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« on: Jun 17, 2018, 01:19 PM »
The dead have risen, but it's not October!

Instead, they rise for enterVOID's most powerful reward: A character's second chance at life!

It's time for the

A special speed tournament where only the dead are invited because whoever manages to win this grueling gauntlet is resurrected as an active character once more! Said character no longer has to wait to battle in October or only battle the dead in Annihilation matches; the SRT champion will be able to battle all year round just like any active character! This is the only way on the site that a dead character can be truly revived to active status, making this prize extremely rare and special. If you lose, your character simply keeps its Dead status, so don't worry about being Annihilated. Keep in mind that like most tournaments, your comics' stories can be whatever you want them to be. We will be using our standard guidelines when determining who to keep and who to cut; your past record will definitely be taken into account for this event. Be sure to bring out your best for this prestigious tournament!

•Eligibility: Dead Character Only (Annihilated characters are gone for good and cannot be used)
•Ineligibility: Borrowed or Co-op Teams (Due to the prestige of the prize, you must fight for it yourself alone)
•Battle type: 1 Week 1v1 (all standard rules to this battle type apply)
•Final Roster Size: No set limit (While we will try to avoid it depending on cuts and keeps, 3-way battles may still be possible; be prepared)

•Signup ends: Friday, June 29
•Battle begins: Monday, July 2nd

Signup Sheet
William Duel with Cavallero
Goldie with Aleyjah and Sukri
MrPR1993 with The Carnival Master
Kozispoon with Capgras
Charlie with Straps
Mister Satisfied with Frequency6: BUZZCUT
AJ 武士龍 with Hyperion
AstroSean with Dale
Amaloo with Pillbug
Mister Kent with Cutie Mark
Orion with Jonos Valorous
Julz with Doctor Princess
Minteh with Dyna and the Gal
Bobo with Sludge
Nothin with Steph
neens with Lil Lily
Flutterbyes with Flower Power
Roflqu with Fear
PepperJAQ with Blade Princess

Art Jams / Superhero Costume Jam
« on: Mar 23, 2018, 01:00 AM »
Make a superhero costume for your character! Extra points if you pay attention to different styles of comic superhero history.

Starting up:

Delivering more than your fair share of brooding 90's edge, the dark hero Mindflayer (from Miller)

Flying in from the cosmic silver age, the mysterious powerful amnesiac Lady Dream (from Arena)

News & Events / /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Jan 23, 2018, 11:56 PM »

What it is
Retribution is a site-wide, long term atmospheric event. The New Void City government has unleashed a new offensive against the criminal underground, allying with powerful organizations to supply new equipment, means of collecting intel, and firepower to clean the streets and put criminals behind bars.

How it works
A list of “Wanted” characters, each with a list of crimes/suspected crimes, will be available to review by any member. A member can use a character of theirs to challenge a “Wanted” character, for the purpose of defeating said character and having them arrested. Both members must write “RETRIBUTION” on the battle comments for the battle to count towards points. Depending on the outcome of the battle, points will be given to the Lawful or the Lawless. These will change the scenarios of the event overtime and show who currently has the upper hand in the war for the city. When the event reaches its end, the points will be used to determine the success rate of the Lawful, and lead to a final team battle between three Lawful characters and three Lawless characters which will determine the final conclusion of the event, and whether it is the Lawless or the Lawful who suffer Retribution. There will be an additional reward for the winners.

Every Lawless character that is defeated and arrested will earn one point for the Lawful. If said Lawless character is charged with killing, terrorism or cannibalism of sentients, their defeat will instead earn the Lawful two points. If said Lawless character is the member of a gang, an additional point will be earned.

This point collection works both ways. If the member attempting to capture a Lawless character does not win their battle, then whatever points they would have earned for the Lawful will instead go to the Lawless, symbolizing the blow to city morale and resources with a failed operation.

Every Soldier Counts
Any artist’s first Retribution battle will automatically award them +1 point to their side, regardless of whether they win or lose. They can gain an additional bonus point if they use a different character for their next Retribution battle.

Environmental Factors:
-Bounties have been tripled, allowing lawful citizens to earn serious bank by joining the fight against the Lawless.
-New raids, freed warrants and police checkpoints mean the city is on high alert
-W.U.L.F. and Citizen ++ Karrin Klash are cooperating fully with the NVCPD, aiding in combat and resources
-NVCPD has allied with Caelum City and the Horizon Foundation, who are offering advanced air support and anti-meta countermeasures to stem the chaos
-The Vektran Nation has offered its funding and unparalleled intelligence gathering, helping to smoke the Lawless out of their hiding places and expose their partners

Underestimate not the Lawless:
-The owner of a Lawless character does not have to draw their character evading capture in their battle (unlike the owner of a Lawful character, who must depict capture). They simply have to win their battle to deny points to the Lawful and acquire points for the Lawless.
-However, if the owner of a Lawless character does draw their character evading capture in their battle and wins, or if they draw their Lawless character successfully committing crimes/plots and wins, an additional point will be given to the Lawless aside from what they collect from the Lawful failing. This means the Lawless have a chance to win more points in a single battle than the Lawful.

Why are points distributed this way?
If a Lawful character fails, they have countless chances to try again at cleaning the streets (unless they commit a crime themselves and end up on the Lawless board). But if a Lawless character fails, they have been jailed and only have one chance to break out, otherwise they are no longer on the board so to speak. Gamewise, this means they can no longer participate in Retribution battles for the sake of the Lawless points (though they can work to clean their record with Redemption). Since the stakes for losing are higher for the Lawless, to balance they are able to acquire more points (aside from certain dirty tricks that could tip the scales in their favor...) Additionally, if Team Lawful tries to rack easy points by picking off weaker Lawless opponents, they'll be left with heavy hitters who can just as easily turn the tables.

It's fun to do bad things
Lawless criminals have an advantage of their own; a total disregard for the rule of law allows them to cross lines the Lawful cannot. A Lawful character can have their privileges to fight for points revoked if they start breaking laws in order to capture criminals. The Lawless do not have this inhibition. While some Lawless characters may just be out to survive and retain the crime-ridden status quo, now is the time for ambitious villains who want to change the city to take action, as a Lawless victory of Retribution will have significant ramifications for the NVCPD and city government. Take advantage of your potential victories by doing what you can to inhibit your opponents and their cause. If you think creatively enough you can even get Lawful characters removed from play.

Jailbreak 101
A Lawless character that is captured has one shot at escaping; if they can win one battle against a Lawful character while illustrating their escape, they earn two Lawless points from that battle, and are free to continue playing for Lawless points. If the Lawless character fails their jailbreak, they are permanently off the board, unable to fight for Lawless points or fight for redemption. The same applies if the Lawless character succeeds in escaping jail but is eventually captured again anyway. Additionally, a jailbreak failure means the Lawful opponent earns two points for their side.

Redemption for the Lawless
A Lawless character has the chance to clean their record and no longer become a target if they go after other Lawless characters, following the rules of a lawful character by drawing their opponent’s defeat and arrest. Although Lawless characters do not qualify for bounties, every victory against their own will wipe their record by half (rounded up when erasing). If they win three times, their entire crime sheet will be automatically wiped clean (if they only had one or two crimes to begin with, they can wipe their record in one or two battles). NOTE: A Lawless character with a killing crime can only erase that crime by capturing another killer, and only after three victories. Cleaning your record will award one point to the side of the Lawful.

The True Outlaws and Lawmen
After a character wins their second consecutive battle, they become True Outlaws (or True Lawmen) and any victories moving forward will grant them two additional points for their side each time. However, these hotshot players also paint a target on their backs; Defeating a True Outlaw or True Lawman will net you three points for your side.

