Matilda vs. Girl

Matilda vs. Girl

by sixtem

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by KevJB

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1 comment
# 17   Posted: Mar 30 2007, 07:26 PM
YEAH!!!!! gooooooo SIX... u rock dude.

# 16   Posted: Mar 14 2007, 06:38 PM
Good to see you in action again after the fall of mr Demitri.
I didn\'t think this fight was too bad for a one week deadline. The flat colours you chose somehow appeal to me. Some of them backgrounds, like them planks and boards need a lil more detail, but other then that i quite enjoyed this comic.
That first panel in page three kinda bothers me with the perspective. If you drew Matilda bigger or more zoomed in to the viewer it would\'ve worked alot better. I dig the inking style alot, i won\'t bother you with the font thing..that\'s Angie\'s M.O.
I liked that joke on the ending, where the heart is ripped out and all Girl could complain about was her shirt. LoL..nicely ironic.

Wow, seriously man..if the deadline was a bit longer or you worked on it a bit more this would\'ve been visually awesome. But i don\'t know your outside schedule and surprises pop up all the time to slow you down.
 I really like the running sequence and the huge ass explosion. Great usage of font too.
That unfinished panel kinda threw me off balance there.

Still not bad for a one week fight.

# 15   Posted: Mar 12 2007, 06:42 AM
Yeah, even taking the one week into consideration, these battles were underwhelming :(

I agree with the above comments, and maybe you guys should look up some other battles in order to get a better feel for storytelling at the very least.

Better luck next time!

Web Dev
# 14   Posted: Mar 8 2007, 12:46 PM
Good to see you back in action Sixtem.

# 13   Posted: Mar 8 2007, 09:15 AM
Sixtem- last week I was all like \"oh man, how does Matilda get her mail?!\" Your first page was a big \"du-uh!\" for me and I had to laugh. I enjoyed your battle a lot more than Girl\'s because it was coherent, had good quality, and really looked like you put effort into it.  
Your paneling was a little uninspiring, especially on page two. However, I think you did a great job on your backgrounds! Over all, good, good battle!  

Kev- I wasn\'t impressed with this battle at all!  In terms of it being unfinished, the least you could have done was to erase the pencil lines or clean it up in photo shop.  The story was nearly non-existent and definitely could have been elaborated. You look like you have a pretty good handle on anatomy and art basics, but that doesn\'t help if you don\'t apply it in a professional manner. Good luck with your future battles, though! I\'d like to see what you can do with a longer deadline.  

# 12   Posted: Mar 8 2007, 08:05 AM
Votes go ta Sixtem, but that\'s not sayign yours didn\'t have it\'s flaws.

In page 2, the background on the second panel looks really flat. I get that the wood\'s supposed to be floating on the water, but it\'s just lacking depth. Also, your plot was lacking, as a lot of people have said. Though I wouldn\'t really understand the situation you were in cause I\'ve never been in 1 week battles.

Kev, I liked yours, but it was just lacking in some areas that Six got downpretty well. One being colour. Though you did a lot better on backgrounds, the unfinished page let you down somewhat, and I found Six\'s easier to follow. I got slightly confused when it came to the last page. Wether that was up to the missing panels, I don\'t know.

# 11   Posted: Mar 7 2007, 05:33 PM
I\'m seriously starting to see a bad pattern with 1 Week battles. It seems like a good extersize for those who want to speed up drawing pages, but unless you are capable of making more than a page a day you should avoid 1 week fights.

Sixtem: Seriously a yawn fest this comic was. See Matilda, see matilda take down Girl like she was nothing. Matilda Wins! Regardless of the deadline, you could of done alot more with this in a week dude. But seriously consider a longer deadline for your next fight, 2 weeks should be perfect for you if you\'re doing a small comicl. Aside from that this was very well drawn, you seem to be doing alot more backgrounds as well, but you seriously need to consider line widths with both character and background.

Kev: Artistically you\'re alot better than six, but that unfinished page dropped you down signifigantly. And since Angie lectured you about this, so will I: You need longer deadlines on your fights! We know you\'re pretty damned good at comics and you\'re leveling up at a nice rate, but you\'re getting as bad as me when it comes to deadlines. Entertainment wise you had alot more, but it still seemed just as one sided as Six\'s.

Both of you did pretty good, but I think you should avoid short deadlines and allow yourself some extra time to fine tune your comics. Vote went to Kev for a somewhat clearer story.

