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News & Events / Re: BOOTCAMP ROUND ROBIN EVENT Signup Thread
« on: May 09, 2019, 08:43 PM »
We the coaches have completed our review of the comics for round 1 of the Round Robin Event, and have determined who among the four students have officially passed this round.

Astrosean and Yarnwitch, congratulations, your comics pass the bar for being considered “complete”. You are still eligible for the Bootcamp Round Robin Graduate title moving forward.

Orion, your comic is missing text in pages that were meant to have it (an uploading error yes, but organization for the finish line is also important), your fine pencils are not clean enough and the lack of shading/spot blacks to fill the panels is evident. Unfortunately your comic as it is now does not qualify as “complete” for the purposes of this event.

Stylo, your unique style of painting is wonderful when you have enough time to fully render an image, but your strokes in some of these panels are so random-seeming and haphazard-looking that it comes off as a rough draft and not a final product. Some shapes are difficult to understand without context, some panels cannot be easily read upon a first or second glance. This is a unique situation, understand that the coach team was quite split on this comic and you may have noticed that that opinion rings true for other members. We all acknowledge though that at the end of the day the reaction to the final product trumps the intentions of the artist when it is being graded by others. It was ultimately decided that if it’s this difficult to determine whether a comic looks complete or not, there is some failure of execution that must be recognized and addressed moving forward. Therefore, unfortunately your comic as it is now does not qualify as “complete” for the purposes of this event.

Orion and Stylo, while you are currently ineligible for the Bootcamp Round Robin Graduate title, there is still a chance to attain the title: Your makeup assignment will be to finish and re-release your comic as a completed Beyond Battle. Once this is done, as long as you’ve completed your other two rounds, the Graduate title is yours (and your Beyond Battle score will replace your incomplete comic’s score in terms of determining who attains the Valedictorian title).

The next round will begin very soon, so all participants get ready! If you have any questions feel free to ask us directly

News & Events / BOOTCAMP ROUND ROBIN EVENT Signup Thread
« on: Apr 15, 2019, 09:22 AM »
Do you feel like you have a wealth of ideas you wanna put to page but have all the trouble with actually getting pages out to begin with? Do you find yourself unable to finish your comic battles more often than not? Don’t lose hope, let our experienced coaches help you figure out how to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps with the very first

Based on the successful training program started by Angieness and continued by PyrasTerran, where we help members develop the time management skills needed to get a full comic out for a battle without resorting to too many late nights and last minute submissions. The Bootcamp Round Robin Event is designed to train four participants in a simulated three round bracketed tournament through a brand new format to enterVOID: The Round Robin.

A round robin format is a tournament design in which each of the four participants faces each other once, regardless of win or loss, so everyone has three battles by the end (under normal competitive circumstances, the contestant who won the most battles or accrued the most points would then be the victor of a round robin).

This gives every participant the opportunity to create three comics as if they managed to reach the finals of a tournament, able to tell their whole arc story in its entirety (or stick to episodic stand alone ideas, the choice is yours). For this tournament, each battle will be a two-week drawing period.

And since this is a Bootcamp event, each contestant will be randomly assigned a coach (could be me, could be another member) who will provide their participant with a schedule to help reach a completed comic, as well as help with scripting and art critique however the coach sees fit. The coach’s primary goal first and foremost is to help you figure out a good time management plan so that you can improve on your speed and completion skills, which in turn will give you less stress in future battles and let you focus more on other elements of improvement. This system has been pretty successful in previous Bootcamp projects and we’re excited to see how we can help other artists with their completion rate.

Now, because this is an event designed more for personal growth than for competition, you don’t have to feel too much pressure on your character’s rankings as every battle will be registered as a sparring match, lowering the pressure of those stakes should help you focus on solid completed comics. And since the voting period does not mean anything since everyone will be fighting everyone once anyway, the break period between battles will be 3 days, instead of a whole week, as we don’t have to wait for voting periods to end. This means that even though each battle is a 2 week drawing period, the entirety of the event will be closer to the tournament duration of a speed death tournament. If there is a serious conflict in schedule, the break period between battles can be extended or shortened by a day or two if both parties agree to it.

