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spit spat, time to chat / Fire Emblem Fates Castles
« on: Feb 24, 2016, 04:03 PM »
Going from the Discord chat, a bunch of voiders picked up Fire Emblem Fates! Post your castle codes here so we can visit each other and get cool accessories and such.

News & Events / New Battle Type: Annihilation!
« on: Oct 10, 2015, 04:39 PM »
A year or two we cracked down on certain Month of the Dead matches by banning death matches against dead characters. These battles were banned because it was considered to be unfair as there was no risk to the dead character. But after much discussion, we figured out a way to make these kinds of battles possible by introducing a new battle type:

Enter ANNIHILATION battles!

This type of battle functions as a normal death match for living characters, but a dead character will be completely Annihilated from the site if they are to lose. What does it mean for your dead character to be Annihilated? The dead character will be never be able to be used competitively on the site ever again, or for any comics that will work in favor of your rankings and achievements. This includes Month of the Dead, Speed Resurrection Tournament, Beyond Battles, or any special events and battles where dead characters can otherwise participate. This is the highest stake match on the site and there is no going back. Are you hardcore enough to put everything on the line?!

So the character can't be used AT ALL??

The character can still appear as cameos in other comics, but cannot be used for any vs battles, nor can they be the star character of Beyond Battles. As Artist comics do not apply stats for rankings or achievements, your character can still be used for Artist comics.

BONUS: Death Scar Matches now allowed!

Scar matches will be allowed using dead characters as well under the appropriate battle conditions (Month of the Dead, Speed Resurrection, etc.). You cannot use these dead characters again until the scar has been added to your design sheet and implemented in your next pages.

Jobs / Tool for Commission Pricing
« on: Sep 14, 2015, 11:55 AM »
Every now and then I get asked the best way to price your commissions. Well, there's a handy tool that's been floating around that should help you get a general idea of what to make your prices.

Start the timer, and draw/ink/color something so you can get a general idea of how long/how much you should be charging. Do not under any circumstances charge prices that amount to you getting less than minimum wage per hour! You are worth more than that! I see so many amazing people online charging way below what they should, and it not only hurts the artist, but everyone else. By under charging, you give other people the impression that dirt cheap prices are the standard, and it robs the people that charge reasonable prices of work.

I get that there are always going to be people the charge way too little, and you may feel like you're charging too much. If someone is too cheap to pay for your work, they don't deserve you. So please use this tool to get a good idea of what your prices should look like!

News & Events / Suggest An Event!
« on: Aug 23, 2015, 02:35 PM »
It's clear from the "vote for the new EnterVOID tournament" thread that a lot of people have some ideas of their own for what they would like to see! So let's get the ideas flowing! What would you like to see tournaments or event wise? Keep in mind you don't have to give us ideas that have already done before. There's traditional tournaments, round robins, battle royale style, Arma style, collab/team style, etc. but there's likely much more that we haven't tackled on the site before. If there's a really cool idea you see in here and you want to make it a reality, contact the mods so we can work out how to make it happen.

VOID University / MOVED: Купить Модны
« on: Jun 30, 2015, 08:41 AM »

At long last we're going to actually color something! But don't get too excited as this is the worst part of coloring and I hate it and it's awful and I want to cry when I have to do it. But if you've been reading these tutorials, I have given you all the tools and shortcuts I have to make it as painless as possible.

Coloring Tutorial Part 3:Flats make me cry

Remember back in part 1 when I taught you how to use photoshop actions, to remove anti aliasing on your selection tools, and how to clean your lineart? Well if not, go back and read those and get your lineart and tools prepped.


Alright here we go!

There isn't a whole lot to cover that wasn't already covered in the first 2 parts but onward...

Using the magic wand tool go through and select the white areas of your image (lineart provided by Lysol-Jones here) like so

Then in a layer below the lineart layer (lineart again set on Multiply) use your Photoshop action from the first tutorial to expand your selection and then use the paint bucket to fill in your selection.

Rinse and repeat until your flats are complete.