The Battlefield Ever Changes
Just like with Upheaval, members are free to post and illustrate little moments, news updates, turning points, twists, etc. relevant to Retribution right here in the thread. Likewise, after certain point milestones, changes to the battlefield will be reflected here. Defeating certain Lawful/Lawless characters can also trigger new changes.

Never a bad time to fight for Order or Chaos
A tournament battle can additionally become a Retribution battle if both artists agree to it and set up who is Lawful and who is Lawless. Like any new criminal, new Lawless posters can be made if necessary

So many rules x_X
If you feel overwhelmed by the rules, just focus on the following:

Team Lawful, win battles where you catch Lawless criminals and don't lose

Team Lawless, just win battles against Lawful opponents and don't lose

I'm ever available if you need clarification with the rules or feel the need to comment on something about it

Don’t want to play?
Like everything else in Void, there is no canon that members must adhere to. You are totally allowed to skip or disregard this activity entirely if you wanted, even if your character is labeled as Lawless. A battle will only count as a Retribution match if both artists post “RETRIBUTION” on their comments page, otherwise it will not draw points for either the Lawful or the Lawless. If your character is displayed as Lawless and you do not want that, please message me and I will have them removed.

Why isn’t my criminal character on the list?
The list consists of active or potentially active characters, though some may have slipped through the cracks and old members may return with a burst of activity. You can reach us to add your criminal to the board if they had been missed.



News & Events / ..-||BEST OF VOID 2017||-..
« on: Jan 10, 2018, 11:26 PM »
At the start of 2017 we hoped for a better year than last. At the end of the day what can be said is at least we pulled out some great comics! There were a ton of stellar pages and characters created in 2017, including a veritable mountain of collaborations and beyond battles, and this is the chance to recognize that! Who will claim the most coveted and vaunted titles of last year? You decide! Just nominate your three top picks (up to three) for each category and once we tally the choices, we'll gather the majority selections of each and put them up on polls for you to vote, propelling the most-voted candidates to the Winner's Circle to claim all the bragging rights. To help you guys along, the mods have tirelessly compiled some relevant info and data to help you vote.  Remember these categories are for comics and artists featured here in the year of 2017!

Voting for nominees begins on the 11th of January and will remain open for one week, at which point the nominees will be selected and presented for a final vote to determine the winners of each category, announced during the last week of January.

These two stages should give you plenty of time to think critically and/or reread classics of 2017!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE [Deadline: January 18]

You can only vote once, but if you wish to change your votes, contact Pyras before the deadline.


Reference Guide

Artist of the Year
Writer of the Year
Member of the Year (Example of an exemplary member of the community who is welcoming, helps others, is active and vocal, puts in extra effort for the sake of the community, etc.)
Most Improved Artist
Most Improved Writer
Best Newcomer
Best Monochromatic Comic
Best Full Color Comic
Best Beyond Battle Comic
Best One Shot Comic (Artist, Sparring, etc.)
Best Antagonist
Best New Character
Most Dearly Departed (Favorite Character who died this year)
Character of the Year
Event of the Year (can be a tournament or battle royale, or a specific storyline be it global [like the meteor, armageddon threat, flood, creamimi rampage] or a specific character's storyline, etc.)
Best Collaboration Comic (does not include holiday collab comics)
Best Battle (collectively best final products altogether from each artist in the battle, tightest score race, solid performance on both sides, etc.)

Active New Characters (had at least two battle & is alive ((exceptions to late-year entries)))
Talbot & Scroop
Fawn Nightingale
Hara & Huey
Liz and Tsu
Adwell Morris
Matilda White
Crikey Dile
Petey Peyote
Avery Mann
La Cucaracha
The Gray Owl

Beyond Battles and Artist Comics of 2017
A Chapter Lost in Memory /Miyajima Minor by Jiisuri
In which a satisfactory agreement is made /Lilyfeather and Mortimerr by LeFred and Shen
House of Fragments Full Version /Miller by pyrasterran
Go To Hell /Shizana and Marie by radji and Rhimwill
We Were Left Unsupervised /Xia, Merrik Sanderson and Smol by crackingskulls, pocketmouse and themanwhoplantedswag
REAL /Merrik Sanderson and Trixie by Pocketmouse
Motivation Part 1 /Hara and Huey by hellis
Fuck Church /Merrik Sanderson by Pocketmouse
Underground 1 /Zoey and the Gravediggers by Pita and Camel
A Superior Bargain /Ma by Cornbread
Fire vs Light 2: The Aftermath /Kazue by energy
Founded /Cassidy Madson by MrPr1993
entervoid Holiday comics: Summer Camp Adventure 2017 /everyone by everyone
Wacky Races 2 prologue: Will You Be My Ride? /Monomythica by Jiisuri
We Can Rebuild Him /Invyn and jasper by reecer6
Announcing Wacky Races 2 /Veronica Nightingale by majikura
Underground-Prologue /zoey by Pita
Vanishing /Miwesa by yarnwitch
Theres No Tomorrow /Samira Williams by Fukuro
The Morning After /wizzie Belles by hats
Wild Tails -NSFW /kao5 by Fox
Things get Real /Invyn and jasper by reecer6
Fire vs. Light! Divine Powers Collide! /Kazue by energy
Improvements /Grey by Zee
Dye Party /Lilyfeather and Tsumi by Shen and Otakutaylor
The Plot Thickens, part 2 /Stanley Martin by Prometheusd
A Decade Changes Nothing /Crawford by thorhugs
Hunter's Stew: Owl Side REDUB by pyrasterran
Purpose /Matilda White by hellis
Settlin' Down /Karrin Klash by petarvee
http://Flavor Explosion /Shizana and Ma by Rhimwill and cornbread
http://Spider babysitting /Shizana by Rhimwill
And The Machines Shall Not Divide Us /Kurt and Poltredot by radji
The Plot Thickens /Stanley Martin by Prometheusd
Canned /Mr Murder, Ma, Click lyric by ROFLQU, cornbread, technicolor-yawn
A Stony-Faced Foe: Kazue and Delighla by energy and pocketmouse
BRAINFREEZE! /Wizzie Belles and Mammon by Hats and Magistelle
Aftermath I /The Fool and Gossamer Swan by fukuro and jaykat
Propane Nightmares /Xia and Kurt by crackingskulls and radji
Nefarious Exploits Performed At A Remarkable Discount /Cue and Baku the Explosionist by Majikura and ABI
Dirge for Valentine's /Lilyfeather by Shen
Session 1: Rule Zero /Mol by scarywaves
Protege /Lilyfeather and karrin Klash by petarvee and Shen
Entervoid Holiday comic: Valentine's Masquerade on the H.S.C Beowulf /everyone by everyone
Times They Are a Changin' /Lotus by QTRNevermore
Adventures In The Multiverse (Lets get To Work!) /Shizana by Rhimwill
Empty Horizon /Grey and Ma by Cornbread and zee
Nowhere to Go /Sovereign Greece and Xia by Shen and crackingskulls
By The Hour /The Fool by fukuro
Our Defender And Mother /Nyasuu by julz
Entervoid Holiday Comic: Winter party 2016 /everyone by everyone
Home-Style Un-Candid Soup /ma by cornbread
Washed Up /Shizana and Grey by Rhimwill and zee

24 hour comic day 2017 by Charlie
Stroll In The Woods 1- Welcome to Hell by radji
Stroll In The Woods 2- Welcome to Hell by radji

Most Prolific Artists (6+ battles in the year) ((holiday collab comic participation counts as one comic per holiday))
Radji   (24)
fukur0 (17)
Reecer6 (16)
MrPr1993 (13)
Shen   (13)
Majikura (12)
Corn Of The Breads (12)
Energy (12)
Barrel (12)
zee (12)
Rhimwill (11)
petarvee (10)
yarnwitch   (10)
Nothin (10)
Hellis (10)
PyrasTerran (10)
Golden (9)
otakutaylor (9)
Camel (9)
ScaryWaves (9)
The Man Who Planted Swag (9)
JayKat (8 )
Pocketmouse (8 )
Pita (8 )
Magistelle (8 )
Fred v2.0.1 (8 )
mortooncian (8 )
Gregly (7)
MyHatsEatPeople (7)
Cracking Skulls (7)
Astro Sean (6)
Mister Kent (6)
Sabulive (6)
Julz (6)
Ten Dead Kings (6)
Kozispoon   (6)
Video320   (6)

New Artists in 2017 (+2 comics in the year)
Alouisse ver

Characters killed in 2017
Samira Williams
The Outlawer
The Gravediggers
Zita the ragdoll
Carnival Master
Population Control
VeeVee Scoops

Events of 2017
Election Royale 2016
Original Character Tournament
Tag Team Tournament 2017
Armageddon 2017
Wacky Races 2
Under New Management 2017
Clash of the Chitin

Notice any information above is incorrect? Just let us and we'll correct it! Have questions about a category? Go ahead and ask us!

