Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 3 / Koop & El Cuervo JR. vs. Stein

Invitational Tournament 2019: Round 3 — Koop & El Cuervo JR. vs. Stein

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques
tags: box, hunt, koop & el cuervo jr., mercenaries, stein

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques
tags: koop & el cuervo jr., stein

Critiques & Comments
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# 6   Posted: Jul 14 2019, 08:49 AM

What pains me about both your Critiques is that I knew these points that you gave when I was drawing this, I wanted to make them, the idea that Koop would struggle in battle, and when he snaps  he would ignore the pain and go wild on Stein, thus making more impactful the moment where El Cuervo goes and posess Koop, making him feel his pain, and worsen his own wounds because he was pushing himself more to the limit. Also the wounds for Koop wouldn't be that impactful, making it more obvious that with 2 shots would be in in a worse condition than I displayed there.

I knew all of these! but if I do that I don't think I would have the time to finish, my draft was a 20-something page comic, I needed to shorten it if I was gonna be able to show something within a week.

Still my shortcomings aren't something that the readers should care about they only have to care about the end product, so I'll focus on my speed without compromising a lot of quality, or if it is possible not compromising quality at al!

Community Manager
# 5   Posted: Jul 13 2019, 03:53 PM
1-week battles are tough, having material this clean and easy to read is an accomplishment on its own so congratulations for reaching this far

CybermanAnon: The fight logic for this confrontation definitely needed a second or third person to help you edit and improve on; when Koop got shot in the leg I tensed up, knowing how integral footwork is for a boxer, I was excited to see how he manages to battle on a handicap... but that isn't what happened, he seems to lose no mobility whatsoever then even uses the same foot to kick his opponent. Later he even gets shot up across his torso but gets right back up later and is able to walk away from the scene ignoring all bloodloss and how many bones and organs have been broken. I had to check back on the last comic and then the bio to see if there was something about Koop's durability that I missed but I found nothing to confirm he's capable of such punishment. Because of this confusion, I had no real sense of what the stakes were between the two fighters and the emotions were deflated by the end since it seemed Koop's simply unstoppable with nothing to lose anyway. A story that explores Koop reaching the brink of the dark side isn't a bad idea to further explore but if you want a more visceral reaction from audiences to match the emotions you want to really define the rules of Koop's capabilities and then we can understand when those capabilities are being really pushed to their limit.

Ranzombie: Really great job all in all, your panelwork and fight choreography and compositions are real entertaining, excited to see more fight scenes from you in the future

Think Tank
# 4   Posted: Jul 13 2019, 03:13 PM
Even though both of these are technically not fully inked/colored these are great showings from both of you, these are a great amount of pages done for just one week.

Cybermananon: Watching Koop snap was heartbreaking and I really loved this story. though according to the bio Koop is supposed to be a glass canon so him being able to take so much damage is a bit surprising. But I prefer the story that led to it over that becuase just seeing Koop snap was really good and sad. Also your word bubbles don't seem to have anti-aliasing which is a little distracting. I want to see more Tanuki boxer

Ran: Your sketches are great and the thing I think that sells your action is your lettering of your onomonpieas. They add so much and you do great with them as well as the general layouts you have for your action is really good here. I don't really have anything to say crit wise but this was enjoyable and your compositions here are good.

# 3   Posted: Jul 11 2019, 11:35 AM
Damn! that is so badass! I can totally hear Danny Trejo's voice out of Stein either that or Miguel Angel Ghigliazza (he usually dubs Danny Trejo here in Latin-America for those who don't know)

I've always love how you convey action and the amount of detail you put in your panels are a delight! And I also ADORE! that plot twist of Stein actually working to protect Koop instead of Killing him.

The only criticism would be that the comic quality isn't consistent, cause the change is really really out there when you couldn't finish, and that kind of presentation can affect the product a lot more than a project that has the same quality through out the whole way you read it, but even so that is a very mild, complain, cause either way it looks amazing!


# 2   Posted: Jul 10 2019, 11:58 PM
Cybermananon: I was so hyped about this fight that I wanted to draw a bunch of stuff, so I decided to sacrifice a bit of my quality to  add more pages and more stroy, but I think I balanced the whole thing wrong, the shift in quality might not be worth for a couple of more pages. Either way I hope you like my comic.

Man, I feel you! I also got super ambitious with my round and ended up running out of time to the point where I was unable to properly ink most of the pages. The images are clear enough, but it's definitely a step down from my other entries.
This time around I also had to cut back on some scenes as well. I specifically regret not being able to complete the ending in which Koop and Stein share the STRONGEST of hand shakes...

Still though! I had a ton of fun working with Koop and Cuervo Jr. I hope you enjoy my round as much as I enjoyed making it!

# 1   Posted: Jul 10 2019, 04:24 PM
I was so hyped about this fight that I wanted to draw a bunch of stuff, so I decided to sacrifice a bit of my quality to  add more pages and more stroy, but I think I balanced the whole thing wrong, the shift in quality might not be worth for a couple of more pages. Either way I hope you like my comic.

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