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« on: Apr 14, 2019, 10:27 PM »
Hello there, I'm SaintGame, Q-Bit's brother. He invited me here to take part in a D&D campaign run by Mister Kent. I'm 22, and a fan of tabletop games like said D&D campaign, and I love animation and music.
I am not much of an artist, but I do like to think that I have an excellent imagination and capacity for empathy which makes me a fairly decent story teller. Perhaps I'll start working on art again, but for now I mostly focus on my crafts and trades. I am a weaver, welder, musician, and occasionally an actor in theater productions.
As for where I'll be around here, you'll probably only see me with Q-bit, as I'm quite skittish around people I don't know well.

“What the f-!” Luis almost let out a yelp, he was already tense enough and didn’t need, nor expected someone to suddenly invade his personal space. He wanted to bite the new person’s face off, but quickly remembered Truman had mentioned someone matching the description… “You must be Alichino...”
Oddly enough, the surprise he received from the new member managed to make his fur stop glowing.

Luis quickly looked back at the hooded visitors, hoping they hadn’t noticed his (very manly) shout seconds ago “Those three over there-No, hey, no,  don’t look at them…!”
The wolf huffed “They are White Jacquets… And- And you look way too cheery for the situation we’re in...”
"Alichino? There is no Alichino here. I am... Curtis. For now."
The ale the fool ordered had arrived, and it was completely gone before the barman had time to walk away. Quickly ordering another, the fool watched with amusement as his canine companions energy went from about "coiled spring" to "high strung lute".
"Queensmen, yes, I know. They came from the library, you know? Walking the libraries stories among the stories, maybe getting in a tale of their own. They think it's a mystery, but I think it's more of a horror story myself..."
Their story, however, wasn't nearly as appealing to the fool as the leftover food on the table, though.
"Cheery? Why shouldn't I be cheery? Today is a very good day, after all! I found something interesting, and was introduced to a new friend! And hey, free food!"
The fool casually stole some food from one of the abandoned plates on the table, and began to listen to the queensmen. "Yes, yes, a very good day indeed..."

Perception check: 1d20 + 1 = (13) + 1 = 14

It had been simple to track those three to the tavern from the library. Sure, they may have seen the man with the large hat following them, and sure they may have attempted to lose him, but a quick change of... "costume", and losing that hat always made his quarry think they lost him. And besides, identical cloaks? In this weather? If they had been screaming "DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO US" at the top of their lungs they'd have been more inconspicuous then with those cloaks! They must have thought him a fool!

He WAS a fool!
"Huh-HA!" The fool couldn't help the mirth welling up from within himself, but pushed it down before he entered the tavern. There they were an-*sniff* Something smells GOOD. They didn't look like they'd be leaving just yet, after all he'd been tailing them for a few hours. they'd probably want to rest for a little while... There was time for some more ale and food, right? He couldn't help but think of that honeymead he'd found. Right. And look! It was that werewolf that probably dyed his fur that his FRIENDS from the library mentioned! the only thing that went better with ale than food was GOOD FRIENDS. He ordered himself some ale and stole a seat from one of the other tables, sliding it right next to Luis before sitting down on it. "Wonderful weather we're having, isn't it my friend? Definetly not weather for cloaks..."

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