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It's me G0t, and here's my entrant

Dingo was a famous cartoon star back in the day, until he was replaced with a cuddly bunny Toon star. He’d spend the next couple of years homeless, till dumb luck and coincidence landed him a stable job with the L.A Mafia. Becoming the partner and apprentice of the Mafia’s enforcer, Randall, the two of them went on many Mafia Murdering Adventures together! Their latest “adventure” left Dingo was two things: a rather HUGE bank account, a need to lie low for a LONG TIME. Seeing how the situation was, Dingo took this opportunity to take his dream vacation to Void City. Fun, Sun, Sex, and Fights, it’ll be this Toons paradise.

Dingo’s a SCREWBALL, a LOOSE CANNON and overall just an OUTGOING type of guy. He'll definitely there to pick you up when you feeling down. However these aspects of him get toned down a bit when he's doing mafia work. Having been taught by the previous enforcer, he becomes more STRATEGIC and FOCUSED. So if he wants answers out of you, he knows damn well how to make you squeal. He still is a bit of a screwball even when doing mafia work, and sometimes this turns into him trying to find an excuse to use excessive violence

You all know what a Toon is. They’re cartoon characters that are all about making people laugh, and Dingo’s proud to be one. “The world can throw whatever it wants at us. Fridges, anvils, it’s problems, it’s responsibilities! But a Toon will always get right back up.” He’s basically indestructible, shaking off whatever damage is dealt to him. He can do stuff that contradict the laws of physics: slip outta cuffs, stay suspended in air before falling, etc. He’s also got his hammerspace pants that lets him shove whatever he wants in his pockets. There’s only one way to kill a Toon for sure, Paint thinners: turpentine, acetone, benzine, and the most deadly combination of the three. “Dip”! If any Toon comes into contact with that stuff they’ll instantly melt till they’re nothing but a puddle of colors

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