Want to advocate for an artist, character or comic for an award? You can freely post your reasons for why you think a certain award should go to whom. BUT REMEMBER only nominations tallied in the form link shown at the top will be used to determine the final nominees

News & Events / -|| Original Brand SPEED DEATH TOURNAMENT ||-
« on: Dec 28, 2017, 10:09 AM »
Harken back to a simpler time when any crazy concept clashed with crazy concept with bloody results. Come home to the comfort food that is

The vintage flavor of death tournament is coming back this January designed just the way you remember it! The 2018 Speed Death Tournament allows veterans and newcomers alike to bring the pain in a chaotic, fast-paced battle for survival! A tournament so simple its signup thread is just as quick and easy!

-To sign up, all you need is a character sheet and name, no intro comic required! Simply post your character submission here in this thread, then submit your character for approval and re-use the character sheet where the submission form asks for comic pages. If you're brave enough to use one of your existing characters, that is also allowed!
-Signups will end on January 14th! If you need to call out, make sure you do so before time runs out or you may end up getting thrown into the roster!
-There is no limit of contestants! Though we will try to avoid an uneven roster list, which can lead to eliminations from the list. However, if we choose to try to add everyone, be prepared for the potential of being randomly placed in a 3-way battle
-Drawing time for each round is 1 week! 1-week battles are considered among the most difficult battles on void, so make sure you have what it takes to run the gauntlet for several weeks before signing up
-This is a Death Match tournament! Each battle is a death match and you must illustrate your opponent dying or you will be disqualified. If your opponent has a duo or team character submission, you must kill all characters named in said team! Sidekick characters do not need to be killed. (example: If a character submission is named The Flower Rangers made of five fighters, all five Flower Rangers must die. If a character submission is named Jasper Jones but his grandfather is also shown in comics and the sheet, aka a side character for story purposes, only Jasper Jones must be killed)

Signups begin now! Good luck and happy slaying!

Signup List
 Hellis with Lena Viltdottr
Red with Serra Bloodslam
Fred with Winifred
MrPr1993 with Doanna Donut
neens with Rue & Wormwood
TKDZen with Umbra
Mister Kent with Cutie Mark
Catalessi with Agent
SavageDaab with Charkley
Fearn with Charlie Orange Jax the End Shark
Nothin with Steph
Symon_Says with Zhanitose
Roflqu with Pudding Washington
Cats with Alma the Witch
Cornbread with The Motor Madness Metal Warehouse
moonlace with Johnny
Knomer with Jung Ho Kim
Orion with Spoiler
Gregly with Multi-Headed Nut Wizard
Golden with Aleyjah (Gracca'ano) Yu'Nikaya and Sukri Yu'Nikaya
Brentony with Silent Protagonist

News & Events / FAQ modcast
« on: Sep 20, 2017, 04:34 PM »
Attention members!

We will be delivering an FAQ related modcast in the next couple of weeks and would like to hear any burning questions you may have! Follow the link below to a Google Form where you can ask your question anonymously, and we will try to address as many as we can. The sooner the better with submissions, as the form may close once we have enough to work with

New Void City is a crazy and chaotic place filled with fighters of every origin and genre, so it requires a police force equipped to handle any threat as efficiently as possible to keep it from being a lawless crater every week. Enter the NVCPD's Threat Code system, a classification formula that each officer can access with various portable devices to properly assess and engage a criminal in battle. The Threat Code system helps determine whether to use firepower or icepower, anti-magic or immobilization tactics, and anything in between. Any fighter that has engaged in public combat, worked for the government, or been a target of the police, have had information of their combat abilities worked into this system. As such the library is ever growing and changing with new information.

The TC is a for-fun classification system I designed with help from otakutaylor with refinement, and several members testing the formula with their characters (as will be seen soon enough). Simply follow the instructions of the formula and you can see how much of a threat the VCPD views you. It's designed in a way that raw destructive power alone is not enough to be considered dangerous; flight and speed, immortality, or genius intellect are given just as much weight, as well as how much damage you've been able to deal while also escaping punishment.

How It Works
A Threat Code takes 4 values (Power, Durability, Maneuverability, Intelligence) and assigns points to each (1-5) depending on the effectiveness of each (note: Power does not relate to only raw destructive power, it can also be used to determine the range of your psychic abilities, for example). The total value is divided by 2, rounded up, and this makes up your TC number, your standard "power level" (1-10) in the eyes on the NVCPD. While this may be enough for the layman, police generally will want more information, and a threat's code also comes with a letter-based code behind the number (P, D, M, I) which highlight which values the threat is especially efficient in. If the threat is a 7-D, the police will focus less on firepower since the threat must have armor, invulnerability or regeneration or some combination, and will instead place their efforts on immobilization. A high threat code with an M means the police will watch out for flight or other means of enhanced transportation and use trap and zoning weaponry. The I is generally considered the most dangerous tag to a threat code, as the smartest villains are always the deadliest.

There are a few more rules with building your character's TC (weaknesses, kaiju stat boost, etc.) that can be found in the link below, as well as the full instructions on how to determine your character's TC and examples from members who helped me test the system out.

About Perceived Threat
The NVCPD's Threat Code system relies heavily on their own intelligence network, public knowledge, and surveillance. It is possible for a particularly powerful character to have a low Threat Code, and sometimes this is actually a good thing as it gives you an advantage when facing police to catch them off guard. If you have never fought, worked for the government or been in trouble with the law, you may not even have a Threat Code in the system. Some civilian characters that are not fighters may have higher than average threat codes because of the potential threat they may possess if they turned to crime (for example, characters that can fly, or have access to powerful machinery, etc.)

Threat Code Cards
Collect 'em all! I've placed in the following Dropbox link a PSD (CS6) and font for you to make your own cards for your characters.