The important thing to remember here is you want your layers nicely organized and labeled so you can easily find things. My system is

S=sky layer
Colors=character flats

I'll expand it to S2 if I have another color sky or something I don't want to put the shading layer on, but just use whatever system makes sense for you. I always keep my background layers separate from the character layers so I don't have to worry about accidentally getting something from the background layer onto the foreground. There are people that use clipping masks and such for this too, but this is the method that I know and what works for me.

Another thing to note is I can easily select each of these colors without worrying about the selection grabbing more than I want. For instance if I have 2 reds that are too similar next to each other, the magic wand is going to grab them both instead of just one of them like so



It's important to note that these likely won't be my final colors, they're a little crazy right now just so I can easily select/change things down the road. Now that we have the flats down we can start the fun shading part! Next time!

Coloring Tutorial Part 2:Prepping Lineart for Colors

Ready to color? Not yet you aren't! In this part I'm going to teach you how to make your lineart clean and easy to color. At a professional level you are expected to know how to clean and properly scan your lineart so this information will be handy to you whether you work traditionally or digitally. Now I can't teach you how to scan your work because every scanner has different software and settings. But a good rule of thumb is to scan your lineart at Black and White or Bitmap settings at 600 DPI. (note, black and white, not grayscale)

For those of you that work digitally, there is still some prep to be had. If you're drawing in Manga Studio, congratuations! Manga Studio lineart is already bitmap so you can go take a nap.

For those of you drawing in Photoshop or Sai however, this is for you. Having colored many a digital artist in my time, I can confirm that most of you draw using the default Photoshop brushes. Which is totally fine. But the anti aliasing in the default brushes makes it kind of annoying to color and get clean selections. But worry not, for we are going to fix that. Up close your lines probably look like this

If it doesn't, go take a nap with the Manga Studio people. But if it does I want you to go up to Image:Adjustments:Threshold

The default settings are fine, which should probably be around 128. As you can see there, this will make your lines crisp. I know zoomed way far in they look scary and jagged, but don't panic. Printed or zoomed out no one will notice and it will be our little secret. It's important to note that if you are working in CMYK for print, you have an extra step as this step just made your lineart gray. Go to Image:Adjustments:Replace Color then select any of the black lineart and choose black. All fixed.

Okay Manga Studio people, come back, it's time for you again.

We're going to put our lineart on a new layer set on Multiply. (ignore the fact I don't have it set on multiply there, I forgot)

Now we're going to go to the Channels tab. CTRL+Click your thumbnail next to "RGB" or "CYMK" then use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+I

Then go back to layers, and make a new layer above your lineart set on normal. Use the paint bucket tool with the color black and fill in your selection. You now have a layer of lineart without a background for you to do what you wish wish!

If you lock the lineart layer you can use it to make color holds with easy like so

While that step wasn't entirely necessary I like to have it there in the event I decide I want to randomly color hold something or as an extra security blanket in the event I accidentally mess up something with the main lineart layer at any point.


If you're doing a comic for Void or just for viewing on a computer monitor, you want to be using RGB. There are also certain printers like Ka-blam that allow you to use RGB. And I have recently learned that there are a number of colorists working for DC and Marvel that initially color their work at RGB while relying on proofing to get it accurate for print, but we won't go into that. CMYK is exclusively for print work and is still an industry standard for both comics and print in general. I work in RGB when I can due to the larger variety of color and vibrance it allows, because you don't know rage until you have tried to color a comic about brightly colored ponies and half of the purples and pinks don't work in CMYK.

Closing Lineart Gaps

For those of you with super clean lineart without any gaps, pat yourself on the back and go get an ice cream because you're done. For those of you that work a little more loosely or just like leaving gaps for the sake of how it looks, buckle down for you aren't done yet. Lineart provided by Amazingdavid

I need you to duplicate your lineart layer and name it something like "lineart copy" or something else that makes sense to you. You will be manually filling in your lineart gaps using the pencil tool as punishment for what you have done. For the sake of the tutorial I've used red so you can see what I mean by filling in the lineart gaps.

