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Jobs / Ernesto Needs to Pay Bills! [OPEN COMMISSIONS]
« on: Dec 06, 2015, 09:07 PM »

Im being very generous with prices because of the holiday season but I'm currently open!
please share to friends!

Im even down to do a page or two of comics!


Visit me on my page: or email me at

Once I figure out the artist that i got it from I'll give you guys a link but till then here's a ton of notes I downloaded that maybe helpful to those that don't have an account on the site.

GO FOR BROKE! / Coatl's Art Board!
« on: Aug 20, 2012, 12:21 AM »
I'm definately not sure if I got a thread yet, but I wanna start putting out stuff I'm proud of right here! RIGHT NOW!

Art Jams / BroTP Jam
« on: Jul 29, 2012, 02:52 PM »
Well know about Bros

and we all know about OTPs

But what you know about BroTPs?

Draw your favorite Bros (real world artists or void characters)




Art Jams / DAT ASS JAM [18+]
« on: Aug 24, 2011, 07:56 PM »
after a short talk with Blind Knight aka The One Dark Knight we decided to open the first DAT ASS JAM.

I think the title says it all draw girls with DAT ASS. and I guess guys too, I dunno.

As Angie said, "As with any jam, NO PORN is allowed so keep the ass tasteful if that's even possible."

Art Jams / Void Arcade Jam
« on: Jun 01, 2011, 08:57 PM »
Ok, I know that most of us have wanted to make a videogame have wanted to make a videogame at one point.

So here's what you can do for this jam.

Draw what your own game would look like. This could be an original game from the ground up or a VOID game.

Make a fictional screenshot: Could be drawn any way, any style. It would be cool, though, to see them as: sprite art, actual 3D models, or Concept/Production-type paintings/sketches/drawing.

Make a GIf of a sprite or a stage.

Character Select Screens.

For those that are musical, link original BGM.

EDIT: If you have more than one game idea, it's ok to put it up on separate posts but if possible, do what you can so it doesn't eventually hog up a page. for example, shrink your images so you can fit more or provide links instead.

« on: May 15, 2011, 12:36 AM »
just post your character or someone else's character as the opposite sex.
in fact even try to recreate pages with them as the opposite sex.

GO FOR BROKE! / Ernesto's art for crit and pleasure
« on: Mar 23, 2011, 01:01 PM »
just wanted to make a thread to display some WIPs and other art that I want to show off here.

I wanna start with this request piece, I did some minute corrections and I'm still gonna fix some stuff once I print before laying some inks. what do you think?

GO FOR BROKE! / Simon Del Salvador
« on: Dec 08, 2010, 12:35 PM »
moved to the incubator guys, my bad.

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