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Guy McManning thumbnail  Sex: M
 Height: 5'11
 Created: June 7, 2006
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Guy McManning, he is one of a few men that were sent up in space to build a space station to protect the world against communism. the crew and the supplies were sent up during Eisenhowers terms but they were sent up with out telling the president. a section of the pentagon knew the president wouldnt aproove so they made a space program with out telling him.

the program went terribly wrong and they thougth they lost all their men, so they didnt tell anyone about it.

in reality most of the crew servived, but they lost radio contact and their tragectory was off. they have many space adventures, fight aliens, get stranded on astroids, fight more aliens. in the end only Guy is left, after awhile he manages to make a one man pod that can get back to earth.
he gets back and lands in void. sees the state the city is in and thinks the commies nuked the world and all thats left is mutants and commies and mutant commies.

hes paranoid about everything
he still wears his suit because he thinks that air is contaminated
he has a ray gun and a robot back pack that can do stuff but mainly gives him air.
he is crazy as hell from what he has been though AND brainwashed by the 50's government
because of that he isnt very suseptable to mind control stuff.
he is mortal but he can take a hit.

he is still young because of space travel, he has only been in space for about 8 years.

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