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THE INCUBATOR / Here comes a new challenger!!
« on: Feb 19, 2016, 01:35 AM »
Hello EnterVOID!

Let me start off by telling you just a bit about myself. Back in high school, which feels like forever ago, I drew all the time. I met and became good friends with Shen and we used to draw comics all over each others' sketchbooks. It was good times.

After high school, I discovered webcomics, and have wanted to do one ever since. Sadly, somewhere along the way I lost all my confidence in my drawing abilities. It was to the point where I believed I had no talent whatsoever and completely gave up.

For about 6 years, save for the occasional sketch here and there.

Then, about a year ago I started to get some shred of my confidence back. I realized the dream of having my own webcomic never died, it just became dormant for awhile.

So, I started drawing again, and little by little I started to get back into the swing of it, after I started posting things to various social media, Shen contacted me and was all "Join EnterVOID!" and I said "Alright, I'll check it out." and because I'm such a great friend I put that off for about 6 months.

Well, earlier this week I finally did check it out and ho boy am I excited, and super anxious, about trying to become a part of this community!

Anyway, enough about me, let's get to the meat and potatoes.

I give you: Lawson!

I'll keep things pretty brief here, I'm still working on his actual design sheet and intro story. But the long and the short of it is, 6 months ago he woke up in a smoldering crater on the outskirts of Void City with amnesia and super powers. The only thing he could remember is the name Lawson, and he's not entirely sure it's even his name, but he started going by it anyway.

He was later taken in by the owner of a small arcade named Jonas Winter (He'll be on the design sheet too.)

His powers are: Super Speed, usually running around 200 mph but can push himself upwards of 500.
Increased resilience, he's basically made to absorb enormous impacts. Handy if you happen to run into a bus running 200+ mph.
With this increased resilience, he also has increased strength, by no means super human, but stronger than an average human.

Weaknesses: While it takes quite a bit to injure him, when he does get injured it takes much longer to heal.
Can't swim, he seems denser than most and has almost no buoyancy. He sinks like a rock.

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