Every participant who is able to make three completed comics will earn the official title of Bootcamp Round Robin Graduate. The participant who manages this and also earns the most wins or average score (in the event of a tie) will receive the title Bootcamp Round Robin Valedictorian. There is no penalty if you are unable to complete a comic, you can still continue on to your next two battles. In the event that you are unable to continue working on battles, your character will still be added to the next match for your opponent to make a comic off of (since these are sparring matches, even if you default, it will not affect you). In this specific situation alone, you are allowed to let any other member who is willing, to take your place using your character for that battle. Of course, if they complete a comic in your stead it will not count towards the Graduate or Valedictorian title.

If we get four participants in time, the event begins April 21 (we may push it back if we need more time to gather four participants). If you wish to sign up, do so on this thread along with your character of choice (you may choose your own living character or borrow a living one from another member with their permission). You cannot swap out characters between rounds, though. We will be looking for participants who we feel will benefit most from this program. If you are not selected, chances are high that we feel you are good enough that you don’t need our guidance as much! But you can always sign up for the regular Bootcamp regimen that PyrasTerran runs in any case.

Rules Recap
Signups End: April 20 (tentative)
Event Begins: April 21 (tentative)
Number of Participants: 4
Number/Duration/Format of matches: 3 two-week sparring matches
Borrowed Characters: Allowed
Teams: Not Allowed* *(but you may have another member tag in for you if you cannot continue further in the event)
Reward: Bootcamp Round Robin Graduate title (Valedictorian title for top graduate)


Signup Roster
MrPr with Mona-Lisa
Stylo with Croco
Orion with David Birch
Yarnwitch with Miwesa
Desichan with KinderVampen
AstroSean with Harvey

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Apr 02, 2019, 11:08 AM »
\V/Cast 03.26.2019
With: Boogidibzdo, Kozispoon


1) 00;02;02 – Q&A
2) 00;33;38 – Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tournament Round 2: Hollow Passion & Wish Tinged Idle Logic
3) 00;40;44 – Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tournament Round 2: Scout and Boris vs. Catherine and Elizabeth
4) 00;58;37 – Anvil in Why We Droppin, Boys?
5) 01;08;16 – Gossamer Swan in Recovery
6) 01;24;07 – Lawson in Back in Action
7) 01;35;16 – Farewells

-I did not have time to write recaps for this episode so Astro was kind enough to write them themselves, and we alternated reading them.
-First time having enough questions to do a Q&A, and questions we don’t get to we save for a future episode, so please don’t worry if a question you’ve asked hasn’t been answered yet.

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Mar 21, 2019, 04:39 AM »

\V/Cast 03.17.2019
With: ArtsandGoodies, Camel


1) 00:02:09 - Garland in Preparations
2) 00;11;29 - RETRIBUTION Taste Test: Wendigo vs Raygun
3) 00;30;59 - Nomad vs Wendigo
4) 00;53;53 - Klepp vs Johnny Patch
5) 01;13;19 - Virtua vs Egg Dealer
6) 01;35;12 - Casino Reasoning vs Keito
7) 01;56;54 - Farewells

-Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Mar 12, 2019, 12:12 PM »
Battle 11

Wendigo vs. Raygun
Winner: Wendigo

+1 (1st time use)
+1 (Win battle against Lawful character)
+1 (Win battle depicting committing a crime)
+1 (Win battle using character wanted for killing)
+1 (Win Scar Match)

+1 (1st time use)


-Void government criticized for wanton destruction in the slums
-Wendigo rises in wanted list after critical injuries to Danger Ranger leader
-Public animosity towards non-humans rises
-City morale dropped drastically

Art Jams / Re: Welcome to Diov City
« on: Mar 11, 2019, 10:30 AM »
Wherever she goes, she inspires the darkness in peoples' hearts. She draws people into her circle, feeling like she's the solution to their problems, but everyone who associates with her somehow always ends up dead, or worse. Her hellhounds will hunt her enemies to the ends of the earth.

