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Anna scans the room for any near-do-wells and upon not a single challenge to martial might, she steps in. Her steps full of confidence, her eyes daring anyone to step up. Thats when the scream came, and Anna, lept into action "UNHAND THAT TRINKET OF SHODDY MONETARY VALUE BUT EMOTIONALLY IMMEASURABLE WORTH YOU FLINKFINGERED CREETIN"  She set off, running after them, one hand. Drawing no doubt all the attention to them and off anything the other group was doing.


Mikella and Anna, Outside the Cracked Cup:
Spoiler: show

You both arrive at the Cracked Cup Tavern at roughly the same time, working through the crowded street under the sun-streaked afternoon sky. The Cracked Cup is always a popular place for gangs to meet, but as you step into its shadow you notice a different kind of activity today—the patrons seem to be calmly leaving. From here you can’t see any obvious reason for the subtle evacuation, like smoke or a rogue cook-fire.

"Danger afoot!" Annas eyes brighten at the prospect of setting something or to quench the fires of misschief that has clearly befallen this place of comraderie. Where else is the criminal elements to gather for her to fight, and how dare they not be engaged in a barbrawl allready. Anna kicks the door open, her massive blade still on her back, the tieflings eyes pitch black but for the irises glowing red. Her hands stretched out in a glorious gesture of boisterous confidence. "What ho' miscreants!"

spit spat, time to chat / Re: I Ran Away To Make Comics!
« on: Apr 03, 2019, 12:25 PM »
DUDE. This art is delicious. I am super happy to see Dane and Crawford in any capacity and I will happily follow this series.

News & Events / Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2018||-..
« on: Feb 21, 2019, 12:55 PM »
Thank you so much. I promise to continue improving!

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Hellis Incubator
« on: Feb 20, 2019, 01:16 PM »
Name: Nomad.
Occupation: Big Woof
Species:Ascended Mongolian Wolf

Nomads a mongolian wolf, enlightened and ascended by a divine presence known as the Blue Wolf, the alleged canine ancestor of the Mongols and Djinghis can himself. Tasked with herding and testing the "half wolves" of the herds onto the right path, his purpose it to judge those more man than wolves. As mankind has become a plague, and werewolves only embodiment the worst of wolf-kind and humankind alike. In order to get his human shape, Nomad had to eat the very heart of a freshly killed human. The transformation is not total, his scars and his eyes remain.

He is currently drawn towards Void city, as there has been an increase in werewolf activity.

Nomads faster nad stronger then both the average wolf and human, and posses regenartive properties similair to the lowe end of an average werewolf. He is not weak to silver, nor any holy magic or similair, as he is not infact a werewolf.

Beastial Aura: Nomads not human. He is not even half human. Though he speaks like one, walks like one. He has an aura about him that intimidates and unsettles non predatory species on a basic, primal level. Withwerewolves and other primal predators, this comes of as big, walking "Fuck you".

Limited Telepathy; Nomad is able to speak directly into the mind of any creature bound to the moon, such as wolves and werewolves. With wolves, he can often draw upon their help and is always seen with at least 3-4 animals in his midst as a result. For Werewolves, they can simply hear and respond to his messages.

News & Events / Re: Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tourney
« on: Jan 29, 2019, 04:58 AM »
Due to circumstances out of my control, I am withdrawing from the tournment. </3. I had really hoped to participate, but it was just not to be.

News & Events / Re: Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tourney
« on: Jan 22, 2019, 10:42 AM »

Me and Yarn are officially and properly signing up as Team Punk. These are our terrible children

News & Events / Re: Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tourney
« on: Jan 10, 2019, 09:07 PM »
Me and Yarn as Team Punk

Art Jams / Void Game NPC Jam.
« on: Jan 08, 2019, 04:25 PM »
Because I saw this concept on another oct discord and thought it was really funny to draw.

I give you Voiders as Rpg/Dating sim/Video game NPCs!


