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Reggie thumbnail  Sex: needs it . . .
 Height: 5'11
 Created: June 7, 2006
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'Speed Death Tourney' Character

Name: Reginald 'Reggie' Benson.
Age: 25
Occupation: Freeloader/College drop-out

Reggie's been an avid follower of both Pineapples and Pr0n [in no order], since he was a WEE lad.
BUT YES, he's been eating pineapples for yonks, and watching Pr0n for yonks..

suddenly one day while enjoying some delicious Pineapple which watching his fave Pr0n, he got a RISE... but not from the part of his body which would usually react.

How did this happen?, well it's said that he ate a rare and supposedly Cursed Pineapple.. sucks for him

Weaknesses : Pineapples, Sexy Women/Pr0n
Strengths : Pineapples, Sexy Women/Pr0n

it's a gift and a curse i tell ya.--------------

CURRENTLY : DEAD (technically)

he's kind've gonna remain an angel.. of some sort.. So he'll be lurking around every now and then

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