This is for fun first and foremost, but feel free to play with it for comics stories if you desire as well. If you need help figuring out your characters' TCs, I'm available via DM Discord for that

NVCPD Database by Threat Code

Karrin Klash + Beowulf
Bayou & Bog
King of Robots
Captain Hara + Bloody Rose ship & crew

Pluto (True)

Park Kim
Akar the Impure
Invyn & Jasper
Geisser (True)
Mimi the Mime

Savannah Rae Dracula
The Gray Owl
Gossamer Swan
Louise (True)
Detective Marie Kaaruunen
Minori Miyajima
Jules Saphir

Jason Miller
Amber Miller
Charlotte Gray
Milla "Mol" Langola
Cielo "Xia" Medina
Sovereign Greece
The Fool (True)
Ruuto (Dragon)
Remy (True)
Cecilia Demeas
Crikey Dile
Veronica Nightingale
Lesdai "Joey" Grahl

Sanari Binte Abbas
Revu Marcs
Karrin Klash
Jiko Shi
Ruuto (Human)
Louise (recorded)
The Smile
May Wu
Jane Blonde
"Bad Wife"
Buster "Casino Reasoning" Jones
Malec Jones
Click Lyric
Captain Hara
First Mate Huey

Jessie Valley
Kazue L Burns
Remy (recorded)
Geisser (recorded)
Pluto (recorded)
Paavo Lawson

Tsumi Watenabe
The Fool (recorded)
Fawn Nightingale
Janine "Good Wife"
Anish Amrit


The Pig
Maggot "Cannot Dance"

Some Pyras Cards

On Record

True Code

News & Events / -[Under NEW Management Tournament]-
« on: Sep 15, 2017, 12:45 PM »
You're hired! And now you're fired! Leave your character on the table cause it's officially

UNM is another blast-from-the-past tournament, more low key because the premise is quite unorthodox: When you sign up with a character, at the start of round one all characters are shuffled from their artists' hands and you continue the rest of the tournament with someone else's character!

Roster that signs up
PyrasTerran with Gigara
Kozispoon with Remy
Shen with Gray
Skulls with Xia
Round 1 matches
PyrasTerran with Gray vs. Kozispoon with Xia
Shen with Remy vs. Skulls with Gigara

Specific details
-When you start the round you will be attached to the battle and can upload pages for the character you have been assigned
-When you win, you gain a win for your artist record and the character gains their own win; the character's artist does not gain a win
-The same is true if you were to lose
-Points for Achievements/Trophies will go to the artist in control, not the artist of the character being used

Signup works like any standard tournament, just post in this thread to sign up by September 24 with the character of yours that you will be throwing into the roulette. Only 4 participants are needed to start the tournament, and to help yourself get acquainted with your new temporary character drawing times are 2 weeks per round. The winner will earn the New Management Champion 2017 title (the character used will earn a title acknowledging that it was used by the New Management Champion).

Optional Rules
- what if I want to participate with a preset character from another artist and I've been given permission?
- For this tournament, these terms will be accepted, under strict conditions:
1) You must still submit one of your own characters into the roulette. No risk, no reward
2) The artist whose character you are using cannot participate in the tournament. Doing so would be setting the possibility of 2 of that artist's characters to end up in the round 1 roster
3) Understand you will be given lower priority when picking a final roster

Follow these rules and you can sign up with a preset character that you've been given permission to use.

Info Breakdown
1) signup with character for roulette (or preset character is given permission to use, + rules followed for this)
2) signup deadline: September 24
3) Roster size: 4+
4) Drawing time per round: 2 weeks

Signup Sheet
Energy with Jessie Valley
Radji with Kurt & Polterdot
Mister Kent with Gargonne and AEGIS
A Bad Idea preset with Itami, and contributing Baku the Explosionist
Hellis with
Fukur0 preset with and contributing Ruuto
ScaryWaves preset with Holden Shark and contributing Mol
Fox with Kao5
Bobo with Bill

« on: Sep 03, 2017, 01:01 AM »
Hello Voidlings, Voidians, Voidsters and Voidites

for a long while we the staff of enterVOID followed a policy of not revealing future known tournaments until the sign ups would start. The idea behind this was to avoid a culture of "tournaments only" planning with battles, by keeping things secret we hoped to promote more random regular battling, as well as giving artists more of a rest between tournaments so they could do as much as they can each month. Over time we found that this approach didn't really change the regular battle activity in any meaningful way, nor did it change the activity of tournament fiends (if anything, not being able to plan far ahead may have prevented some of these artists from participating in some tournaments)

Starting now, we will be trying a new approach:
1) we will be displaying a public yearly schedule of upcoming events of all kinds, official and unofficial,
2) we will be allowing multiple tournaments to happen at once

Policy 1 will allow members to budget their time for future events, and see clearly which months are ripe to propose an unofficial tournament
Policy 2 has several potential benefits: it can let those who are ineligible for one tournament participate in another soon after and the extra choices will hopefully promote tournament makers to make sure they have a strong idea that others will want to participate in

And now for what you all scrolled down to see, the schedule

Things to Remember:

-The full bar for an event shown includes voting time, so the last 7 days of most events shown here is not drawing related
-Events get smaller and smaller obviously as participants are eliminated; the latter half of tournament runtimes will usually only have 2-4 artists participating at that time <- click if image thumbnail doesn't enlarge

Now attached here is the new Tournament Proposal Form


Tournament Name:
Theme & Rules:
Ideal Roster Size:
Ideal Drawing Time:
Date to Start:
Petition List: <- this is a new request; ideally you've spoken about this tournament idea with other members and some are on board for it should it be approved. Write here the list of members who are likely ready to join the tournament when sign ups begin. As you'd assume, the more people on this list, the more confident we are of the idea's viability and hype, but even as few as 3 is enough to consider

Send this form via DM or PM to me and the staff will review it. Whenever new additions to the schedule come up we will alert the community on this thread and on discord.

This thread will remain open for comments; feel free to use this thread as the forum's one-stop shop for future tournament talk, tourney ideas and comments and proposing suggestions

« on: Jul 14, 2017, 01:02 AM »
After a nonstop series of disasters this year, the city needs some serious city-wide reconstruction! Why not take a break from civilization and reconnect with nature in the nearby Behemoth Woods? This time, the city is paying for your vacation at the:

Camping grounds have been set up for the rest of summer in Behemoth Woods, and the police and Vanity district mages have joined forces to form a safe zone from the region's dangerous predators next to Angler Lake. While you're out in the untamed wilds enjoy the fresh air, partake in lake and river activities, grill up some delicious meats, go tree or rock climbing, embark on a hike, commune with nature or come up with camp activities near the safety of the cabins! If you're feeling adventurous, make your way past the safe zone into dangerous territory; the Behemoth Woods are full of strange and monstrous creatures, from the mythical to the prehistoric, and its fair share of magic ingredients and ancient artifacts, who knows what you'll find out there!

And don't worry, the NVCPD may be running the operation, but they'll be busy enough keeping the zone safe from the woods' behemoths, or taking vacations of their own, so enjoy this event like you would any other holiday party~

As a makeshift retreat from the recovery reconstruction effort going on in Void City, This is the first holiday collab comic that takes place in the time span of over a month; your characters can stay as long or as short as you wish but consider that an opportunity for new kinds of stories not told in just one night!

How to Participate
-Sign your retreat registration form here [HERE] . You can check who is participating [HERE]

-Simply submit at least one page of your character(s) (or others) mingling with other participants of the event

-Only one page is required to join in, but you can work on more pages, they can be just made solely by you, or you can collaborate with other artists

-Once you've completed your pages, send them to me via PM, email, or however you choose.

-By popular demand, we will be working to modify final scores for this comic so they don't apply for achievements/ranking. This will be the case for all future holiday collabs


This gives you about one and a half months to come up with at least ONE page to get in on the outdoors fun!


1) [SIGN IN]



The Christmas Party


The Valentine's Party

The St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl

The Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Summer Beach Party

Haunted Mansion Party

Underground Winter Party

The Valentines Masquerade

News & Events / Entervoid Promo Commercial Production
« on: Jun 03, 2017, 04:22 PM »
We will begin production this summer on a 30 second promo for entervoid for the purpose of helping advertise the site like any website commercial. It will require a team and contributions to help put together and anyone who wants to offer their services can pitch what they can provide here.

For the team we will be needing folks to develop:

-Graphic design
-Voice Talent

All potential team members are to audition for their role (for script/storyboard/design, pitch their idea/drafts for the promo; for music/talent, show off samples), they can do so here or privately

Another way you can contribute is allowing use of your pages and/or characters for the promo. If we choose to use your material we will need hi-res (300+ dpi) versions and alpha pngs of characters. If you can provide before-after material (character design from years ago vs a better, modern design, same with comic page quality) even better was we want to promote the site's benefits for growth and improvement. If you don't give express permission to use your material for this promo we will not use it.

