruck

5th Round Fights
2 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on March 6th, 2003? / Ended on March 27th, 2003

CRAZYBEE vs. Estrella D' Muerte

The 2003 Heavyweight Tournament Championship
4 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on March 30th, 2003? / Ended on April 27th, 2003

CRAZYBEE vs. Mista Jonz

The 2003 Heavyweight Tournament Champion

Mista Jonz

The 2003 Tag Tournament

1st Round Fights
4 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on September 10th, 2003? / Ended on October 15th, 2003

PunkRockGirl and Rtv!  vs. Dan and Vencil Le' Martees
Talion and Caesar vs. Ayumi and Jessie
Estrella D' Muerte and Kantai Hikari vs. Yoshin and Kyosho
Col and The Strike vs. toolio and dumas
Tobias and Res vs. Maximus and Haiden
Kenji Hida and Zenko Hida vs. FENIX and james
Daisatsu Tanaka and Darren Vanriper vs. Orgon and Akira

2nd Round Fights
5 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on October 28th, 2003? / Ended on December 9th, 2003

Vencil Le' Martees and Dan vs. Caesar and Talion
Estrella D' Muerte and Kantai Hikari vs. toolio and dumas
Maximus and Haiden vs. FENIX and james

The 2003 Tag Tournament Semifinals
6 weeks Drawing Time
Started on Tuesday, January 6th, 2004? / Ended on February 24th, 2004

Daisatsu Tanaka and Darren Vanriper vs. Estrella D' Muerte and Kantai Hikari
FENIX and james vs. Caesar and Dan

The 2003 Tag Tournament Championship
4 Weeks Drawing Time
Started on March 19th, 2004? / Ended on April 23rd, 2004

Caesar and Dan vs.  Estrella D' Muerte and Kantai Hikari 

The 2003 Tag Tournament Champions

Caesar and Dan

Gangs of Void


#rd Gang

Hiemie with [Classified]

[Classified] with [Classified]

[Classified] with [Classified]

[Classified] with [Classified]

There's actually more members than the members listed. But the roster is secret and [Classified]. Anyone could be a secret member or a sleeper agent. ANYONE. Trust no one.

How to Join: [Classified]

Purpose: [Classified]. All we have to go on is rumors and that they MIGHT exist. They're immensely dangerous, and are potentially running many secret plots in the area. Watch what you do. Watch what you say. You could vanish into the night. Forever.



Mister Kent with RAYGUN
Mister Kent with GARGONNE & AEGIS
MyHatsEatPeople with WIZZIE BELLES
PyrasTerran with MILLER
Byth1 with Bagman

Meteora the Phoenix
Agent Rachel Red
rotating Special Friend Corps. members

How to join: Contact Mister Kent! Characters should be heroes or anti-heroes, with no moral qualms about accepting payment for saving lives (even if they give it to charity afterwards or whatever). Straight-up greedy sumbitches welcome too, but no outright baddies.

Purpose: To SAVE THE DAY at (semi-)reasonable rates. After THE IMPACT, mercenary monster hunter Raymond Reagan began recruiting like-minded people willing to perform daring acts for money. The Rangers are usually hired by VCPD Chief Paddy McBastard, but Raygun is looking into private clients as well.


PyrasTerran with BLACK|WHITE
PyrasTerran with Miller
Choleric with Mortido
le Fred with Casino Reasoning
Julz with Doctor Princess
Magistelle with Gumshoe
Mister Kent with Dipuc

How to join:
Your character will be granted membership to Event Horizon after having being responsible for a significant death: Your character has to have won at least 1 Death Match or at least 1 Annihilation Match. Your character has to have actually played a part in their victim's death. There is an underworld/afterlife branch, so dead characters may also be granted membership.
(Contact PyrasTerran if your character qualifies and you want access to EH's services)

The Event Horizon is not a normal gang or group, but more of an exclusive club. Though many assume that Event Horizon is designed solely for assassins, its doors specifically open to killers. Event Horizon is a one-stop shop for those who take/have taken lives: it's a hotel, bar, restaurant, vendors for purchasing weapons and ammunition, networking, library and easy access to the dark web. It's because of these many convenient services that Event Horizon is most famous for its customers being assassins.

The Event Horizon's location changes every day, though its door/portal can be identified with a gargoyle hanging over it. Only members may enter. It's possible to stumble in without realizing you're a member.

All Event Horizon members are given a membership card. This special card is used for identification for various services. This card is indestructible, and cannot be lost or stolen; it always appears in your hand when you need it. When you die, it follows you to the afterlife. If you are annihilated, it permanently disintegrates.

Conducting "business" (killing or attempting to kill) is strictly prohibited within the walls of Event Horizon. If you break this one rule you are first given a warning (killed). A second offense results in annihilation and the termination of your membership.

We await your visit.


