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Scarlett thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'11
 Created: July 4, 2006
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Name: Diane "Scarlett" Reids
Age: 33
Height: 5'11 (With her mandatory heels)

Occupation: Contractor/Private Security, former VCPD Officer.

Personality: Has a high self-esteem for herself and very straight forward. Always works with others with an ulterior motive. Finds rules and the law very restrictive. Likes to work outside of the law.

Fighting Style: Sneaky and fights dirty. Would rather take you down with one well placed knife in the back than fight in an all out brawl. If she can break you down verbally and mentally, she will do it as well before the finishing blow.

Biography: A former member of the Void Police Department as their ace interrogator, Scarlett started to find the restrictions of city law to be non-compatible with her way of life. She tested the limits of laws in the past but now working in her own private security firm, Cardinal Security, she could work according to the rules of the corporations that hired her. With no clear moral compass, Scarlett doesn't find herself denying many clients of her services.

- Her dislike towards anthropomorphic creatures have extended to any individual with natural born powers/mutations. She thinks they're cheaters.
- Speaks German, Italian and Spanish.

Name: Diane Reids
Code/Nickname: Scarlett
Age: 22
Height: 5'11
Hometown: Void City

Personality: Straight forward and to the point with an amazing air of self-confidence. Will insult or criticize with a smile. Might not be all sane in the head, but it does not show.

Occupation: Works for the Void City Police Department as an Intel, undercover and is most well known for her interrogation skills. Scarlett is know to get what she wants and always leaves an interrogation room with something. She works specifically for cases involving anthros.

Fighting Style: Is extremely skilled in numerous sized blades. Takes her time playing around with someone and may use underhanded tactics. Usually whittles an opponent down before she makes a final blow.

Other Notes:
- Tends to have a more gleeful time fighting Anthros than humans, and tends to leave more damage when anthros are involved.
- Very good actress which is useful when she is undercover.
- Speaks German and a few of the "romantic" languages.

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