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VOID Characters and Comics / Re: Challenges Thread
« on: Feb 07, 2018, 11:32 AM »
Anyone still available for non-mortal combat? Perhaps? Maybe a themed battle? Possibly?

I am going to respectfully retract my entry to refocus my efforts on my original character and further that story before getting my hands dirty elsewhere.

Good luck everyone! I'll be cheering you all on😀

So many cool characters!! Can't wait to see how they clash😘

Are his nipples cut off or are they just covered up with X's?

Inquisition brutally removed them to attain his non existent confession. *Frown* But he doesn't require them! Hurrah!

Lol Pudding cups.

Greetings. I have been rather absent from the web of internets until recent. Now I have crawled out from my hovel to join in the bloody panel havoc that will soon befall the Void.


Zhanitose: Trans-Dimensional Roving Warlock, Cursed Alchemist Extraordinaire
Accessories: Spell-lock Shackles (Restricts wearers casting of magic), Manual (Zhanitose's personal diary and spell specifications; Only legible by yellow eyed viewers or specific filters), Alchemical Reagents, Black Cat's Bone (Possessor's movements are nearly impossible to track or notice), Deep Reach Pockets (Sub-space depositories line Zhanitose's clothing; Nearly anything can be stored within or retrieved from his pockets), Mobile Holes (Relocatable and re-sizable worm holes; lead to other in-use holes), Anti-Scry Tattoo (Protects bearer from unwanted magical spying) Nitro G. and other potions and concoctions.
Perspective: Zhanitose views technology as the worst of advancements and, since returning to his original reality, is seeking to return the world to the dark ages.
Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite Pass-time: "Making" new friends
Personality:This displaced spell shaper is hardly personable, lacks social finesse, and will use any excuse to evade using advanced technology. Once a human, Zhanitose sees his fellow species as equal and truly has no Ill will toward them, though if driven to extremes he will not hesitate in expunging said problematic antagonizer. His one hope beyond hope is to return the world to a simpler state of spiritual enlightening and wholesomeness.

Skip skop skittle dee doo!

« on: Dec 31, 2017, 04:32 PM »
2018 looks to be a great year for drooring!!

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Long time coming: Serephina
« on: Jul 11, 2015, 12:22 PM »
Aliases include, but are not limited to: The Gold Witch, and That Crazy Bi+<# with the Cat Mask? Besides the mask, should the character's outfit have some gold in it? Or is The Gold Witch reffering to the lust of gold? lol just wondering. 8)

Help / Re: Questions About Void? Post Yours Here!
« on: Jul 05, 2015, 10:24 AM »
Ah yes. I wouldn't want to completely erase the old character. You'll be seeing me in the incubator very soon! Thanks again.

Help / Re: Questions About Void? Post Yours Here!
« on: Jul 05, 2015, 09:36 AM »
Hello, Aingie. I submitted a charaer to Void some five years back, never battled with said character, and have since lost touch with it. I was curious as to weather or not I could substitute my old entrant and intro comic for a new one, or just submit a new character all together. Thank you for your help! 8)

« on: Jul 04, 2015, 05:41 PM »
Hello Void!

I've been a creeping member for a while, but never officially introduced myself. My name is Symon_says, I like comic books and cartoons and long walks in the woods. *smirk*

I look forward to reading all your comics!

News & Events / Re: Short and Sweet
« on: Jul 20, 2014, 07:29 PM »
Okie-dokie. Let me get this straight. Anyone and their mother can join, and in commenting their Void account page bellow will be automatically accepted? The theme is T.B.A. (to be announced) and we cannot portray any current Void approved characters of either our own creation or another members? All characters, plot, and ect. will be up to us to create once we've learned this competitions main theme... Do I have that pretty well understood? 8/


I've been wanting to get my draw on, just haven't had a good run of the inspires...

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