I'll be adding more news to this thread as it comes about

This is the latest iteration of the gangs thread

In entervoid, a "gang" refers to any collection of characters part of a named group. They can be an organization fighting for justice, or a collective of criminals, and anything inbetween

If you want to add your own gang to the list, just use this easy-to-use template and post your new gang, to get it added:



List of members
(user with character & icon) ((hyperlinks are not mandatory but definitely helpful for reference)) (((if your character icon is not 50x50, use the [ img width=50 ]to make it so)))

How to Join: (instructions for how to become a member)

Purpose: (describe everything about the gang here, what it's about, etc.


Gangs with members who have not battled for over a year will be removed

Your gang must have at least 2 different artists' characters as part of it to make the front page list
(you are free to post your new gang in the thread looking for members)



Ma -                     

GrayOwl -               

Mr Murder -             

Cin -                        Seen from Grey comics

Commander Rovick- Seen from Shizana comics

■■■■■ -           

■■■■ -             

■■■■■■ -         

■■■■ -             

■■■■■■■ -         

■■■■■■■ -         

■■■■■■ -           

How to join
We'll Contact you.


A cohort of individuals who are unfettered by the confines of law or morality. Providing aid for one another to reach a common objective. Not being content to simply move the pieces on the board to win but rather to control the game itself from behind the curtain.


You might have seen this letter in your mailbox one day after a bloody encounter...

Congratulations, you have been granted membership to the Event Horizon.

Enclosed is your membership card.

We look forward to your patronage, as you continue to live by the sword.

Members who have used Event Horizon's services
PyrasTerran with BLACK|WHITE
PyrasTerran with Miller
Choleric with Mortido
le Fred with Casino Reasoning
Julz with Doctor Princess
Magistelle with Gumshoe
Mister Kent with Dipuc

How to join:
Your character will automatically be granted membership to Event Horizon after having being responsible for a significant death: Your character has to have won at least 1 Death Match or at least 1 Annihilation Match. Your character has to have actually played a part in their victim's death. There is an underworld/afterlife branch, so dead characters may also be granted membership.
(Contact PyrasTerran if your character qualifies and you want access to EH's services)

The Event Horizon is not a normal gang or group, but more of an exclusive luxury club. Though many assume that Event Horizon is designed solely for assassins, its doors specifically open to killers. Event Horizon is a one-stop shop for those who take/have taken lives: it's a hotel, bar, restaurant, vendors for purchasing weapons and ammunition, networking, library and easy access to the dark web. It's because of these many convenient services that Event Horizon is most famous for its customers being assassins.

The Event Horizon's location changes every day, though its door/portal can be identified with a gargoyle hanging over it. Only members may enter. It's possible to stumble in without realizing you're a member.

All Event Horizon members are given a membership card. This special card is used for identification for various services. This card is indestructible, and cannot be lost or stolen; it always appears in your hand when you need it. When you die, it follows you to the afterlife. If you are annihilated, it permanently disintegrates.

Conducting "business" (killing or attempting to kill) is strictly prohibited within the walls of Event Horizon. If you break this one rule you are first given a warning (killed). A second offense results in annihilation and the termination of your membership.

We await your visit.




Tetsukawa Zanko:


Ji Kei:

Zariah Aman:

Lang Zhujiang :

Kyo-Annie (NPC Gatekeeper)

How to Join:
- Must be a martial arts based character with preferably no superpowers (chi attacks and weapons are fine though)
- The KFG Headquarters is located in Wuxia City, the Kung Fu Capital of the World.  So be prepared to pack your bags to move, or make the commute.
- The KFG is not limited to female characters only, guys can join too as long as they're martial arts themed.

- Your character must take on THE CHALLENGE PAGODA and defeat three members of the KFG in order to join the ranks (referring to artists, so beating up the gatekeeper does not count).  You can fight them one at a time, or all at once if you think you are mighty.   New members will have have a new floor on the pagoda built for them, courtesy of Master Hakase.

Whether you fight for fame, vengeance, or honor... your fighting skills WILL be challenged in Wuxia City.


PyrasTerran with Chief Arena
GPS-Device with Detective Avery Mann
Radji with Detective Marie Kaarunen
Gregly with Officers Gwen & Regi

How to join:
-Must have a strong sense of justice
-Character must be willing to fight or possibly die to save the lives of innocents, no matter what race or group
-Contact PyrasTerran if you're interested
-You can optionally prepare an alternate, NVCPD outfit for your character sheet. It can be designed however you feel, taking into mind Void City colors, the NVCPD logo and your badge. You can place your character wherever you feel they would fit among the ranks. Badge animal engraving from ranks lowest to highest are as follows:
(note: first three positions are technically on same ranking, just do different work, officers patrol, technicians work with data/forensics at station, and detectives investigate. But in times of crisis, are ranked as below)
Hound : Officer
Owl: Technician
Wolf : Detective
Tiger : Lieutenant
Bear : Captain
Eagle : Chief (Arena only)
-Those that Arena trusts most are granted a special pouch of sand, which can be used to call upon Arena for assistance.

To serve and protect the citizens of New Void City against crime and corruption that would threaten their lives and livelihoods. The NVCPD seeks to never allow corruption, conspiracy or incompetence prevent justice, order and peace from being handed down. You'll often work with independent and/or contracted hero groups, teamwork is valued


Old Dock's CROWNS

List of members

(Kurt only) Kurt
Admins (members credited to command Crowns troops.)

Admins  Jowee  (Radji NPC)
                        Black Beef  (Radji NPC)
Associates Klepp

How to Join:

characters must be opposed to Void city's politics and police. to be willing to directly fight the NVCPD and any heroes trying to invade the Docks.
Associates are individuals that are under the protection of The Crowns. To become an associate, you must wear the logo somewhere on your clothes with the initials CA: Crowns Associate. Associates are not recquiered to fight for the gang.

Members must wear the logo somewhere on their cloths, or tattoo it somewhere on their body.
future members must contact Kurt and their candidature must be accepted by him. Members MUST fight for the gang.

The members fight for the independence of the Old Docks. They must always be ready to fight for their turf. The Crowns runs the artifacts traffic and run combat rings, casinos and other shady business, each under the protection of the gangs.
The crowns also act as a strike force against any potential disasters, such alien invasion, Kaijuus, dark sentais or rival gangs.
The Crowns are allies of Lithium and thus aid them in their struggle against Void and Caelum.

Crimes such as drug traffic, power stones traffic, human traffic and such,  are met with extreme prejudice.

The associates have protection trough the gang and can one day become members if they wish so. Members must protect associates when they are in need and offer them help in moment of need.

contact Radji if membership or associate statut interest you


petarvee with Karrin Klash 
Shen with Lilyfeather
Jackster with Dolly Dandelion
MyHatsEatPeople with Nana Perdi
Rhimwill with ShiZana

How To Join:
Members must wholeheartedly believe in the awesome power of love and friendship. Alignment-wise, Lawful Good is favored and a general good public image is preferred. Lastly and most obviously, contact, petarvee, about any potential membership to get the final yay or nay.

Spreading love and good vibes. You don't need to be a hero or a crimefighter to be a member of WULF. You don't need to be strong, or fast, or invulnerable to be a member either. What you need to be is a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a hand to help up. Whether you're a lawyer set on rehabilitation and understanding, a pro-bono therapist on the corner, or a volunteer at the local soup kitchen, you can all be members of WULF.

WULF agents also get a little charm that gives you a transformation sequence (ex here and here) as well as full access to The H.S.C. Beowulf at all times.