It's going to look dumb, don't worry. This layer only exists so you can easily select things and make your life a million times easier. You'll be deleting this layer when you've finished coloring the image.
And that wraps things up for this part, next time we're going to learn the most painful part of coloring:FLATS!

Just starting out with Photoshop and want to learn how to color lineart? Or are you familiar with Photoshop but need some tips and tricks on how to improve your color speed? I'm here to help! This is part 1 to an in depth guide on how to color using Adobe Photoshop! The material that will be covered was likely covered in my old coloring topic, but I'm making a fresh one due to all the old broken photos.

Coloring Tutorial Part 1:How to Photoshop

The program I'll primarily be using is Adobe Photoshop. I have used Photoshop 5, 7, CS3, and CC and can say for coloring, they're pretty much all the same. There's a few extra bells and whistles in terms of filters and appearance in newer versions, but for what we're doing that won't matter. I can't really provide you any information on using free programs like Sai or GIMP as I have little experience with them.

1.Obtaining Photoshop
It's now easier than ever to get a legal copy of Photoshop without having to crawl through the depths of shady torrents on pirating websites, Photoshop CC can be had for $10 a month through Adobe at

2.Tools/Terms we'll be using and what settings to have

Flatting-to lay flat colors on an image

Anti-Aliasing- Webopedia defines it as "In computer graphics, antialiasing is a software technique for diminishing jaggies - stairstep-like lines that should be smooth. Jaggies occur because the output device, the monitor or printer, doesn't have a high enough resolution to represent a smooth line. Antialiasing reduces the prominence of jaggies by surrounding the stairsteps with intermediate shades of gray (for gray-scaling devices) or color (for color devices). Although this reduces the jagged appearance of the lines, it also makes them fuzzier."

In the image below the top is something with anti-aliasing, the bottom one has it turned off.

While anti-aliasing has its uses, when laying down flats we want to turn off the check mark here for all of our selection tools.

This includes
lasso tool
rectangular marquee tool
magic wand
paint bucket

So right now you need to go through and select all these tools and make sure that the box next to anti aliasing isn't checked. We want optimal selections for quick and easy flatting.

Here are the tools we will primarily be using across all these tutorials:
Lasso Tool
Magic Wand
Pencil/Paint Brush Tool
Paint Bucket/Gradient Tool

3.Photoshop Actions

Photoshop has the handy ability to record certain actions you do and bind them to a certain keyboard shortcut. The action we will be using for these tutorials is for making flats.

If the Actions window is not already on your screen go to Window:Actions and turn it on.

Click on "Create New Action"

Name it whatever you want, preferably something you'll remember. Now choose Function Key, which is going to be the F1, F2, F3, etc. keys at the top of your keyboard along with shift or control. What you're doing is choosing what key binding will activate your action. For flats I personally use F2+CTRL because it's easy to get to, choose whichever is most comfortable for you.

Select record.

Now using the magic wand tool click on a white area of your lineart like so.

Now here's the fun part. Go to the top of the screen to Select:Modify:Expand and then choose 1-3 pixels. (I prefer 2 but if your lineart is very thin you may want to stick with 1)

Then simply go back to the Actions window and click on "stop recording" at the bottom.

Now every time we're flatting our images we can make selections, then hit CTRL+F2 and then paint bucket things to our heart's content without having nasty unclean edges like so.

A is when we try to do flats without the shortcut. B is flats with the shortcut.

Now you officially know all the tools we will be using for future steps! Please let me know if you need me to clarify something.

Art Jams / Videogame Avatar Jam
« on: Jan 16, 2015, 03:13 PM »
A bunch of us have all been playing Fire Emblem Awakening in the DA chat and started a jam for drawing our game's Robin. (name of the avatar character) But to open this up to more people, here's a jam for drawing your customized characters from your favorite games! Because may as well squeeze something artistic out of playing videogames now and then. The only criteria for this jam is it must be a visually customized character you made and not just fanart of a character you like, as there's designated jams for that already. Examples:World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc.