News & Events / EnterVoid Grading System Discussion
« on: Mar 06, 2019, 10:10 AM »
hey everyone, we recently sent out a survey concerning entervoid's voting/grading system and asked you your thoughts on how it's doing and what we can do to improve it. We decided the results of this survey should be made public so that everyone can see what the general population of the site tends to think about how the voting categories are defined, and opinions on its effectiveness. Through discussion with everyone we hope it benefits the members to think on how the majority are defining the categories and what we can do to clarify sections so even more people are voting with the same ideas in mind. For those of who you feel it is unfair, now is your chance to give a voice to your grievances and see what we can do about improving the system for everyone

Concerning the short answer portion: The number one suggestion was adding a fourth writing section, and the number two suggestion was greater clarification of the three categories.

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Feb 25, 2019, 12:34 PM »
A Retribution-based Beyond Battle is in the works that will be taking the events of Election Royale and rocking the foundations of the event, leading us on the path to the Final Act. For the purposes of keeping points and events organized, until this Beyond Battle is released, all Retribution battles moving forward will be considered having happened before the election. Points can still be accrued in the regular way for now, but the way the game is played will change after this beyond battle is released. For those of you who want to tell Retribution stories post-election, please try to keep your ideas to before the Smile is sworn in as mayor, as we work to build towards Retribution's climax moving forward. If you start a Retribution battle but the deadline happens to be after the Beyond Battle is released, your points accrument will remain on the older system before the new rules are implemented.

Essentially, consider the current Retribution battle rules to be on a time limit now; I can't give an estimate of when the Beyond Battle will be released, it could be a couple months or longer, but for those of you still on the fence about participating in Retribution or working with it further, the window is shrinking.

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Feb 25, 2019, 12:20 AM »
\V/Cast 02.23.2019
With: Camel, Shen


1) 00:01:45 – Golden Interview
2) 00:16:31 – Election 2018 Royale
3) 01:15:16 – The Gutter
4) 01:25:12 – Nomad Intro Comic

-We had a ghost haunting our recording intermittently, just ignore it plz

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Feb 24, 2019, 11:02 AM »
Battle 10

Ghost vs. Rocio
Winner: Rocio

+1 (1st time use)

+1 (1st time use)
+1 (Win Battle capturing lawless character)
+1 (Win Battle capturing lawless character with killing crime)

Ghost has been incarcerated and can no longer accrue points for the Lawless without a successful Prison Break, or can fight for the Lawful for Redemption


-Rocio donates bounty to charity
-Security beefed up at all stations of transportation, including bus, train and airplane
-With "Vektran interrogation methods", multiple crime bosses, criminal groups and syndicates taken down consecutively
-Large donations from families affected by Ghost's activities are given to church run by Father Adwell Morris as thanks to his staff
-City morale boosted

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Feb 23, 2019, 11:10 AM »

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Feb 22, 2019, 07:42 PM »
\V/Cast 02.18.2019
With: ArtsandGoodies, Camel, Pita


1) 00:01:11 - Magical Girl Team Death Tournament Round 1 Discussion
2) 00:07:31 - The Howling Chasm
3) 00:22:42 - My Bloody Valentine
4) 00:48:39 - Egg Jelly Jam Paste
5) 01:01:00 - First Blood
6) 01:24:53 - Mona-Lisa Intro Comic

-Astrodile has become official co-host so they will not appear in the guest list as they are always here now
-Audio issues with Camel and Pita's mics, there may be instances of repeat/echoes still in the recording. Everyone was also very tired, apologies around

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Feb 22, 2019, 02:42 PM »
Battle 09

Remy Naufrage vs. Gossamer Swan
Winner: Remy Naufrage

Remy Naufrage:
+1 (1st time use)
+1 (Win battle against Lawful character)
+1 (Win battle depicting committing a crime)
+1 (Win battle using character wanted for killing)
+1 (Win Scar Match)

Gossamer Swan:
+1 (1st time use)