Art Jams / Re: School Days (Secret Santa Style Comic Event)
« on: Jan 07, 2019, 05:24 PM »
I'm enrolling with all my living AND dead chars. Pick whichever!

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Petrichor's Characters
« on: Jan 06, 2019, 11:12 PM »
Oh my lord. I love the design, it is super fun looking. I am excited to see what comics you bring us.

Art Jams / Re: Stained Glass Jam!
« on: Jan 04, 2019, 11:13 PM »

I loved that tutorial. I aim to do one for my other 3 babies next week

Art Jams / Re: 2018 Secret Santa!
« on: Jan 02, 2019, 10:38 PM »
Thank you for the art Desi <3

THE INCUBATOR / Re: The Starforge
« on: Jan 01, 2019, 11:54 AM »

also I love it and its my entire Aesthetic in that weapon design. Can't wait to see your comics.

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Hellis Incubator
« on: Dec 31, 2018, 06:09 PM »
Jules Abelard aka the Fox is a Void City Maffioso and Hitman.  A member of the same family that employs The Smile, his methodology runs counter to his compatriot, utilizing poisons, neurotoxins and chemicals to drive his victims to get them to do what he wants or believe what he wishes them to believe.

Jules is a Haitian born male who came to void city at an early age, where he aquired a bachelors and later a masters in Biochemistry and Psychology. Jules was in with the mob from early age, having made his first hit at the tender age of 16 as an initiation to a small trigger group. The kill was a messy affair, where he almost died from his target being more keen and aware of his surroundings then anticipated. The first bullet went wide as the target ran at the site of a nervous teenager reaching for something inside his jacket. Two others were killed in the ensuing chase. But he was in. 

Where his kill would leave a lasting impression on him, it was not going to dissuade him from getting his. He simply decided that the personal approach was not for him. Were others relished in the up close and personal, or the chase, Jules saw the life like dominos. YOu had to align numbers to give you the optimal trade off. Never keep to much on you so that they could lock you up, let others do the hard work. Jules used the money from the Mob work to go to collage and later university, where he excelled, being a exceptionally intelligent young man. He aquired a Masters in biochemistry, taking a special interest in mind altering medicine and chemical compounds. He tried out his new concoctions during parties, working out what made people docile and obedient nad what drove people to violence or out of character actions.

Soon enough, his work was performed trough varius chemicals and poisons, going so far as to drive a married couple to kill eachother, locked in a stage of drug induced psychosis. Having seen the potential in the man, the Head of the family approached and offered Jules a very peculiar mask.

And so The Fox was born.

VOID Characters and Comics / Re: Void Characters song playlist
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 04:21 PM »

Here are mine~~ : D

Art Jams / Re: 2018 Secret Santa!
« on: Nov 16, 2018, 09:38 AM »
I'm in, Matilda or Akira pls.


"You must be brave, travelling the desert without an escort"

The world has ended, and with it starship fuel. The Bloody Rose is now a massive wreck, half buried in sand. It's crew are now mercenary and bandits that roam the desert. Their leader is relishing in the anarchistic, strong eat the weak world that has been formed. He is a king among the dunes, and nobody is safe.

Art Jams / Re: Species of Void
« on: Aug 20, 2018, 04:48 PM »

Akiras Vampire Bloodline : D

News & Events / Re: Void's Sexiest 2018 Pageant Royale!
« on: Aug 16, 2018, 11:04 AM »
Haras crew decided to sign him up without his knowledge. 

Art Jams / Re: White Party jam
« on: Aug 15, 2018, 02:06 PM »

VOID University / Re: Mentor and Trainee Trials
« on: Jul 14, 2018, 04:18 AM »
Having spoken to some folks, I am starting to feel like this initiative is needed more then ever.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: DIOV CITY Tournament
« on: Jul 08, 2018, 03:56 PM »
Suuuuper interested.

News & Events / Re: Rumble Roulette Returns!
« on: Jun 06, 2018, 07:22 AM »
Enter Akira please~~

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