Speed Resurrection Tournament 2018, Round 1 / Fear vs. Flower Power

Speed Resurrection Tournament 2018, Round 1 — Fear vs. Flower Power

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Critiques & Comments
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# 7   Posted: Jul 15 2018, 10:06 PM
Rofl: I want to be able to do this, like everything in this comic is like an endgame goal for me as an artist and hopefully something I can be able to in a couple years. In particular I love your limited colors and the eye glows as well as the final page, the final page layout is masterful and I love everything about it. the fact you were able to do all this in 1 week also is mind boggling.

Flutter: that was a cute comic and a cute story and I like how they only indirectly interacted with each other. I don't know how I feel about the word bubbles being translucent. it is a cool way to show he's not really there, but when you have panels with no backgrounds and panels with backgrounds the bubbles end up looking different and a little distracting.

The Bent One
# 6   Posted: Jul 10 2018, 05:18 PM
Roflq: I really liked how Fear was written. His dialogue jumps to conclusions to emotionally manipulate Flower before he goes in for the kill. I like the manipulation of the panel layout to show his control over the environment in a surreal way. I do think that some of Fear's faces are a little boring in the way they were framed in some of the panels, especially on p.5 and p.7. It's the same shot both times and it could be more dynamic by switching from a close up to a wider shot. Still, it captured a good creepy ominous mood of Fear playing with his prey.

Flutter: I would have liked to seem more background detail throughout the comic, especially since you did a good job of establishing the setting on the first page. I think the effect of Flower reacting to Fear even though she didn't really completely sense him was creative, having both characters interacting with each other but not able to actually interact or directly communicate. I would encourage you to play around with different panel compositions and camera angles to make the pacing more dynamic. We are stuck in the mid range for most of this comic. Over all, I think this is a sweet origin story (am I correct?) for Flower, and answers some questions while adding more mystery to her character at the same time.

      Edited Jul 10 2018,  05:20 PM by The Bent One

# 5   Posted: Jul 10 2018, 02:05 PM
Rofl: that seriously gave me tingles. What a ride; I'm so in.
flutters: super cute baby i lovies her. The difference in writing was very extreme though between the two of you. She's very cute and I love robots but she didn't really give me much emotion to grab onto.

# 4   Posted: Jul 10 2018, 01:30 PM
Schneider: Already, I'm super interested in where you'll be taking Fear! This comic is a solid introduction to whatever you will be doing next with Fear, and execution of this comic of using minimal elements as leeway to a rather dark and ominous ending was certainly a successful one in my opinion. I really don't have anything to say about this comic, but I definitely have one thing to comment on.
The lack mouth movement at first was something I was going to make note of as a critique, but after re-reading a couple times I realized that was most likely to establish the unsettling-nature of Fears existence within this comic before that ending bang even happened. And that is like. Super fuckin cool!

Flutters: Your comic was also an excellent one! A little rough in terms of background depiction, due to line-width or the sudden change of environment such as that between the final panel and the first & second pages', but honestly it's nothing I had qualms with until I read the comic over and over en' repetition.
But otherwise an excellent comic! A very quiet and calm ending resolution to Fear's pestering of Flower, which is really pleasant in its own way.

# 3   Posted: Jul 10 2018, 08:26 AM
Rofl: My dude, I'm beyond impressed with the way you aced the tone in this. The  the monologue at the end was damn near poetic. This is exactly the kind of writing I was hoping for from Fear. And the quality was top notch, everything was gorgous, you worked with negative space so well in building up the "empty nothingness" .

Flutters : Strong showing as well! You could have done with a little detail to the background in places, there was a lot of empty space that felt lacking compared to how fantastic some other panels where with the backgrounds. But beyond that, I really enjoyed everything about your comic.

      Edited Jul 10 2018,  08:27 AM by Hellis

Corn Of The Breads
Think Tank
# 2   Posted: Jul 10 2018, 07:45 AM
I really enjoyed both comics Rofl I liked the surrealist horror vibes I got from your comic, and Flutters that was such a good comic I really enjoyed the attention to detail for the background.

Global Moderator
# 1   Posted: Jul 2 2018, 01:26 PM
whoaaa what an interesting matchup good luck!

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