VOID Characters and Comics / || ARMAGEDDON 2017 ||
« on: Apr 13, 2017, 10:14 PM »
Round up the kids and lock your doors, it's finally time once again for ARMAGEDDON!

Armageddon is one of VOID's oldest and greatest events, pitting a team of battle-hardened artists against a major threat to the city, helmed by a veteran artist on the site. It's a grueling, difficult but potentially rewarding experience, and because there are so many strong links needed for this chain, the selection process is the most comprehensive of our events. You'll be stuck with 5 other artists for 6 weeks so we need to make absolutely sure that each Defender selected is as easy to work with as they are committed to completing pages.

Details: 6 week drawing time, beginning May 13th
Defenders will work together making one collaborated comic, vs the Threat artist who will work on their own

Threat: The King of Robots, by Monday
This year's threat is comprised of 3 elements: The colossal mech DEUS, the legion robot army MONO, and their creator: the greed-driven Incorporated States of America (ISA).

Defenders: [your character could be here]

If you're interested in being a Defender for our fair city against this titanic threat, please declare it on or before May 10th by posting to this thread the character you would use.  The Council will then decide the chosen Defenders.

This is a collaborative event! The defenders' side MUST tell one cohesive story!

There will be a page cap of 125 pages on the defenders' side! No trying to get around this with page stacking.

Signup List
Golden with Crikey Dile
Cornbread with Ma
Jaykat with Gossamer Swan
Sabulive with Johnny Sweet
Astro Sean with Harvey
Energy with Jessie Valley
GPS-Device with Avery Mann
Orion with David Birch
Syraxis with Heratik
Nothin with Beo
Radji with Kurt
Cracking Skulls with Xia
MyHatsEatPeople with Wizzie Belles
Rhimwill with Shizana
Shen with Sovereign Greece
Magistelle with Mammon
Zee with Grey
drawdan with Drednaut
Video320 with May Wu
elge with Lesdai Grahl
PyrasTerran with Arena
Berto with Ponbiki
Kent with Raygun
Felle with Viridius

Reference of Previous Armageddons
Armageddon I: Koji Tekkosho
Intro to Viridius
Armageddon II: Viridius
Intro to The Baron and Sarparajni
Armageddon III: The Baron and Sarparajni
Intro to Brownstone Castle
Armageddon IV: Brownstone Castle
Intro to Bayou and Bog
Armageddon V: Bayou and Bog

Some folks were keen on the alternate future apocalypse world Red and I made for TTT so I think now's a ripe time to revive an old art jam; customize your character for a post apocalypse setting. You can use any kind of apocalyptic scenario you want, of course

in case anyone was interested:

and here's my drawing entry:

Park is eventually rescued using the Andromedan crystal thanks to the efforts of Karrin and Ruuto (and the Toons that sacrificed themselves looking for it after the calamity). She's been refitted with a new cooling system designed by Karrin. Park assists the Toons by heading down to the surface as protection, as they search for cures/solutions for the mutations, the creaminess, and the abyssal virus

News & Events / 2017 TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT
« on: Feb 05, 2017, 11:28 PM »
4 years ago, one tournament shaped the landscape of Void City's "canon" unlike any since, and with a year of increased collaborative activity, what better time to bring it back?

Grab a partner and take to the ring in 2017's first official tournament:

the Tag Team Tournament is a regular 2-week drawing time tournament where two artists join together with one living character each (that's two characters) to take on opposing duos round after round.

This tournament is open to all members with good recent records (no chronic defaults/incompletes, etc. at the staff's discretion), and like last time, if we get too large a surge of participants for one bracket, it will be broken into two (meaning we'd fittingly have a pair of finale-winning pairs)

You and your partner are free to pair up in any capacity you choose. The collab could be writer/artist, artist/colorist, first half/second half, or anything in between. You are only limited by what you two decide for yourselves.

How to Sign Up
Both pairs must post on this thread with mutual confirmation of who they are entering with

(example: Pyras posts he will be using Miller and entering with Skulls' Xia, and Skulls posts as well confirming that she is using Xia and entering with Pyras' Miller)

DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 28, plenty of time to ask who wants to go to the tournament with you, and for some of you to rest from your V-Day grinds

Artists looking for partners
MrPr1993 with Cassidy
Pitafish with Merry Softshoe

Mammon Wizzie Belles
Lilyfeather   Karrin Klash 
               Xia Kurt & Polterdot
Johnny Sweet Elle                       
       Itami Jessie Valley
       The Fool Gossamer Swan
             Jiko Shi Capslock and Shift
Heratik Jeanna     
Deathwish Gwen & Regi
Merrik Sanderson Avery Mann             
        Beo Cornelius   
Cue Baku   
  Jane Blonde Dresden Sawyer
Harvey Klepp     
Petey Peyote Mimi the Mime 
       Mol Crikey Dile
Baby Barbarian Invyn & Jasper     
Nyasuu Pluto       
Lady Vanity (Starshine Fierce) Edge                                           
          Dr Fabulous Lt. Angus Blackader
Gigara Somadis

A while back, our very own Angieness set up a boot camp to help members who need a push with getting their comics completed on time.

The boot camp is now being re-opened under new management with Angie's blessing (and some of her writing lifted and recycled)

Pyras' Boot Camp

Have issues meeting deadlines? Need a push in the right direction with your work ethic? Want your very own editor for a project that'll kick you in the pants to get something done?

In the 8 years I've roamed these lands I have never defaulted, and even my most incomplete of comics have a comprehensible beginning-to-end. I work a very involved job in video post production as an editor/motion graphics artist, sometimes my weeks hit 60+ hours, and I have to juggle time spent with friends family and loved ones when I'm *not* working, so believe me when I say I know the struggle of battling life when making these comics. Now this dinosaur is ready to share his crazy methods with direct 1-on-1 coaching for the drawing duration of a comic on Void.


1) Sign up on this thread or reach me via any messenger software we share about the type of comic you would like me to coach you on.

2) When I reach you, we'll iron out a formal schedule with a set of mini-deadlines.

3) Once ironed out and drawing begins, your task is to meet each of the mini deadlines and have a complete comic by the time the deadline hits. I will be contacting you regularly to monitor your progress and keep you on task.

Sample Schedule:Bob wants a beyond battle with a 4 week deadline, he wants the whole thing to be in color. So we structure his schedule like so

May 1st:script and thumbnails due
May 8th:complete pencils due
May 15th:complete inks due
May 22nd:complete project due

The schedule will be structured differently for each person and built around how you work, if you do a page at a time that's cool, if you do everything in steps like the above that's cool too. The only thing that will be unacceptable is "I'm going to do everything in the last week", that's a waste of a long deadline. You are free to do more within each deadline so if you want to move ahead and do some coloring when you had only inking scheduled for the week, that's fine.


-2 people at a time. This is to keep myself from burning out, I'll post when I'm available again. You are free to sign up at any time, you will be added to a list. In the event there's an actual line and you want to pull out, just let me know.

-5 week maximum deadline.


-If you fail to meet any of the mini-deadlines (including the actual deadline you are booted from the boot camp!
--[If you failed at a beyond battle/artist comic, you can sign up again after having completed a full comic on Void. If you failed at a comic battle vs an opponent, you are perma-booted from the boot camp!]
---[Forgiveness and reinstating may happen on a case-by-case basis]

-Being booted from the boot camp a 2nd time is a perma-boot! You can no longer sign up for coaching

-Belligerence, rudeness, aka "Being a Douche" will result in a perma-boot!