# 10   Posted: Mar 7 2007, 04:39 PM
I gave my votes to sixtem. if kevs was finished i\'lld of been 50/50

Crits: (only visual as i\'m not good at stories)

       PAGE 1
pnl 1: tiles are a bit out. M\'s lineart is a bit thin.
pnl 2: i dig it
pnl 3: i dig it
pnl 4: the plate looks like its painted onto the counter and the letter lying flat on the counter and plate doesn\'t help that
pnl 5: ovens out of prespection. M\'s lineart is quite thin when compared to the lines around her, her arms are differnt widths and i don\'t get why the panel is so weirdly shaped.

        PAGE 2
pnl 1: prespections off on the door, planks of wood don\'t have enough detail, you\'ve drawn them as if they are all one section insted of indiviual plants as they all break in the same line, i can\'t tell if the planks on the floor are floating in mid air or if that wooden beam going across the floor is the start of the floor, there is to few beams unless a few where taken, girl looks like shes been stuck onto the page and shes quite wide for how slender girl is .
pnl 2: fine
pnl 3: i dig it minus the wooden handle isn\'t the same colour as the pne below
pnl 4: i don\'t like the black blood

        PAGE 3
pnl 1: add more detail to the blanks and girls prespection is a bit off. (i think its her lower body thats the issue)
pnl 2: nostels is to high
pnl 3: same background issues as before, but also girls prespective is a bit out.
pnl 4: i dig the sound effect
pnl 5: that is a big fucking heart

         PAGE 4
pnl 1: fine
pnl 2: i get what you was trying to do with the bright pink, but maybe just try out a few more things to get it perfect.
pnl 3: fine
pnl 4: fine
pnl 5: i would of personly added the background again for this panel, but apart from that, fine

        PAGE 1
pnl 1: not very sharp
pnl 2: fine, but maybe you could of had it so the 2 black chairs frame the little one in the cloak as she seems  to be the main  person.
pnl 3: fine

        PAGE 2
pnl 1: her hair is too long and i don\'t like taht cloud thought bubble. also there is an explosion behind her so maybe her hair could fly forwards.
pnl 2: fine
pnl 3: add more defination or make it less defined, which ever.
pnl 4: fine

         PAGE 3
pnl 1: fine
pnl 2: ...
pnl 3: ...
pnl 4: hair to long again, other then that fine.

# 9   Posted: Mar 7 2007, 03:47 PM
Sixtem-first things first, gotta play the role of Font Nazi Angie™, that font wasn\'t good for dialogue, I think considering the \"bedhead\" text you could have hand written the dialogue. You have some lovely linework but I think you could have made the lines more varied between the foreground and background, having bold lines for both the characters and backgrounds is a big no no. (I know from experience haha) I think you could have set the story up a little more and maybe given Girl a little more credit, she\'s just like hey I\'m here oh I\'m dead bam. I know you were working with a short deadline but still, I think you should push the story a little more. On page 2 in the top panel I\'m confused by the wood all over the place, is Girl on the second floor and those are all supposed to be hanging by threads or are they like all over the floor? Be careful with the coloring, you have a clean and simple look going on but you have some areas where there\'s white spots or you went out of the lines which killed the look. Other than that I really liked how you drew Girl\'s face, you also did well with the facial expressions.

Kev-Duuuuuuuude pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase start doing battles with longer deadlines! I love your stuff just damn, it really sucks to see all these incomplete fights. Take your time with a longass deadline and see how much better you can do with more time and a complete battle. I think you could have been able to go back and clean the pages in Photoshop, the messy borders are a draw back. Storywise you had a nice set up but it all fell apart with being incomplete. I hate to say something pretty useless but you could do so much better if you push yourself more with longer deadlines.

# 8   Posted: Mar 6 2007, 02:14 PM
Submitted. 4 pages in color. There\'s some wonky panels, but this was an awesome kick in the ass for scheduling myself and just getting back into comics in general.

# 7   Posted: Mar 1 2007, 05:33 AM
*points at six* MAKE IT COUNT

anyways. good luck to both sides, I wanna see one hell of a battle.

# 6   Posted: Feb 28 2007, 11:23 AM
:< you both best not disappoint!

..Especially you, Six. >:[  *points finger threateningly*

Hero Karma
# 5   Posted: Feb 28 2007, 05:21 AM
Straight out the gate and into the fray, good luck Sixtem!  Make this one hell of a come back.

# 4   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 08:42 PM

# 3   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 08:42 PM

# 2   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 08:11 PM
You best not kill Matilda. Larathen needs to become friends with her ]:<

I think Girl is gonna give Matilda her adolescence teaching.

# 1   Posted: Feb 27 2007, 06:26 PM
I\'m getting back on the horse.

No, I won\'t kill Matilda.

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