The Horizon Foundation

Veronica Nightingale
Lady Vanity
Minori Miyajima

How to Join: Invitation only. Characters must either be incredibly rich or know a thing or two about running a business.  Upon joining, you sever your ties with New Void City to live in Caelum City.

-Allying yourself with/Immigrating to Caelum City is totally fine, and anyone can do it.

Purpose: The Horizon Foundation created the flying city as a safe haven for people without powers to get away from the chaos of New Void City.  The streets are generally safe, protected by Caleum's Anti-Meta Police Force and Vanity's Graduates.  However the members of Horizon all tend to have thier own agendas, and not all of them are as noble as their facade. Tensions between Caelum and New Void City are about to rise.


PyrasTerran with Chief Arena
Magistelle with Captain Gumshoe
Gregly with Officers Gwen & Regi

How to join:
-Must have a strong sense of justice
-Character must be willing to fight or possibly die to save the lives of innocents, no matter what race or group
-Contact PyrasTerran if you're interested
-Prepare an alternate, NVCPD outfit for your character sheet. It can be designed however you feel, taking into mind Void City colors, the NVCPD logo and your badge. You can place your character wherever you feel they would fit among the ranks. Badge animal engraving from ranks lowest to highest are as follows:
(note: first three positions are technically on same ranking, just do different work, officers patrol, technicians work with data/forensics at station, and detectives investigate. But in times of crisis, are ranked as below)
Hound : Officer
Owl: Technician
Wolf : Detective
Tiger : Lieutenant
Bear : Captain
Eagle : Chief (Arena only)
-Those that Arena trusts most are granted a special pouch of sand, which can be used to call upon Arena for assistance.

To serve and protect the citizens of New Void City against crime and corruption that would threaten their way of life or their very lives. The NVCPD is almost autonomous and independent of New Void City's government, willing to act without fear of penalty should corruption, conspiracy or incompetence prevent justice from being handed down. (Example: If a serial killer is going to walk because of corruption in the trial, NVCPD members are encouraged to incarcerate or execute the killer themselves, regardless of opposition)

News & Events / SCARMAGEDDON
« on: Feb 16, 2010, 07:29 PM »



UPDATE: SINCE QYZEX IS A BIG BABY THE NAME IS CHANGED. Since we've hit the magic number of 11 fighters, this event will now be broken up into 2 brackets. This means you're going to be fighting 5 other fighters, NOT 10.

Rules - SCARMAGEDDON is a mini-event. A multi-man scar match in Battle Royale style. Comics have to have every opponent featured and every opponent in it end the comic with a scar of some sort.

There's no actual limit on people but if there's a large response we will separate the battles up into two. If you enter, I would like to ask that there's no absurd scars. This means limb loss is in, Paul Reiser attachment is out.
Just so there's no confusion, whoever wins their respective bracket, the scars made by said winner are the ones given out to the other participants.

Update: Since someone was unaware regarding this, Ridiculous scars constitute as stitching on a celebrity, earning genitalia on any part of your body other than your body, being changed into another animal, plant, or rock, being blown up to tiny smithereens and still being alive, or anything changes said character to the point of making the character no longer viable.

Ridiculous scar do not constitute any physical harm that is just standard physical damage and other potential creative scars that I can't foresee. You pick no scar limits, so anything CAN happen and if you do not enjoy the scar you get, you probably shouldn't have gone through with the entire matter to begin with.

Sign Up will last until the 2nd of March. Battle will go up on the 3rd. It will last 4 weeks unless we get more people entering than expected (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Characters will be selected by myself and Qyzex.

To enter, post your character's icon, their name, and if you have any off-limit scars, list them. If you don't it will be assumed that anything goes. This event is open to all Artists with existing Active Characters.

If the requirements for the fight are not met (5 page count minimum and every character featured and scarred
 or using of off-liimit scars/ridiculous scars) it will result in a 3 month retirement for that character.


Bracket 1 - Scarmageddon
RoflQu - Andre
            - None.
Qyzex - Velvet Starr
             - None.
Ari - Marcelo Reyes
             - None.
Mecid - Nowhere Boy
            - None.
M.E. Charm - Dr. Bibi Dov
           - None.
TODK - Pandora
          - None.

Bracket 2 - Cicatrices Maximus
OwlGem - Andrea
             - None.
Fushigi - Fushigi
            - None.
Rabbitrabbit - Katka Katarina
           - None.
Fern - Lophii Formes
          - Scarwise, please don't touch the boobies and don't do anything in the harvey-two-face style (big manky burn/scald area on the face). Anywhere else is fine, so is eye/limb loss.
Wolcik - Mr. Awesome
          - None.
Johnny Blaque - Mr. Kick
          - None.

Amaloo - Penelope
             - No limb-loss.
Removed for SDT, way to go, girl!

GO FOR BROKE! / The Circus of Disappointment starring RoflQu
« on: Oct 28, 2009, 09:32 AM »

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