My male and female Robins from Fire Emblem Awakening

Resources & Tutorials / Character Variation Exercise
« on: Nov 11, 2014, 10:40 PM »
(note:make sure you click on the images to see them in full size! Void likes to make things tiny)

I've seen a lot of articles and posts about lack of variation in female character lately, so I thought the earlier artists start to tackle this problem the better! Take a serious look at your characters' faces and body types, do your characters look all the same in face and body like this?

Or do all of your males look awesome and different but you fall into the trap of making all of your women the same body type like so?

While lack of variation doesn't necessarily make you a bad artist or designer, you'll find you have a lot more fun playing around with a variety of characters instead of relying on a bland template.

I want you to all take some of your characters and make simple silhouettes of each of them without clothing so we can see their body structure. Does everyone all have the same exact body type? If so, fix it! Especially watch your female characters' bodies and faces, as those are issues that even Disney has been struggling with for years. This exercise isn't exclusively about female characters as male characters can fall into the same problems too, it's just an overall exercise to get you to change things up. Remember women don't always have to be pretty and men don't always have to be handsome, ugly characters are a blast to draw.

Here's a lineup of several of my female characters as an example for what I'm asking for.

Art Jams / Videogame Class Group Jam
« on: Oct 20, 2014, 06:38 PM »
Similar to the Void Tactics Jam this is a jam based around designing characters that would be partied together in a videogame. But I wanted to keep it open to themes beyond the classic RPG and for this to include multiple characters. Want to make a team of scifi characters with your own custom made up classes? Go for it!

The goal here is to design a balanced party that could theoretically play together. For example, a traditional RPG group of 5 might have a warrior/tank, paladin/priest/healer, rogue, hunter, mage. You are free to either use your Void characters/someone else's characters because everyone loves the fanarts and just adapt them for your theoretic game, or design all new characters! (if you use your Void characters THEY MUST BE UPDATED TO MATCH YOUR MADE UP GAME)

Your group must have 3 minimum in it. Most games are set up for groups of 3-5, but if you want to go all Fire Emblem and have a giant party of 15 characters, have at it. There is no need to describe the class or post stats unless you really want to go crazy. The only information you're required to include is the class and its role ie warrior=tank mage=dps priest=healer. These must be new drawings, no lazies allowed.

Here's some inspiration! (obviously click them as the forum is going to shrink them)

If you want to totally go crazy with designing stuff and making your own unique classes, feel free to include what each gender looks like, different races, etc.

VOID University / VCU Battle Challenge 6:New Background Setting
« on: Oct 20, 2014, 12:47 PM »
Been a while since we've had a new VCU battle challenge so here we go! I challenge everyone to do a comic that takes place in a new location/setting. I've seen enough comics that take place in a city (often with all box shaped even height buildings) to last me a lifetime on Void. Give yourself a breath of fresh air by doing something you haven't done before!

Like with previous challenges, there is no deadline, this is just an exercise to get you to try new things. Please post here when you have accomplished the goal!

Here are some suggestions!
snowy mountain
non modern town/village

Some examples to get you all like oh my god I need to do this.

Resources & Tutorials / Presentation is Important
« on: Jul 25, 2014, 02:11 PM »
I wrote this little thing on tumblr, but figured it'd be helpful here too.

Presentation is Important

Proper lettering

Amateur lettering

Every now and then I’ll critique lettering or presentation in an amateur comic. Common problems are terrible font choices or word bubbles that are obviously an afterthought. Usually when I bring it to the person’s attention I get the reply of “it’s just a font” or “comic sans has the word comic in it, X-Men uses it” (no it doesn’t)

I want to remind anyone that has ever wanted to do comics professionally that presentation matters. Lettering matters. Coloring matters. Penciling matters. Inking matters. Editing matters. Story matters. I understand that we all want to be rock star pencillers or writers and lettering is just for peasants, but if you want to be a professional, you need to at least act like you care about what you’re doing.

