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THE INCUBATOR / Desichan's Characters
« on: Sep 21, 2017, 02:01 PM »

This is Fawn Nightingale, she's a teenager who's pretty useless at combat, and the like, and much prefer to stay at home, with her rich parents and get spoiled. She lives in a really winter-y town, and she's a common target for assassination and kidnapping attempts, which freaks her out, and by some miracle of nature she still isn't dead.


She's a pretty sweet and cheery, albeit unmistakably spoiled girl. She constantly tries avoiding anything dirty that could mess up her clothes, and the like. She's pretty childish, and is easy to tease, and even easier to make cry. She enjoys making friends, but sometimes she'd rather just stay huddled up with her stuffed animals, where it's safe.

(Does she sound at all decent, or nah? I don't have an intro comic, but based on this, does she seem like a character that'd be accepted, and do the graphics look upto snuff?)

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