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Larathen thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5'11
 Created: June 25, 2006
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vs Romero, vs Seel, Eighty-Eight's Crazy Town BB, Help Wanted BB, vs McKenzie, vs Mize


When Larathen puts on the goggles, it activates a little sonic generator on the frames to send intense vibrations into his brain, hence why it hurts every time he puts them on and takes them off. The vibrations interfere with electrical impulses that generate thought, emotion, reflex, ect. and creates a buildup of energy to be expelled as "psychic power" when it just really is kinetic energy.
-Telekinesis makes an arm that grows from his brain.
-Levitation, he makes platforms only HE can step on, made out of the same orange energy the arm has. He can make it as long and wide as he wants.
-Invisibilty, he has to be COMPLETELY still, not even blinking or breathing, so he holds his breath and closes his eyes to do so. Usually mixes this with Clairvoyance to still be able to see.
-Clairvoyance, a third orange eye appears on his forehead. It allows him to see in the eyes of someone else, but he cannot control his/hers body. Can only work on humans/furries.
-Mind Bullets, basically a intense buildup of energy shot out of his head like a bullet.
-Psychic Shield, a shield made out of the orange energy appears from his hands infront of him to stop small projectiles such as bullets, rockets, etc, but cannot stop obviously large things such as cars, chunks of buildings, etc.
-Pyrokinesis, different than the cliche type. Requires a fire source to use, such as a lit match. Rarely uses this power.

The use of this goggles gave Larathen a bad side effect. Since the goggles messes with his electrical impulses, it leaves a negative drawback when he takes them off, as it is hard to get them back in order to the way it was before. This leaves him in a constant unstable state. When he gets into a deeeeeeeep brainstorming moment full of confusion and conflict, or when he is incredibly stressed out, he goes into a feral out of control frenzy. I restate: THIS IS NOT A CLICHE RAGE MODE. Getting extremely angry does not trigger this, only stress and conflict will. Once this happens, the sanity part in his brain shuts down and loses control of will and becomes feral. Call it "losing your mind." The ways he can get out is calming him down (which is hard to do), beating him up/tiring him out, or something to spark a sudden emotion.
When in normal mode, Larathen's plain fighting style is that of a normal street fighting style, like any other joe-schmoe would fight in a scrap, but tieing in with his raptor traits. When in psychosis mode, he goes all out, so you can go crazy with that :P.
His eyes get sucked to the back of his sockets, his jaw opens at incredible proportions and tongue drawed out.

The main sign of him getting close to psychosis mode is dark rings around his eyes and abnormal headaches.

Larathen has no clue of his childhood. But dont get me wrong, he's not one of those guys that had amnesia of his past and is trying to find out. Its sort of like you cant remember your infant days but suddenly can remember stuff at a certain toddler age. The farthest Larathen can think back is age 3, and by that he was in a orphanage ran by the local church in a different, smaller city than of VOID. When he turned 18 and no one had picked him up for adoption or a foster home, he moved out and got his own apartment, where he met Jake, the creator of the goggles. Jake is also of a similar lizard-anthro type species, and also has no memory of childhood, so this is a subconscious thought/quest Larathen has of finding out where the hell he came from.
Living only on a bum-paid part time job at a pizzaria (where he grew his addiction to pizza and soda), Larathen had a large debt to the super of the apartment, where he was eventually evicted. Jake had no room for Larathen to live. That night walking down the street, Larathen found a flyer of VOIDCity, encouraging fighters from around the world to come. He had the idea maybe the fighting can get him some money to have a better life, and maybe get enough to move back home with his friend Jake. But he was unaware of the drama that is the Cullmination from the VCPD going on.

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