-Void government criticized for inability to rescue celebrity citizen
-Remy Naufrage rises to top 5 most wanted by the public
-Public animosity against Old Docks increases as new evidence suggests Remy has been hiding out within its borders
-City morale dropped drastically

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Feb 16, 2019, 11:57 PM »

News & Events / Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2018||-..
« on: Feb 06, 2019, 11:31 PM »

Runnerup: Golden

Runnerup: Hats

Runnerup: ArtsandGoodies

Runnerup: Camel

Runnerup: Cats

Runnerup: PyrasTerran

Runnerup: Egg Dealer

Runnerup: Egg Dealer

Runnerup: Rue & Wormwood

Runnerup: Cadenza

Runnerup: Retribution: Wizzie Belles vs Miyajima Minori (Wizzie Belles' Side)

Runnerup: Wizzie Belles in Operation Papillon: Part 1, Ripley vs Herself (Ripley's Side)

Runnerup: Talbot & Scroop in Podsnappery

Runnerup: Hart & Might: Curtains! By Pita

Runnerup: The Gray Owl and Gray in Christmas Spirits

Runnerup: Retribution

Runnerup: Lovechild Death Tournament Round 1: Terrane Klash-Kim vs Azure & Co

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Feb 06, 2019, 07:09 AM »
\V/Cast 02.03.2019
With: Astrodile, Kozispoon, Shen


1) 00:00:54 - Best of Void 2018 Discussion
2) 00:11:42 - Best of Void 2018 Awards Reveal
3) 00:39:26 - Sumiko vs Keito
4) 00:54:03 - Dauber Pauper vs Dr Fabulous
5) 01:10:48 - Cassidy Madsen vs Pudding Washington
6) 01:37:06 - Wendigo Intro Comic
7) 01:50:45 - Cadenza & Vicente in Kindred Spirits
8 ) 02:01:21 - Gut Smasher Intro

Best of Void 2018 Award winners are revealed before banners/titles are distributed, listen early to find out who are the Best of 2018

Art Jams / Re: Cosplay Jam
« on: Feb 03, 2019, 06:03 PM »
oh how did this not end up here:

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Jan 25, 2019, 02:08 AM »
\V/Cast 01.12.2019
With: Astrodile, William Duel, Wirecat


1) 00:00:57 - Magical Girl Tag Team Death Tournament Discussion
2) 00:05:49 - Void Interview: All Together Now! 2018 Champion Camel
3) 00:22:16 - Dhahiris vs Kindervampen
4) 00:43:26 - Virtua in The Eight Bit Council
5) 00:53:42 - Gossamer Swan vs Kojiro

Comic reviews for this episode went a little longer than usual, please let me know if you prefer reviews longer like this or would like them to not be as long

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Jan 25, 2019, 01:51 AM »
\V/Cast 01.03.2019
With: Astrodile, ArtsandGoodies, Cro-Iba


1) 00:00:24 - Winter Break & 2019 Tournament Schedule Discussion
2) 00:04:46 - Ashlan vs Akira Matsugi
3) 00:14:12 - Veronica Nightingale in It's The Thought That Counts
4) 00:18:04 - The Mechanic vs Kurt & Polterdot
5) 00:30:18 - Harvey vs Croco
6) 00:33:50 - Grita vs Prisma Thanatos
7) 00:38:27 - Zoey in Wintertime Interlude
8 ) 00:44:47 - Dauber Pauper Intro Story
9) 00:50:03 - Cassidy Madson in Mad Girl's Recap
10) 00:56:56 - Dhahiris Intro Story
11) 01:04:07 - Lena Vildottr in Road to Valhalla

News & Events / Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2018||-..
« on: Jan 23, 2019, 04:58 AM »
it is now time to vote on the final ballot for Best of 2018. All categories have been filtered down to the highest voted candidates of each, and now you can only choose one candidate per category. You have until January 30th to vote once and for all for 2018's Best

News & Events / Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2018||-..
« on: Jan 13, 2019, 12:35 PM »
Best of Void 2018 preliminary voting is now open! You only have a week to vote!