Nothing says “I don’t give a shit about what my work looks like” than Comic Sans or Times New Roman in a poorly constructed word bubble. It’s all too often that people will tell me they do all their lettering at the last minute and it really shows. Don’t do that.

Here are some handy dandy tips on not only lettering, but overall presentation. (note, I am not a professional letterer so I am not an expert on the subject. But bare minimum I know how to not make it hideous)

If the font can be used in a term paper, it does not belong in a comic.

If the word “comic” is in the font title, that does not mean it’s a good font for comics. If you see the font being used by soccer moms in PTA letters or being used on shady business establishment signs, you probably don’t want to use it.

Some of the best comic lettering fonts on the planet can be found at they are pricey, but can be found for sale all the time. People that don’t want to spend money on fonts can find perfectly acceptable fonts at

Care about text placement. There should not be 5 miles of space around your dialogue in the word bubble.

Plan your pages better. Stop sticking 5 paragraphs into a tiny panel. That will never ever work and will waste time. If you need a lot of dialogue in a panel, draw it that way.

Transparent word bubbles aren’t a good idea. If you didn’t want to cover the character, you should have laid the page out better.

Colored fonts and word bubbles are rarely appropriate. Really the only times I can think of is for a really evil character. In 90% of cases, you should be smart enough to lay out word bubbles in a way that does not make it confusing for the reader. You should not need to color code dialogue like a crappy anime fansub from 2005.

If you need a ton of text in one panel, for fuck's sake, don't put it in one bubble. If I see 2 paragraphs crammed together into 1 giant word bubble, I skip that bubble because I don't have time to melt my eyeballs trying to decipher all that information in one big clump. Look at how actual professionals layout larger amounts of text and follow their example.

If you can’t digitally color, don’t do it in something you’re getting paid to do. No seriously. It’s too often I see someone color a comic page they intend to show prospective employers and are like “lol I’m just starting to learn to color”. No. Don’t do that. If you’re just doing it for fun as practice, that’s totally fine as obviously you have to start somewhere. But it’s not okay if you want to get HIRED for something.

Just because you’re good at coloring traditionally, doesn’t mean you’re good at coloring digitally. They’re two different things. I’ve seen so many amazing traditional artists that apparently throw out all knowledge of color theory the second they try digital coloring. It’s normal to need time and practice to get used to it, but don’t forget your basics when you make the jump to digital. If you wouldn’t do it in a painting, it shouldn’t be in your Photoshop work.

Hideous shape brushes and default Photoshop textures are terrible. Texture is awesome, but not when it’s a piece of crap brick or rock texture getting shat out of a Photoshop filter.
Work at no smaller than 300 DPI if you’re working digitally.

Scanning is not hard. Stop acting like it is. Know how to properly scan your lineart, because nothing says “I don’t want to be hired” like poorly scanned lineart. (also your colorist will stab you)

If you’re not drawing digitally, paper choice matters. Lined paper is not okay. You don’t have to necessarily draw on fancy expensive Blue Line Pro paper, but if you have any interest in selling originals ever, don’t use shit paper.

Buying a tablet or a Cintiq when you’re not very good at drawing will not automatically make you a better artist. I work on comics digitally for a living and I don’t even own a Cintiq because I don’t think I need it. If you want to start learning how to draw digitally, be reasonable and buy a Wacom Bamboo/Intuos. (Bamboo is dead now. The new line is Intuos and Intuos Pro, beginners want Intuos)

But don’t go into it thinking it will make you a better artist. A tablet is a tool like anything else and it will not polish a turd. It’s all too often I see people starting out dumping $1000+ on a Cintiq because they think it will make them better artists. You don’t buy a fucking $2000+ guitar when you can’t even play a song.

You don’t have to color digitally, but be aware it’s not viable for monthly comics in most cases. You can only pull it off if you are a speed demon. I only know of 1-2 artists that is able to do it on a monthly series.

