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Takk thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 6'3 in full stance
 Created: June 4, 2006
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Takk's Tale

Abilities: Density- Automatically adjusts body density to fit any situation.
Special Ability- Earth manipulation. Can bend the earth and rocks to
his will. Can also use it to regenerate.
Superhuman Strength- Uh, well... self explanatory.

Origin: Born in times remembered through legend and raised by their muddy streets, Takk is highly skilled in the art of fighting. Though he is quite efficient at protecting himself and the children he often found himself watching over, the hunger to learn more is insatiable. For a time, he traveled with monks and trained with them. Though they taught him many techniques he seemed to rely on brawling quite heavily. They discovered a type of rage within him that surfaced when the tide of battle turns against him too heavily; and it was getting stronger. When it comes over him it consumes his conscience and he no longer fights to learn, or for victory; but simply to destroy. In his slumber they placed a seal upon his forehead which appears when the rage arises to limit his regression into mania.
After several months he felt he had learned enough from the monks and left to find the next challenge. Takk felt that magic would be the next logical step to becoming stronger after having tempered his body and spirit for battle. So he went in search of anyone willing to open his eyes and mind to the strength of magic. On this journey he happened upon a coliseum. His body ached for a challenge so he charged inside and registered for competition. After several matches he had won the favor of the crowd. The time came to face the champion. The skirmish was over soon after it started. Even when enraged the champion was too much for him. Takk was on his back with a foot on his chest. Now more than ever he wished to become stronger. When leaving the arena the owner approached him and requested that he stay. Having won the favor of the audience made him a valuable fighter. He agreed to stay with the condition of having someone be found to teach him magic.
For weeks he proved to be very profitable. Although he was learning magic, it was a very slow process and Takk was becoming anxious to learn new types. Stronger types. In time he came to know earth magic very well but it wasn't enough. The wizard training him insisted on a slow pace, but Takk knew where the spell book was. While his teacher slept, Takk ripped a random page from the back of the book. (He assumed that's where the most powerful spells would be.)
"To be the strongest", he whispered to himself as he scuttled off into the woods to try the spell in secret. As he read the works burning umbers began to swirl around him. The air became heavy and trees started to burst into flame. In a panic he lost control of the spell. He was enclosed in a whirlwind of fire which imploded extinguishing itself. The wizard was awakened by Takk's screams of unceasing pain. Upon finding his student, he merely scoffed as he leered at his seared flesh.
"I suppose you wish me to restore you now. If I allow you to live, you will remain and fight until you are destroyed! Agreed?"
His reply was only the screams that echoed into the darkness. From nothingness, the wizard drew a small statue of a gargoyle and set it upon Takk's chest. The wizard spoke his words of magic and the statue spread throughout his body. In the months following, he quickly rose to champion with his new found abilities and his new form but he knew that the real test of his power rest outside the coliseum walls. Several escape attempts later the wizard grew weary of retrieving his friend's star performer. So in his latest escape, he felt it was time to do away with this nuisance.

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