News & Events / ..-||BEST OF VOID 2018||-..
« on: Jan 11, 2019, 09:38 PM »
2018 was a year of transition, as we say goodbye to old members and hello to new ones, start looking at the site differently from what it used to be, throughout the trials and tribulations we managed to pull out great comics and hit new heights! Who will claim the most coveted and vaunted titles of last year? You decide! Just nominate your three top picks (up to three) for each category and once we tally the choices, we'll gather the majority selections of each and put them up on polls for you to vote, propelling the most-voted candidates to the Winner's Circle to claim all the bragging rights. To help you guys along, the mods have tirelessly compiled some relevant info and data to help you vote.  Remember these categories are for comics and artists featured here in the year of 2018!

Voting for nominees begins on the 13th of January and will remain open for one week, at which point the nominees will be selected and presented for a final vote to determine the winners of each category, announced during the last week of January.

These two stages should give you plenty of time to think critically and/or reread classics of 2018!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE [Deadline: January 20]

You can only vote once, but if you wish to change your votes, contact Pyras before the deadline.


Reference Guide

Artist of the Year
Writer of the Year
Member of the Year (Example of an exemplary member of the community who is welcoming, helps others, is active and vocal, puts in extra effort for the sake of the community, etc. Can be a new person who has shown to become invaluable quickly, a staff member who has done a lot for the year, and anyone inbetween who has made an impact in 2018)
Most Improved Artist
Most Improved Writer
Best Newcomer
Best Monochromatic Comic
Best Full Color Comic
Best Beyond Battle Comic
Best One Shot Comic (Artist, Sparring, etc.)
Best Antagonist
Best New Character
Most Dearly Departed (Favorite Character who died this year)
Character of the Year
Event of the Year (can be a tournament or battle royale, or a specific storyline be it global [like the meteor, armageddon threat, flood, creamimi rampage] or a specific character's storyline, etc.)
Best Collaboration Comic (does not include holiday collab comics)
Best Battle (collectively best final products altogether from each artist in the battle, tightest score race, solid performance on both sides, etc.)

Active New Characters (had at least two battle & is alive ((exceptions to late-year entries)))
Niles Khari
Aleyjah and Sukri
Azure & Co.
Akira Matzugi
Harlow Ironlocke
Egg Dealer

Beyond Battles and Artist Comics of 2018
Wintertime Interlude / Zoey by Pita
It's the Thought that Counts / Veronica Nightingale by Majikura
Christmas Spirits (collab) / Gray Owl and Gray, by PyrasTerran and Shen
Fredv.2.0.1 / by Fred v.2.0.1
Conway Convict / Conway by Karmalarma
Disarmed / Capslock and Shift by Evi
Eggs made me the man i am today / Egg Dealer by Boogidibzdo
Retribution - Breaking Point / Arena and Miller by Pyrasterran
Thread of Fate (collab) / Zoey and Zita the Ragdoll by Pita and Radji
Dollhouse (Collab) / Alma the Witch, by Cats and ArtsandGoodies
Interlude(collab) / Talon and Cadenza, by Badger and Cats
New Opportunities / Dane by Thorhugs
Table for Two (Collab) / Ma, Mr. Murder, and Harvey by Corn of the Breads, E.W. Schneider and Astrosean
Retribution: Caelum’s Ultimatum / Veronica Nightingale and Miyajima Minori by Majikura and Jiisuri
Back and Black / Killjoy by MauiMicrowave
Operation Papillon: Part 1 / Wizzie Bells by Hats
Queen of the Night / Cadenza by Cats
Rebirth of the Dark Messiah -Prelude to SRT 2018- / Hyperion by AJ
Hart & Might- Curtains! / by Pita
Ghosts / Talon by Badger
You’re my Role Model (Collab) / Trixie and Fawn Nightingale by Desichan and P0cketm0use
When Everything Change, We Stand Together / Kurt and Polterdot by Radji
Magic Mayhem Intro / Gwen and Regi by Gregly
Fawn’s Blind Date / Fawn Nightingale by Desichan
1YO Part 1 / Baby Barbarian by Futreblot
Oh Woe is Worm (Collab) / Wictor and Niles Khairi by Wirecat and Astrodile
Interring the Family / Kiski and Talbot & Scroop by Radji and Zee (Collab)
From Shadows we Feast / Wictor by Wirecat
Starbirth (Collab) / Terrance Klash-Kim by Pyrasterran and Petarvee
Galaxy Supersurgeon (Collab) / Azure and Co by Zee and Rhimwill
Self-Confident / Niles Khairi by Astrodile
I’ll make love to you, Potentially / Invyn & Jasper by Reecer6
The Thieving Cat (Collab) / Kreta, Ji Kei, Tetsukawa Zanko, Lang Zhujiang, Zariah Aman, and Hakase and Kuno by Majikura, Mamoru, Jiisuri, Ten Dead Kings, wingrider92, and A Bad Idea
Here he Comes / Niles Khairi and Wictor by Wirecat and Astrodile
The Return / Lawson by Oberongoat
Mother Knows Best / Veronica Nightingale by Majikura
Reach for the Stars / by Hellis
Podsnappery / Talbot and Scroop by Zee
Nightmare / Louise Ambre-Aliona, and Holden Shark by Radji and !Bangarang!
Surviving Life / Quint by Symon_Says
Priest to Meet You / Adwell and Merrik Sanderson by Alouisse Ver and P0cketM0use
Three Wishes Fam Three / Charkley by Savagedab…. Aka Hiemie
Memoria Mortis / Jonos Valorous by Orion
Vs Joey Reloaded or "Up Owl Night" / Miller and The Gray Owl by PyrasTerran