Hope this is helpful! When I went to art college, teachers took off points if pieces weren’t mounted and wrapped properly. I hated it at the time, but it taught me how important it is to present your work like you care about it. The earlier you start, the better.

Art Jams / Tell Us About Yourself! Jam for new and old members!
« on: Jul 12, 2014, 09:53 PM »
I've noticed a lot of new people floating around, so I thought this might be a quick and easy jam for them to show us who they are! This jam is open to both new and old members. Pretty much just tell us something about yourself through art, whether it be through a journal comic, pin up, self portrait, maybe you just want to show us what your favorite comic or show or videogame is. This jam is open ended and there is no wrong answer as long as you draw something.

Art Jams / Epic Void Collab Poster
« on: Mar 15, 2014, 09:33 PM »
For some reason I just randomly thought about this old picture that James did

he drew what was at the time, every Void character on the site. This was earlier on in Void's life and now we have like over 500 characters last time I looked. I know because of the massive number of characters, it would be impossible for one person to draw every Void character. Which is what this is!

I want to set up an epic collab where we all draw our Void characters and eventually combine it into one massive image. I have a 300 DPI 36X24 document that I'm going to paste each character onto. Ideally we'll get enough to be able to make a big poster! (36X24 seems to be the average poster size) When it's completed, I'll share the hi res image in the event you would like to get it printed!

I know it's extremely unlikely we'll get every character ever on Void on here and that's fine! I just want to gather as much as possible! If you know any former Voiders that are sitting around doing nothing, poke them and see if they'll throw a drawing in for this!

Here's the requirements!

300 DPI-It's going to be printed
In Color- flats are totally fine! It doesn't have to be a fully rendered colorful masterpiece. This is so your drawing doesn't disappear against all the other colored characters.
No smaller than 5X5-Okay, these are all going to be resized and I doubt any character will appear at their full size, but this is so I don't get a ton of little bitty submissions.
Hi res must have a transparent background and be PNG or GIF-This means there is no white or background around the character so I can easily copy/paste them into the document. If you don't know how to do it, the power of google should tell you how.
Must be your own character-in the event we want to use this for any future merchandise, it's kind of important that characters aren't used without permission.

How to submit
There's no need to formally sign up, I would much rather people hit the ground running and turn in while they're thinking about it than to sign up and forget about it forever. If you want to do it, DO IT! The preferred submission format should be like so:

angieness with Angela Rudell
Hi res link

April 20th, 2014

Characters Involved Thus Far
Angela Rudell
Malec Jones
Casino Reasoning
Anish Amrit
Gea Gunz
Eliza Quaille
Veronika Roch
Jane Blonde
Paddy McBastard
Gargonne & AEGIS
Lt. Angus Blackader
Veronica Nightingale
Lophii Formes
Itami Saitoh
Delanna Andria
Gibson V
Ivan Reinhardt
Christopher Leandre
Doctor Princess
Mimi the Mime
Andy Heller
Goth Girls
Girl and Dog
Princess Aurelia VII
Subject Miller
Meridia Oricon
Clyde Mcdowell
Miyajima Minori
Gwen and Regi
Katka Katarina
Pip Poodle
Cecilia Demeas
Jessie Valley
Johnny Sweet
Toro Joe
Zorillo and Shelly
Bullet Princess
Capslock and Shift
Special Friend
Todd Susser
Thriller Miller
May Wu
Maria and Zeus
Florence Ailey
Doodle Dan

Regionals / Cons I'll be at this year!
« on: Mar 15, 2014, 02:25 PM »
I have a pretty busy con schedule this year so I'm just going to make one thread for them instead of a bunch of different threads! I'm going to be a guest at the following cons thus far

A&G Con April 4-6 Cincinnati, OH
BabsCon April 18-20 Burlingame, CA
Free Comic Book Day Event at Packrat Comics May 3rd Columbus, OH
Tricon May 31 Huntingon, WV
TrotCon June 20-22 Columbus, OH
BronyCon August 1-3 Baltimore, MD
BUCK August 23-24 Manchester, UK
NYCC October 9-12 New York City, NY (won't be a guest, just going there for fun!)

