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Art Jams / 2018 Secret Santa!
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 01:48 PM »
You thought I forgot! It's time again for

You know how it works! You sign up here in this thread from now until December 1st! December 1st is the cutoff!

--Make a post here saying if you would like to participate! It would probably be helpful to say what you would like a drawing of or if you do not care, but I am leaving it up to your benefactor as the final say on what you get.
--Following this, you will be randomly assigned a Voider to draw art for! I will PM you sometime around December 1st or so, depending on how hungover I probably am. I can only send like 20 PMs an hour so it may take a while to get your name.
--You will have from the moment you receive your giftee's name until December 30th to draw some art! Thats almost the entire month of December! It'll be like one extra gift just after Christmas, to make up for last year when no one bought you anything.
--E-mail them to me when you are done! and include who you are and who the gift is for in your e-mail. You can also DM it to me on Discord. I will try to post them early on December 31st, just before going out to get hammered. TRY TO GET THEM TO ME BEFORE THE MORNING OF THE 31st!
--Who can participate? Probably you! The only requirement is you have an approved character on the site. They do not have to be alive.

I ABSOLUTELY will be on everyone's asses about this I am taking this very seriously. I am going to keep a running tally here of who has signed up and when they get their gift to me so everyone knows if I got their message or not!

2017 Secret Santa
2016 Secret Santa
2015 Secret Santa
2014 Secret Santa

HELPER ELVES- A list of people willing to draw something at the last possible second on the off chance someone doesn't get their gift done before the 30th! If you want to draw backup, let me know also in your signup! You may be called upon just after Christmas- but hopefully not!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


1. Shen  ---------------------------------------SELF FIVE
2. Golden  -------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
3. JayKat  -------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
4. Astro Sean  -------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
5. Desichan -------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
6. Rittzler  ---------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
7. otakutaylor ---------------------------------HIGH FIVE
8. neens -------------------------------------------- HIGH FIVE
9. Jackster  --------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
10. Radji  -----------------------------------------HIGH FIVE!
11. Gregly ---------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
12. Majikura --------------------------------------- HIGH FIVE
13. Julz ---------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
14. Badger  ------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
15. ArtsAndGoodies  ------------------------------------------HIGHFIVE
16. Yarnwitch  -------------------------------------------------HIGHFIVE
17. Fukur0
18. Nothin  ------------------------------------------------------- HIGH FIVE
19. William_Duel ----------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
20. Pita ------------------------------------------------------HIGHFIVE
21. Bobo --------------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
22. Hellis --------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
23. MrPr1993 -------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
24. Fearn  ------------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
25. Crocostyle  -------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
26. reecer6 ----------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
27. Catalessi
28. Orion  ---------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
29. BoogidiBzdo ----------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
30. Technicolor-yawn ---------------------------------HIGH FIVE
31. zee ------------------------------------------------------ HIGH FIVE
32. Kozispoon -----------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
33. Energy -----------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
34. Ten Dead Kings ---------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
35. Heathen  -----------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
36. Astrodile -----------------------------------------------HIGH FIVE
37. Viperchief
38. Pepper JAQ

News & Events / 2018 TOURNAMENT SURVEY
« on: Oct 18, 2018, 10:17 PM »
We made a little survey for everyone to let us know about how you felt about the tournaments this year!
2018 was definitely an experimental year. We released a calendar of upcoming events, and packed the year full of tournaments, sometimes having them overlap. We know that some of you liked this and some of you didn't like the changes. Please take a few minutes to send us some feedback so we can adjust for 2019, thanks!

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