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Detective Spandex thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 6'3
 Created: June 27, 2006
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Detective Samuel P. Andex

He is an ex-VCPD, or so he says. Hes the guy who does anything he wants and claims its for justice, he goes about arresting anyone, he tackles them, and wrestles them for a good 10 minutes, even if they went unconscious 6 minutes ago. He has a habit of rubbing himself against someone to see if they're guilty and hump the truth out of them. He will do anything to solve a crime, even if the crime was solved before, he'll solve it again.

He is graceful like a ballerina from his hours upon years of jazzercise training,which he started learning at the age of 2, he's 28 now. He is as strong as an ox from his famous wrestling matches with Fabio, available on DVD and VHS. Plus, he has a very strange STD that allows him to shoot stars from his crotch. Detective can also hold his breath for 30 minutes and can run for a good straight 50 miles.

Detective hates Void city and all its inhabitants, yet he keeps his promise to protect it. He really hates furries and really really hates VCPD. He is completely determined to make Void City a better place, one he will like...

As for his VCPD badge, it's fake, but he believes it real, and he uses it to gain access to places only VCPD can go. Detective is always hot, and his spandex is worn to keep him cooled off, on occasions, he will toss on a trench coat and hat if it drops below 15 degres fehrenheit or if he needs to be incognito.

He is NOT gay... i repeat NOT gay....he never acts so... and he would never be caught in nude homosexual acts... 'cause he's careful...... but seriously he's not gay... He is full of hatred and most of the time he's serious.....

Any of his challengers will be a criminal in some sort of way.... he is the protagonist of THE story.... he is the only protagonist....

UPDATE: for his crotch stars... there are three kinds.... A. Regular stars- depending on the speed of the thrust, these stars can be lethal.... B. Stun Stars- these flash a bright light that can blind the villain..... C. Exploding Stars- can only be used if detective has an erection.... which is rare.... but depending on how much he builds up, he can blow up anything from a book to a car.....

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