I might also be going to a con in the UK, I'm waiting for my passport so I'll update information here when/if it happens. If any of you are going to any of those cons or are in the general area for them, let me know if you wanna meet up or just wanna see me! My real name is Heather Breckel so feel free to drop by my table at any of these cons! If you're a pony fan I'll be sure to introduce you to my fellow MLP comic coworkers if they're at the con!

VOID University / Void U Battle Challenge 5:The Past
« on: Mar 15, 2014, 08:27 AM »
It's time for a new battle challenge! As usual, if you didn't do previous battle challenges, those are always open and you're welcome to do them whenever you want.

VOID U Battle U Challenge 5:The Past

We've done a future challenge, so let's go into the past! How far back you go into your character's past is up to you! (provided your opponent would still exist) Want to relive Muppet Babies with child versions of the characters? Go for it! Want to explore something significant that happened prior to your character's joining Void? Go for it! If you just want to play time traveler and have your battle take place in the stone age, that works too.

This is a challenge that can be done either as a battle or a beyond battle. Looking back at my own battles, I've apparently done this at least twice.

Art Jams / Kaiju Jam
« on: Mar 12, 2014, 06:47 PM »
Me and Fence were looking at ebay last night for Kaiju toys and I realized there apparently isn't a kaiju jam? Well let's fix that! Especially with Godzilla 2014 hitting theaters this year! This jam is pretty open ended! Either make your character into a kaiju, create an all new kaiju, or if your character is already one, upgrade that motherfucker like it's Dragonite!

Have fun! Here's a page from James Stokoe's Godzilla Half Century War to get you inspired. While I did put flats on this page no it isn't my jam submission, that is cheating! haha

Art Jams / Species of Void
« on: Feb 14, 2014, 09:36 PM »
After reading this battle I realized we have a growing number of unique species on Void, so I thought it'd be fun to make a jam for it! If you already have a species that does not exist in reality, feel free to include them here with some basic information! If you don't have one, feel free to create one for the jam! Maybe people will want to use them in their stories. What info you include is up to you, just you better post art if you're going to give us an essay. for full size

Lifespan:800-900 years (at times of peace)
Height:7 ft-8 ft
Natural Habitat:Chuchunaa Islands (far north)

Despite being one of the smallest species of monster, Phinora are considered to be the kings of the Chuchunaa Islands due to their speed and strength. This title has made them a target of other tribes, so their culture primarily focuses on battle in order to keep their own tribe safe. Those who are too weak to hunt or fight often become builders, leatherworkers, or help the Sun Chieftain with his or her duties.

VOID University / Void U Battle Challenge 4:Role Reversal
« on: Feb 02, 2014, 08:26 AM »
It's time for a new battle challenge! As usual, if you didn't do previous battle challenges, those are always open and you're welcome to do them whenever you want.

VOID U Battle U Challenge 4:Role Reversal

This month's challenge comes from Mister Kent "What about "Role Reversal"? If your character is a cop and your opponent is a high school student, put your character in the student role. See if you can keep the characters recognizable while playing with their role. Granted, this might be a little deep too."

Challenge Signups

This month's battle challenge is the following:

Void Alternate Universe:10+Years in the Future

This month is a fun one! Who doesn't love AUs? This will be the first of many I hope! We're going into the future with this one! Do a comic that is set 10 years minimum in the future. If you want to go beyond 10 years, go for it! Maybe your character is a kid and you really want to do a comic of them being unmarried and miserable in their 50s. Because this is character dependent, this challenge can only be done either as a regular BB or a battle.

