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Polar Pal thumbnail  Sex: Snowman
 Height: 3' (default)
 Created: June 7, 2006
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Polar Pal looks like a wonderful snowman of fun, but he's really a huge miskae from the same secret laboratory that keeps fucking shit up, We're Not Evil Labs. Everyone's favorite son of the president and local fuckup, Jenkins, was working on a childrens toy that would be a Snowman Robot. About 85% into the project he was informed he was supposed to be making a millitary weapon, the only thing they make. Not wanting to start over, and with a deadline approacing, he just slapped some expirimental parts on the guy and called it a week.
Later the Company decided it needed tested, and of course, where does any normal laboratory test thier merchandise? Void City of Course. After the "Success" of the SHREDD model from a rival lab they figured the Speed Death Tourney would be a fine place to start. So off Polar Pal was shipped and placed smack dab in the middle of Void with no information except he was in the "Speed Fun Tournament."
Now, Polar Pal is a nice robot, obviously he was made to be a toy in the first place, and he NEVER speaks in a negative or violent manner, and ends his sentences with the word "friend." as in "Would you like some cocoa, friend?" or "Let's have fun, friend." He is a very nice fellow. Honestly, I don't know if he'd even kill someone. He's a robot. He's neutral but programmed to be nice. He has the machinery to kill, but has no idea that he's a weapon.
Let's get to what the lab gave him: First off Jenkins gave him the default model ice and snow control. Ice and snow is his domain. Secondly he is NOT made of snow. Those are little nanobots shaped like snow crystals that constantly produce when needed. He can control these nanobots to shift his body around at his will (The Snowman form is not required but perferred by Polar Pal). Like the golems of ancient myth, he can not be destroyed unless his secret heart/core is destroyed. In this case it is a core shaped like an ornament. If you don't destroy that, then he'll just keep making nanobots and existing. Also, the hat, gloves, eyes, mouth, sticks, and buttons are made of the same nano bots.
He also can heavily control magnetism of objects, even if they aren't metallic. He can give any object a strong charge to attract or repel. For example, if you threw a pie at Polar Pal, he could give the pie a negative charge and the thrower a positive charge and make the pie attracted to the thrower, or, he could make himself negative and the pie negative and repel it.
Finally, he has a form of mind control. It subtlely imposes his will, dependant on how strong his opponent's will is. Like weak willed people would get controlled more quickly, while strong willed people would take more effort and time to control.

Polar Pal is here to make people happy and spread Christmas Cheer and all around fun.

Update: Polar Pal's wires have been crossed due to an electrical shock. After becoming friends with Mandrake von Mustache, Mandrake was fatally wounded by a train accident involving a fat woman. Polar Pal thinking Mandrake was broken, decided to try and fix him, with much failure. Polar Pal is still looking for friends.

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