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THE INCUBATOR / Re: 8ball/specimen 8
« on: Feb 26, 2019, 06:30 PM »
Hey hi there Deadset Future! Welcome to Void!

 Dude, I'm totally sold for this kind of dystopian apocalyptic cyber/biopunk trope, so I'm very thrilled to get to know your character better!
Kozispoon made a good observation about the Specimen 8's "cleaniness", but I see you got that already covered, so I'll just address 2 other points:

 Worldbuilding - develop your O.C as much as you want, but don't forget to develop also the world he lives in, as most of the times the story's protagonists are a consequence of the world they live in.

 Overpowered - Comics are comics, and at the end of the day, anything can happen if one let the imagination run wild, this isn't even an issue here, because a good writer/comic creator can overcome the power level discrepancy between O.C's thing...what I'm saying here is...I see your guy has a vast set of powers, clearly he means real business ( even with the limiter device! ), but does he have weak points? any factor which could possibly be exploited? If he’s just a pawn, how do his high ranked superiors control him? and does that mean they are way more powerful than 8ball..? Whoa, I'm super curious to hear your thoughts!

 Art wise I like your art style, you've got a good anatomy sense IMO, can't wait so see your intro pages man!
 Hey, one more thing: have fun!!

Yes due to the way he interacts with other characters in his world, and the nature of the world he lives in he might be considered op but as you mentioned it he isn’t the most powerful. But I will update it with some of his weaknesses I failed to mention. Im glad this is what the incubator is for, thank you for your feedback :)

THE INCUBATOR / Re: 8ball/specimen 8
« on: Feb 26, 2019, 05:21 AM »
Hidey ho and welcome aboard!

First off, I think your paragraphs don't really gel with your character design. Your character comes from a world that's suffered nuclear war, or something like it, but it looks like he's been taken fresh off the factory line. His cape is pristine and doesn't have a any dust, stains or hole/rips in it. Even his mask/face is super clean and white.

Your paragraph says he comes from a dystopian future, but he's wearing fetish gear that was really popular in comics in the 90's. Comparatively, that outfit too is shiny, slick and not weathered or lived in.

If the limiter is a significant item and distinct plot device significant to the character, it might be cool to make it distinct. Give that accessory character so when he takes it off its a big deal and an 'uh oh' moment. As its stands, I didn't even know he had anything of the sort on until I read the paragraph.

There is a reason he seems clean I probably didn't explain that I'll update the bio explaining. I'll fix the desing to make the limiter more visible. Thank you :)

THE INCUBATOR / 8ball/specimen 8/unit 8
« on: Feb 25, 2019, 04:51 PM »

Sorry for the crappy quality

This is 8ball or specimen 8

He is from a comic I’m working on I’m using void as practice for when I am able to work on the full leanght comic

The comic takes place in a distopian future with a cyberpunk aesthetic. After a “nuclear war”. Or so that’s what the aliens that have subjugated the human species have made them believe. Humans all reside in one of 5 quarantined cities sorounded by a dome. These cities are the only safe places to live, and have been cleaned from all contaminants to keep it from ruining the experiments, humans. He is a villain in that story but even so, he’s just a pawn.

Pawn or not he’s still extremely powerful. He is sadistic, will usually take pleasure in killing his intended target, and on most cases ends up brutalizing said target/targets. He is the strongest of an elite group made up of 8 soldiers whom have all been enhanced by the governments experiments.

His abilities consist of unbelievable superhuman strength, and durability. Along with telekinetic abilities, he can project his voice into other’s minds, he is extremely intelligent despite the fact that when he does use his mouth to talk his speech is quite simple. Ha can also cause extreme fear, and terror by manipulating the electrical impulses in one’s brain often rendering his foes frozen in terror. Despite his intelligence his sadistic nature will often cloud his judgement. Tossing aside weapons given to him in exchange for his bare hands. This can cause him to be lead into traps ,or ambushes luckily for him his durability will get him through "almost" everything. There are other ways of hurting him but the most effective way seems to be some sort of plasma weapon.

Even though he prefers close combat he does posses weapons training. If his brute strength is not enough (which is almost never) he can access the rest of his telekinetic abilities by removing the limiter around his neck. After doing so he can lift massive objects with his mind. This puts a huge amount of stress on his body, hence why he rarely uses it.

One more thing, he has a soft spot for kids, and doesn't like to hurt them.

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