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask

Signup List
1) Rikun
2) Energy [GRADUATED]
3) Shen
4) Scarywaves [GRADUATED]
5) MrPr1993
6) Astro Sean
7) yarnwitch [GRADUATED]
8 ) The Bent One [BOOTED]
9) Radji [GRADUATED]
10) Orion

News & Events / BEST OF VOID 2016
« on: Jan 09, 2017, 11:50 PM »
As 2016 sails away in a ball of putrid fire careening towards the sunset of our past, hoping to be long forgotten, it comes time to look back and recognize that despite the state of our seemingly doomed world, at least we pulled out some great comics. There were a ton of stellar pages and characters created in 2016 and this is the chance to recognize that!  Who will claim the most coveted and vaunted titles of last year? You decide! Just nominate your three top picks (up to three) for each category and once we tally the choices, we'll gather the majority selections of each and put them up on polls for you to vote, propelling the most-voted candidates to the Winner's Circle to claim all the bragging rights. To help you guys along, the mods have tirelessly compiled some relevant info and data to help you vote.  Remember these categories are for comics and artists featured here in the terrible year of 2016!

Voting for nominees begins on the 8th of January and will remain open for one week, at which point the nominees will be selected and presented for a final vote to determine the winners of each category, announced on the last weekend of January.

These two stages should give you plenty of time to think critically and/or reread classics of 2016!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE [Deadline: January 15]

You can only vote once, but if you wish to change your votes, contact Pyras before the deadline.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE [Deadline: January 22]

Reference Guide

Artist of the Year
Writer of the Year
Member of the Year (Example of an exemplary member of the community who is welcoming, helps others, is active and vocal, puts in extra effort for the sake of the community, etc.)
Most Improved Artist
Most Improved Writer
Best Newcomer
Best Monochromatic Comic
Best Full Color Comic
Best Beyond Battle Comic
Best One Shot Comic (Artist, Sparring, etc.)
Character of the Year
Best New Character
Best Layout Design
Best Experimental Comic
Most Dearly Departed (Favorite Character who died this year)
Best Battle (collectively best final products altogether from each artist in the battle, tightest score race, solid performance on both sides, etc.)

Active New Characters (had at least two battle & is alive ((exceptions to late-year entries)))
Kurt & Polterdot
Good Wife Bad Wife
Louise Ambre-Aliona
Tod Mutel
Polme & Caspain
Vespa Valencia
Baby Barbarian
Samuel Elias
Rorrin Bailey
Cherry B0MB
The Fool
Abigail Lynnhaven
Seraphina Lynch
Merry Softshoe
Lilah & Maddox
Johnny Cool
Sugar Rush
Cassidy Madson
Click Lyric
Kay the Swan
Judgement Call
Karrin Klash
Kazue L Burns
Alex and Bailey

Beyond Battles and Artist Comics of 2016
Arena in The Gauntlet - FINALE
Speed Death in To Jupiter: A Love Letter
3 Page Max in BEYOND INTRO
Smee & Lee in In a flash...
Mortido in LSD
Mimi in Perfect Day
Hourlies by Fearn
24 HORUS COMIC by Radji
World's Sexiest Geniuses in THE RADDINATOR
Kurt & Polterdot in Strollin' and Trollin'
Satin in Best Friends
BLACK|WHITE in Revolving Door
Gangsta Geeta in Gangsta Geeta Returns
Dr. Fabulous and Kurt & Polterdot in Incredible. Simply Amazing. a Triumph.
Wizzie Belles in Heavy Weight 2016: TAKE ME OUT TO THE SUNSET CITY
Cat Adventures by Dr. Salt
GIGARA in [REBOOT] << Intro Story
Fright Night by Radji
Masters of Lunacy by Karlorowe
Xia and Kurt & Polterdot in Wanderin' Down Old Docks
Frank and Emmelia in The Return
Karrin Klash in Dam It (AKA After the Flood)
Mammon in Doin' Ya Best
Jiko Shi in Me and Mr. Wolf
Smee & Lee in SlimeGirls never die...
Klepp in Dam, Bruh.[/ur]
[url=]Britta Alastair in The Void.

Baby Barbarian in The Huns
Dolly Dandelion in Before the Hellstorm
24 Hour Comics Day by Charlie
Jiko Shi in BONUS: Moving Day
Shizana in Spider Babies

Stroll in the Woods I by Radji
Stroll in the Woods II by Radji
Stroll in the Woods III by Radji
Dr Fabulous and Harvey in Holidays
Holden Shark in Dramamine

Most Prolific Artists (5+ battles in the year)
Mister Kent
Astro Sean
Ten Dead Kings
Jetser Jay

New Artists in 2016 (+2 comics in the year)
The Man Who Planted Swag

Characters killed in 2016
Ignatius Weaver
REM Ver.3.3
Jonos Valorous
Sludge Bucket
Nana Perdi
Smee and Lee
Punch Buggy
Rampant Rabbit
Ravage the Rabbit
Iron Fist Justine
Delicious Breakfast
The Demon Gu
Lilly Kaktos
Victor The Chessman
Dyna & The Gal
ex nihilo
Speed Death
The Prince of Erbium
Flower Power
a birb
3 Page Max
The World's Sexiest Geniuses
Literally Jupiter
La Governesse
Snouthead Nefarious
Yi Strike Seo
Mr. Shui
Psychic Prince

Events of 2016
Light Speed Death Tournament
Ragnarock 2016
2016 Heavyweight Tournament
2016 Invitational
Spooky Scarmageddon 2016

Notice any information above is incorrect? Just let us and we'll correct it! Have questions about a category? Go ahead and ask us!

Want to advocate for an artist, character or comic for an award? You can freely post your reasons for why you think a certain award should go to whom. BUT REMEMBER only nominations tallied in the form link shown at the top will be used to determine the final nominees

News & Events / DISCUSSION: Tournaments of 2017
« on: Dec 06, 2016, 07:06 PM »
A peek into how the staff operates: we like to plan out the next year's list of official tournaments ahead of time, it's easy to manage and schedule and lets us help set up non-official tournaments and events that members want to host.

We are now in talks about possible tournaments for 2017 and are interested in what ideas excite the members. We've learned alot so far from the discord chat mini surveys, and would like to see some of the opinions recorded here for reference.

We try to see about making at most 3 tournaments/events for the year

For your reference:

1) The most popular idea being looked into is a collaboration-style tournament (two artists join forces). The three main ideas being bounced are standard tag team tournament, a scar tag team tournament, and a lovechild (offspring from two existing characters) death tournament.

2) other ideas being discussed include:
-Scar Healing Tournament (each round is scar matches, winner erases all scars they wish),
-King of Hell (underworld/afterlife-themed annihilation tournament or battle royale, open to new and dead characters)
-Master of Disaster (post apocalypse-themed multi-round battle royale, disaster is different each time this event is held, last time was nuclear winter)
-Armageddon 2017 (6 characters vs. an armageddon threat, handled by one or more veteran artists)
-Light Speed Death Tournament: Multiverse (each round has a different theme, for example: space, pirates, gender bent, etc.)

3) Previous tournaments that might be of interest with a return:
-King of the Monsters (different from monster mash in that it's giant monsters oriented)
-All Together Now (Artist uses 2 of their own characters, alive or dead)
-Under New Management (Artists use a character that is not theirs)

4) This is not a list of forced choices out of your control; if you happen to have tournament ideas you're more than welcome to share them here. Even if they don't get the traction to become official, you might find enough fans to make an unofficial event, of which there are many (Miller Death Tournament, Ragnarock, Game Night, Election, etc.)