Most Prolific Artists (6+ battles in the year) ((holiday collab comic participation counts as one comic per holiday))
Mrpr (15)
Nothin (15)
Pyrasterran  (14)
Desichan  (13)
Radji  (13)
Golden  (12)
Cats  (12)
Reecer6 (12)
Fred V2.0.1  (11)
Astrodile (11)
Mister Kent  (11)
Hellis (11)
Yarnwitch (11)
Shen  (11)
Zee  (9)
Bobo  (8 )
Majikura  (8 )
Corn of the Breads (7)
ArtsandGoodies (7)
Badger  (7)
Fukur0  (6)

New Artists in 2018 (+2 comics in the year)

Characters killed in 2018
Lena Viltdottir
Rue and Wormwood
Silent Protagonist
Serra Bloodslam
Cutie Mark
Jung Ho Kim
Alma the Witch
Doanna Donut
Multi Headed Nut Wizard
Madness Meister Mania
Terrance Klash-Kim

Events of 2018
Sovereign Greece’s Winter Holiday Blowout
Speed Death Tournament 2018
Lovechild Tag Team Death Tournament
Magic Mayhem
Speed Resurrection Tournament 2018
Void’s Sexiest 2018
Short and Sweet- Inktober
Happy Happy Halloween: a Wispy Winterbrook Story
All Together Now! 2018

Notice any information above is incorrect? Just let us and we'll correct it! Have questions about a category? Go ahead and ask us!

Want to advocate for an artist, character or comic for an award? You can freely post your reasons for why you think a certain award should go to whom. BUT REMEMBER only nominations tallied in the form link shown at the top will be used to determine the final nominees

« on: Jan 06, 2019, 11:57 AM »
the schedule has been updated

« on: Jan 04, 2019, 11:32 AM »
Election Royale: A battle royale for the seat of mayor in New Void City

Magical Girl Team Death Tournament: 2v2 battles with magical girl team characters/shared characters

Bootcamp Round Robin Regimen: A round robin event for up to 4 novices looking for hands-on coaching through three battles each, get a graduate title for completing all three battles

Heavyweight Tournament: Battle royale for the living title held by the best of the best, who must defend their title in future battles

Invitational Tournament: our week-long draw-time, new-blood event for new members to get in fast with just a character sheet

Toontown Showdown: 1v1 standard battle tournament, only toons allowed

Month of the Dead: all dead characters can now participate in matches

new year, new TCs

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