If you missed out on the last challenge you can still participate at any time! You can even combine it with this one if you want to be super hard core! This was the previous challenge

Challenge Signups
1.Angie with Angela Rudell
5.Mister Kent

spit spat, time to chat / Laptop Advice!
« on: Jan 06, 2014, 02:20 PM »
Looking to buy a laptop for being able to still work on coloring when I'm out of town for cons! I was strongly considering a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, but I've heard PS acts a little weird in it and I think I'd probably save money/be more comfortable with a laptop using a cheap Wacom Bamboo. So I'm looking for recommendations on good ones! (no, I'm not building a damn laptop ) Usually I have a local company build my PC with the description "Just make it amazing" but this is for travel only so it doesn't need to be able to power the sun. Obviously laptops aren't something they usually build so I'm going with whatever.

Here's what I want:

-Something below $1k. Yeah, the Cintiq Companions are glorious but this is a machine I'm only going to be using when I'm out of town so I'm not spending $2k on that shit.(obviously Macs are out of the question. My work desktop is PC, I'm not jumping between Mac and PC)

-All my color work is 600 DPI and colored in Photoshop CS3. It has to be able to handle monster file sizes.

-8GB RAM. While my desktop PC is 32GB of RAM, I'm not looking for that on the laptop. I'd prefer an i7 processor since I may as well spend a little more on a processor that will be relevant a little longer than try to save and go with i5.

-I don't need a sweet videocard. This is a 100% for work machine. May as well save a few $100 not getting a ridiculous videocard.

-Windows 7 64-bit is the most ideal, but if I absolutely have to I will get a Windows 8 machine.

-I don't really care about the brand, I'm not really loyal to anyone.

-Screen needs to be big enough to be able to work comfortably but since I'll be taking this onto airplanes it needs to be easy to lug around.

-I don't care about touch screen. If it has it that's okay, but if not that's cool too.

-Big HD. Most machines I saw bare minimum seem to have like 700GB minimum. Some come with bonus SSD drives but that's not a deal breaker.

I was looking at since it pretty much fits all my requirements, but if someone has an even better suggestion that might save me money that's equal to or superior to this, that'd be awesome too!

Okay this jam is silly, but after a conversation about making cat girl anime in the Void chat, this started to become a thing. Since hey, a few of us started drawing them, I decided to make it into a jam. Because as silly as it is, it's surprisingly difficult to design a mecha cat girl, and it's an important life skill to have.

Premise:You have just been selected to design a character for the hot new anime about angel mecha cat girls fighting devil mecha cat girls. Design a cast member whether it be angel, devil, neutral, or useless secondary character that for some reason gets a fan following.

Here's my entry! I made mine kind of small and cutesy, don't feel as though you have to do the same.

Yomi-she's from the devil side. She is second in command to the devil mecha cat girl army and she's a cold and calculating bitch. She really likes sweets and hurting others.

Art Jams / Void High School
« on: Dec 20, 2013, 08:08 PM »
I had to check through all the jams 5 times because I was absolutely shocked that this wasn't a jam that exists. I did this for shits and giggles and thought I'd make a jam out of it. Who doesn't love alternate universes?

Just as the jam says, this is an alternate universe kind of jam! (and some of you have already done this exact topic in a battle, so A+ for you) Dump your character into high school! Comic pages are totally encouraged!

I've been watching Aoi Hana, so this is my overly dramatic high school yuri manga. Void City School for Girls is an all girl school. Angie is one of those tomboy characters that wears the boy's uniform even though it's an all girl school so it makes no sense. She probably plays basketball or something and the other girls think she's dreamy because that's what happens in this kind of manga. Julia thinks she doesn't stand a chance with this hottie! Or does she?! Find out in chapter 458 of Void City School for Girls!

This month's battle challenge is the following:

Your Opponent's Character as the Main Character in the Story Battle

We are all guilty of making comics that heavily focus on our own characters. So I challenge you all to make a battle that focuses on your opponent's character as the main character instead! Obviously this sort of challenge can only be done with a regular character battle and not an artist match or beyond battle. And obviously your own character should still be present somewhere in the comic.

If you missed out on the last challenge you can still participate at any time! You can even combine it with this one if you want to be super hard core! This was the previous challenge

Challenge Signups
1.Mister Kent

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