Art Jams / ELECTION 2016 Art Jam
« on: Nov 29, 2016, 08:32 PM »
Dr Fabulous has stepped down during the primaries leaving Gumshoe, Buster Jones (Jacques), Conway and Koosh-Koosh! This jam thread is to collect all campaign-related art for this event

News & Events / Special Battle Royale Event: ELECTION
« on: Nov 15, 2016, 10:49 PM »
Jane Blonde is resigning as Mayor of Void City, and the people must pick a new ambiguously canon leader to run the chaotic metropolis! It's time for an


The way this works is simple:

Four characters will face off in a comic battle royale, each drawing a campaign/election related comic.
The winner becomes the new Mayor of Void City

*(this is not an official title like those for tournament champion but rather a fun way to shake up the collective "canon" we artists use for Void City)

Jane Blonde faced off against Buster Jones to earn her seat, and you can read that comic [here]

The comics do not have to follow any set narrative path. You don't have to literally write your character winning the campaign in your comic acceptance speech and all (and it might be more fun to not do this and add to the air of mystery of who will be mayor), it could be a specific story that happens during the campaign season, not unlike what Kent and LeFred did in the previous election battle.

Now like any election for office, candidates must meet a list of requirements to be selected, and only four characters will be selected for the battle royale.[/i] Please be courteous if you are not chosen for this election.

Candidate Qualifications
1) Candidate must be a fullgrown adult
2) Candidate must be a registered citizen of Void City (not a just a resident, or fresh off the boat/spaceship/interdimensional portal)
3) Candidate must have paid their debt to society for any past crimes (payment of fines, jail time, community service, etc.) ((don't worry you don't have to have had this happen in comic form or anything but identifying it in your comic would be nice))
4) Administrative experience is NOT a requirement (but will be taken in as a plus for qualification)

Signups will end on the 27th, or once four candidates have been selected. If four candidates aren't found by the 27th, then 3 or 2 candidates will suffice.

Once the four candidates have been selected, a reasonable date, drawing time and deadline will be negotiated with the four artists participating in the battle, in order to accomodate for the best chance for all four artists to give it their all. Starting time will ideally be as early as possible.

if you have any questions about the qualifications of your character please feel free to reach me, it's possible to be flexible under some conditions

Good luck, future Mayor!

Primaries Roster
Jacques (disguised as Buster Jones)
Dr. Fabulous

« on: Sep 12, 2016, 06:46 PM »
Come one, come all to the comic collab event that keeps on keeping, it's time for another Holiday Collaboration Comic and this time see if you can last the night! The next event is

The Miller siblings have purchased a haunted mansion and are inviting YOU to come and party with those brave enough to accept the invitation. Drink and dance, or explore the labyrinth of halls and rooms in search of the many valuable prizes the Millers have hidden throughout the manor! Or you can try and solve the mysteries of the haunted mansion I guess, but there's no prizes for that! Those who stay/survive the night are rewarded a gift basket.

How to Participate
-Sign your liability waiver here [HERE] . You can check who is participating [HERE]

-Simply submit at least one page of your character(s) (or others) mingling with other participants of the event

-Though only one page is required to join in, you can make as many pages as you want, and they can be just made solely by you, or you can collaborate with other artists

-Once you've completed your pages, send them to me via PM, email, or however you choose. If you have more than one character involved, choose one of them for the comic to be posted up with, they will be the sole benefactors of the beyond battle's score


This gives you almost 2 months to come up with at least ONE page to get in on this spooky fun!

The Millers hope to see you all there....   (:<


1) [SIGN IN]




for the sake of keeping the comic's page from exploding with character icons, only ONE of your characters will have this beyond battle attached to them. So when you send me your pages, please let me know which character you would like to be tagged with the comic when it goes up.

Again this is just for people submitting with 2 or more of their characters

Hey guys I think it would be great to have a page at the end that showcases all the costumes with the name of who they're costumed as, so whoever can make a simple and clean fullbody or upper torso drawing of their character in costume that'd be tight~

THE INCUBATOR / PyrasTerran's Incubator Factory
« on: Sep 11, 2016, 04:02 PM »
I'll use this thread for upcoming characters of mine from now on

First i'll show off some of my characters coming in the future:

Hadal the Deep Demon

a brawler through and through with electric powers and a sharkier form the more frenzied he gets. he can sense lifeforms around him by their bio electric signature and smell blood from a mile away.

taken from his home under the sea as a slave, his tenacity helped him make a name for himself in the pirate world until in adulthood he achieved status and infamy, and became captain of his own ship and crew

Hadal is a character of mine from an old pirate-themed Pathfinder game i used to play a few years back. @petarvee showed me some sweet looks to help un-plain his clothes for future sketches

D.E.U.S. the Robot Archmage

his robot body is super strong and comes equipped with a laser beam that he can amplify to various levels, and he is an expert mage, his super computer brain able to quantify and comprehend complex spells and wizardry that would day men years to perfect.

DEUS is an anomoly, a ghost in the shell case that somehow was able to conceive of and harness magic. he seeks to unify the world under his twisted cult

DEUS used to be an organic character with explody powers but somewhere along the lines i reworked the cult following/grandmaster idea and came up with a robot instead which I thought was neat

And the character that will be coming first is

Revu Marcs, aka "The Gray Owl"

(comes with music for intro )

a killer tactician with a utility belt full of gadgets and tools for all forms of combat, he packs it differently depending on who it is he's facing (he always avoids a battle if he doesn't know exactly who his target is and how to defeat them). his wings are like owl wings, he can fly in and out of anywhere without making a sound, and he's got owl superhearing, letting him fight even blind. His special blades (they will be matte black when i color) are made of a mysterious metal that absorbs and negates energies, including hiemium radiation, v-element, magic, etc. giving him a chance to fight on even ground with some superpowered targets

he wants to see the void government toppled as revenge for hiemium miners destroying his homeland and slaughtering his people

Revu is a bird-man DND character from ages ago, my longest used, and has gone through many arcs, heroic and villainous. Alotta history and this is a new iteration

and like a good boy I've got pages to go with this!

Coming Soon

« on: May 28, 2016, 10:45 PM »
Come one, come all to the comic collab event that keeps on keeping, it's time for another Holiday Collaboration Comic and this time you better pack your sunscreen! The next event is

The Miller siblings have rented out the beach and neighboring hotels for an entire weekend of fun in the sun! All day and night belong to you! Sun bathing, sand castles, surfing, volleyball, swimsuit and muscle competitions, grilling & BBQs, music, dancing, bonfires and of course plenty of booze and debauchery! And they want YOU in on the fun!

How to Participate
-Sign in for your beach reservation [HERE] . You can check who is participating [HERE]

-Simply submit at least one page of your character(s) (or others) mingling with other participants of the event

-Though only one page is required to join in, you can make as many pages as you want, and they can be just made solely by you, or you can collaborate with other artists

-Once you've completed your pages, send them to me via PM, email, or however you choose. If you have more than one character involved, choose one of them for the comic to be posted up with, they will be the sole benefactors of the beyond battle's score


This gives you almost 2 months to come up with at least ONE page to get in on this Summer fun! And new members who have come in through the Invitational are welcome to contribute as well!

The Millers hope to see you all there!


1) [SIGN IN]




for the sake of keeping the comic's page from exploding with character icons, only ONE of your characters will have this beyond battle attached to them. So when you send me your pages, please let me know which character you would like to be tagged with the comic when it goes up.

Again this is just for people submitting with 2 or more of their characters

VOID Characters and Comics / WEREWOLF THINGS™
« on: Apr 03, 2016, 06:53 PM »
Fun Fact: There's alot of wolf people in Void

Werewolf Things™ coined by mortooncian~

more shitposts ahoy



VOID Characters and Comics / Evaluate Me! Thread
« on: Mar 31, 2016, 04:59 PM »
So I wanted to make this survey so people can anonymously help me collect data on my current skill level as a sequential artist, and when trying to figure out where to put this, I was given the great idea to make a thread that ANYONE can use to do the same thing;

I would greatly appreciate if you can check out this survey and fill it out, I think it would help me make a map of where I am and where I should be headed as far as my art. Thanks in advance!

And like I said, any of y'all can use google forms or whatever other survey machine to make your own evaluations for us to go through and post them here!

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