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Art Jams / First OC Jam
« on: Dec 20, 2018, 02:06 PM »
Take an old OC you did from a billion years ago and redraw them today with your current power level !
What would you change? What would you improve ? What would you keep to tell your childhood self that they weren't crazy ?

 Plus points for comparison images but it's not needed.

> They don't have to be your first OC since not everyone wants to redraw sonic recolors. No one would have to know :3

(Now you do tho...)

Name: Monday
Race: Daemon
Creation: 2014
Digaea, and Dark Stalkers was a huge part of why I made this character. There's a bunch of callout from different videogames and anime too ! In old comics he foughtt with a range of powers that stemmed from being a daemon, like dark energy spewing from his arm that would shape into various weapons. He also "ate" powers and blasted them back. As a result he'd eat a crap ton of stuff everyday, like the insides of a vending machine.

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